Red, White, and True…Dogs Love You


Red, white, and true…dogs love you!  Enjoy this feel-good video from one very happy DOODLE! 

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How do you celebrate national holidays or special days? We’d love to hear. Please comment below.

Doodle kisses and tail wags.

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4 thoughts on “Red, White, and True…Dogs Love You

  1. Super cute! Have a happy and safe 4th

    1. Thanks! Happy Independence Day to you!

  2. Aww… Chloe, my mom really really hopes that you go to BlogPaws with your momma next year, so she can pet you & give you hugs! You are perfectly patriotic poochie! Bessie sends her “Woof Woof” hellos. Mew Mew!

    1. This waggy tail will be high-tailing it to the BlogPaws conference to meet your mom, Valentine! And Flattie V, too! (Unless you sneak your way into your mom’s luggage.That would be a fun adventure!) Thanks for stopping by. Doodle kisses to you, Bessie, and your mom!

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