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Apricot Goldendoodle: 10 Things You Might Not Know

Are you curious about the apricot Goldendoodle? Or maybe you’ve recently welcomed an apricot Goldendoodle puppy to your pack?

Either way, if you’re ready to discover all the nitty gritty on the apricot Goldendoodle, you’ve come to the right place.

As a Goldendoodle dog mom with first-hand experience caring for our family’s Goldendoodles, I’ve become a Goldendoodle enthusiast and expert by dedicating the last 10 years to understanding these comical, smart, active Poodle-Retriever mixes. I hope that by sharing what I’ve experienced and learned, I can help others on the journey through Doodlehood too!

So let’s meet these cream puffs and discover 10 things you might not know about them.

Close-up of apricot-colored Goldendoodle puppy's face

Meet the apricot Goldendoodle

To get to know the apricot colored Goldendoodle, first we need to meet the Goldendoodle.

Unlike purebred dogs, Goldendoodles are a hybrid or a crossbreed. This terminology simply means that they are an intentional cross between two different purebred dogs. Specifically, a Goldendoodle is a cross between a Golden Retriever and a Poodle.

Because these two breeds each have their own unique traits and characteristics, the Goldendoodle benefits from the variety of physical traits and characteristics both breeds bring to the party. That’s why, when it comes to Goldendoodles, there are so many types of Goldendoodles, sizes, colors, and hair coats.

And that brings us to the apricot Goldendoodle. Let’s meet these ginger-peach cream puffs.

What color is an apricot Goldendoodle?

Not quite red. Not quite cream. The apricot Goldendoodle’s coat color falls somewhere between the red Goldendoodle’s coat color and the cream Goldendoodle’s coat color. The apricot color is warmer than cream and more subtle than red.

That’s why the apricot Goldendoodle is in a colorful category of its own and not considered a red Goldendoodle or a cream Goldendoodle.

So what are the differences between the peachy cream apricot Goldendoodle and the red Goldendoodle? Let’s compare.

1. Apricot vs red Goldendoodle: There is a difference.

Without looking at a side-by-side comparison, it could be easy to think that the apricot Goldendoodle coat color is the same hue as the red Goldendoodle coat color. It’s understandable since apricot and red are both warm colors. However, there is a difference.

The apricot Goldendoodle coat color is lighter and creamier than the red Goldendoodle coat color, which leans more toward the warmer, deeper shades of red. Also, the apricot coat color leans more to the sunnier, yellow-ish, orange-ish colors—reminiscent of the apricot fruit.

Additionally, the Goldendoodle Association of North America, lists apricot and red as two separate Goldendoodle coat colors.

The photo below shows a full-grown apricot Goldendoodle vs a full-grown red Goldendoodle.

Adult red Goldendoodle with a redder coat beside apricot Goldendoodle to show the difference in the red Goldendoodle vs apricot Goldendoodle's coat color

Likewise, the American Kennel Club (AKC) breed standard for Poodles lists apricot and red separately. Both are listed as official coat colors. This is important to mention since the Poodle is a parent breed of the Goldendoodle.

But what about apricot and cream?

What’s the difference between an apricot and cream Goldendoodle?

The differences between an apricot and cream Goldendoodle could be hard to distinguish without a side-by-side comparison. But there is a difference. The apricot Goldendoodle is warmer and has redder undertones whereas the cream Goldendoodle is lighter, brighter, blonder and goes more to the color of sunshine.

A cream colored Goldendoodle with a lighter, creamier coat next to an apricot Goldendoodle who has a warmer, more peachy coat to show the difference in color of the two coats

2. Apricot is one of many colors of Goldendoodles.

If you’ve ever been to a Doodle romp or even just taken a walk around your own neighborhood, you may already have a pretty good idea that they sport a wide variety of Goldendoodle colors.

In addition to awesome apricot, Goldendoodles flaunt their fluff in an almost endless number of color combinations including

Why so many coat colors?

Much of the credit can be given to the amazing Poodle parent breed.

According to the AKC, there are 11 official Poodle coat colors and an additional 16 other color combinations. As already mentioned, apricot is an official Poodle coat color.

But we also have to give a shout out to the Golden Retriever. With the color “golden” in the breed’s name, it’s easy to imagine one color—gold. However, there are many shades of gold—from ultra creamy to deeper reddish gold.

So, you can see how the Poodle and the Golden Retriever heritage brings an array of Goldendoodle coat colors to the mix.

Even within apricot Goldendoodles, colors can vary considerably from dark apricot, light red apricot, and light apricot.

Close up of an apricot Goldendoodle's face

3. A Goldendoodle with an apricot and white coat combination is an apricot parti Goldendoodle.

If you’ve ever met a Goldendoodle, you already know that they can be the life of the party. But did you know that there are also “parti” Goldendoodles?

