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About Happy-Go-Doodle®

Happy-Go-Doodle® is the friendliest online publication for Goldendoodle, Labradoodle, and Doodle dog enthusiasts. Inspired by one happy-go-lucky family Goldendoodle dog named Chloe, our mission is to celebrate and nurture the bond between Goldendoodles (and other Doodly mixes) and the pet parents who love them.

We love dogs with the fur! ❤️

We’re dedicated to helping dogs and their people

We are committed to helping others navigate Doodlehood through every age and stage—puppyhood, adulthood, birthday/celebrations, canine enrichment, grooming/daily care, and travel/adventures. By equipping dog parents (from first-time parents to multi-dog families) with real-life, authentic, and expert information, dog parents can give their four-legged family members the most joyful life possible.

Happy-Go-Doodle® is all about living a happier life because you and your Doodle dog are celebrating all the big and little moments together.

We’ll guide you through every age and stage of Doodlehood including:

  • All the fluff about Goldendoodles—Breed info, Goldendoodle grooming, puppy care, product recommendations, and tips for every day living
  • Oodles of Doodle dog stuff—Everything you’ve been wondering about Poodle mixes, Labradoodles, and Doodle dogs
  • Dog enrichment—Ideas and inspiration on how to make every day better for your doggo!
  • Dog-friendly travel—How-tos and hacks on taking our dog with you…everywhere!
  • Dog names and other wordy things—Happy dog quotes, dog puns and word play, dog memes, cute dog names, and stuff that brings a smile!
  • Lots of dog love!

Our Team: The person and the paws behind Happy-Go-Doodle

Jenise Carl is the founder, creator, and writer for the award-winning site, With her comical Goldendoodles cheering her on, she strives to share helpful information wrapped up in first-hand experiences about pet parenting and Doodlehood.

For the last 10 years she has been immersed in all things Goldendoodle and Doodle dog. Additionally, she has seven years of pet industry experience as a brand manager, and she’s received accolades for her writing from the Dog Writers’ Association of America.

For her complete bio, please read this related article, Meet the Author and Founder, Jenise Carl.

Editorial Guidelines

At we strive to create content that inspires other dog parents along their journey through pet parenthood. Our goal is to create a unique perspective for our readers based on three simple things:

  1. Well-researched information
  2. Blended with our own first-hand experiences from over 10 years of parenting dogs and over 7 years working in the pet industry
  3. Topped off with heaping amounts of joy, positivity, and dog love. (Because that’s what our dogs share with us each day.)

Our content is not a substitute for veterinary advice. Veterinarians are amazing partners in the pet parenting journey. We encourage you to seek out a veterinarian who will be your trusted partner for your dog’s health and wellness.

How content is created at

Carl and her Goldendoodle sidekicks are the hands and paws behind each article. Additionally, you do not have to wonder whether artificial intelligence created the content. I am a real person with real Muppet dogs lying beside me while my fingers tap out real content on my laptop keyboard.

Each article starts with researching. By tracking down new studies and information, we hope to bring you unique insights you may not find elsewhere.


We credit sources clearly within the article by referencing the name of the business or organization. When it’s helpful to the reader, we link to the source for further reading on the topic.

Updates and accuracy

Below the title, each article includes an author byline with a link to the “About the Author Page” so you can learn more about the writer. The publishing date appears at the top of the article and a modified date will also appear when an article has been updated.

Original photos, videos, infographics, and graphics are created by Jenise Carl, or in some cases, family members.

We believe in sharing information and real-life experiences about dog products that we love and we use. Finding toys that are mentally enriching or can stand up to our Goldendoodle pack’s tough play isn’t easy. So when we find a solution, we enjoy sharing the good news.

For product reviews or articles where we feature product, we usually include affiliate links. In those cases, we include an affiliate link disclosure message stating that we may receive a small commission if you click on a link.

Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is included in the website footer.

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