DOGS LOVE U: A Bone-Fide University of Happiness

Happy-Go-Doodle Chloe is a student of Dogs Love U



Dear Furends and Family: A Dogs Love U Welcome Letter for a college-themed dog blog series

Dear Furends and Family: A Dogs Love U Welcome Letter for a college-themed dog blog series


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Love and fun and happiness are in store for you at Dogs Love U, a blog series with a college spin!

If your dog could teach a course at our fictional Dogs Love U university, what would it be called? We’d love to hear. Please comment below.

Thank you for sharing in our new Dogs Love U adventures. If this story brought a smile, a laugh, or a woof, you might also enjoy:








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11 thoughts on “DOGS LOVE U: A Bone-Fide University of Happiness

  1. Sounds like fun!!! Since “licking” is taken lol, Dakota has his doctorate in Barking/24 Hour Security. That would be HIS course specialty! He is a Shetland Sheepdog you know and their “job” is 24/7 security with ALERTS!!!

    1. How clever! Dakota would make an awesome Professor of Bark-ology! Chloe will the first to sign up for his course in 24/7 Security and ALERTS! Thanks for joining us at Dogs Love U!

  2. If Charlie, the scottie dog, would teach a class, it would be on how to be adorable and con your “pawrents” out of anything!

    1. Charlie, you are all scottie sweetness! Maybe your class would be called “Charming Charlie’s!”

  3. Pele has perfected dog manners and gentlemanship. He always lets the ladies drink from the water fountain first and always steps out of the way for them. He has a minor and is still working on grounds keeping. He can chase any rabbit or deer, and chipmunk far away and sometimes exceeds his boundaries and goes over and above into other people’s yards and woods

    1. Pele, you’re an amazing student who goes above and beyond at Dogs Love U! Would you be interested in becoming Professor Pele some day?

      1. Thanks for your Instagram comment, Pele! Honorary Professor Emeritus it is!

  4. Though each of the pack of nine here could probably teach something, my favorite poochie teacher here has to be Pearl. Every night Pearl reminds me of gratitude. You see,little Pearl was 4th of 8 in line for euth. Pearl is the same dog that every time we are away and come home, she runs up to me to pick her up, she then literally puts her front paws around my neck and licks me like crazy. #DogsLove

    1. I was touched by what you did for Pearl and the journey you’ve taken together. Sometimes through the struggles the joy is that much sweeter. I’m so glad you and Pearl found each other and that you find happiness together every day. Yes, dogs are love.

  5. What fun campaign! Bessie is excited & says Woof Woof! If she taught a course it might be something like Running Figure Eights While Tail Wagging. Tee Hee hee!

    1. Too cute! Bessie would make a great professor of Running Figure Eights While Tail Wagging! Happy-Go-Doodle Chloe would definitely be a student of that class!

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