Parti Goldenoodle is the term commonly used to describe a Goldendoodle who sports a coat that is two different colors.

In the case of the apricot Goldendoodle, the parti coat is often apricot and white.

Some parti Goldendoodles have apricot coats with a white patch on the chest. This is is often referred to as an apricot tuxedo Goldendoodle. Others may have white paws. And still others may have a more even mix of both apricot and white colors.

Apricot Goldendoodle with white spot on chest like a tuxedo

4. Apricot mini Goldendoodles and apricot standard Goldendoodles are two common sizes.

With the popularity of Goldendoodles, you’ve probably seen a variety of sizes of apricot Goldendoodles from 20-pound pups to those fleecy cuties that are the size of a sheep. What’s up with that?

Most of the variation in size can be credited to the Poodle heritage. Poodles, unlike many other purebred dogs, are unique in that the breed standard includes three size variations. The AKC recognizes toy, miniature, and standard sizes. By relation then, the apricot Goldendoodle can vary in size too.

According to the Goldendoodle Association of North America (GANA), there are four sizes of Goldendoodles.

Interestingly, GANA also explains that the estimated adult size for a puppy is an educated guess. The final size from those listed above, is made when the puppy is full grown and is considered an adult.

A full-grown apricot Goldendoodle carrying a yellow tennis ball

5. Like all Goldendoodles, apricot Goldendoodles aren’t 100% hypoallergenic or completely non-shedding.

If you’ve read that all Goldendoodles are 100% hypoallergenic or completely non-shedding, this is a myth.

First, here’s the science that supports the answer that Goldendoodles (or any other breed of dog) are not 100% hypoallergenic:

This quote directly from the Mayo Clinic’s article on dog allergies states, “There is no such thing as a hypoallergenic dog, although some individual dogs can cause fewer symptoms than others.”

Next, let’s look at shedding. Yes, most Goldendoodles shed less than other dogs. However, because Goldendoodles are a hybrid or cross breed, there is more variation among the breed. That means there is more variation in the amount of shedding too.

So, if a Goldendoodle leans to the Golden Retriever side of the family (more Retrievery coat), there may be more shedding. If a Goldendoodle leans to the Poodle side of the family (more Poodley coat), there may be less shedding.

Anecdotally, we have four Goldendoodles in our extended family. We also have a lovable Labrador Retriever and a Golden Retriever in our extended family.

With our Goldendoodles, we find tufts of hair or “dust bunnies” here and there. But not the amount of hair that adorns our black leggings and our couch and our car seats that we call “angel wings” from our yellow Labrador Retriever.

However, our Goldendoodles require frequent grooming. It’s just part of being a Goldendoodle parent, which brings us to the next point.

Curly-coated apricot Goldendoodle puppy being held in person's arms

6. Apricot Goldendoodles, like all Goldendoodles, need consistent grooming and brushing.

Have you heard that Goldendoodles have coats that don’t require grooming or upkeep? As a Doodle dog mom with first-hand experience grooming my pack, I try to dispel this myth when I can.

Yes, some Goldendoodles have coats that are flat or very Golden Retriever-ish that don’t require as much grooming because they have some natural shedding. But the majority of adult Goldendoodles have coat types that require frequent brushing and combing due to less shedding.

However, no matter the type of coat, they all need grooming and parents can easily learn how to groom a Goldendoodle.

Why? It all goes back to the two parent breeds. The Golden Retriever and the Poodle breeds both have very different coat types. The Golden Retriever has a flat coat that is high shedding. However, the Poodle has a curly coat that is low shedding.

Now here’s where the difference between the two coat types of the parent breeds come into the picture.

A low-shedding Poodle coat equals higher maintenance—grooming to rid the loose hairs that naturally are in the coat.

A high-shedding Golden Retriever coat equals lower maintenance because the loose hairs shed or fall out, which is easily witnessed by the “golden glitter” left on couches, floors, and furniture.

Because Goldendoodles are a hybrid of the two coat types of the parent breeds, their coats need to be brushed and groomed to get rid of loose hairs that can quickly turn into mats. However, in my opinion, brushing and grooming can be a great bonding time between dog parent and Doodle dog.

Next, let’s look at Goldendoodle coat types.

7. Apricot Goldendoodles can have wavy, curly, or straight coats.

The old adage variety is the spice of life pretty well sums up the Goldendoodle, including their coat types too. Goldendoodles may sport curly, wavy, or even straight coat types.

They get their curly coats from the Poodle gene pool and their smooth straight coats from the Golden Retriever gene pool.

Anecdotally, my senior Goldendoodle even has a combination of coat types. She has a curlier coat in some areas (curlier around the tail) and a straighter coat in other areas (along the sides of her body).

A red Goldendoodle sitting in green grass

8. An apricot Goldendoodle’s coat may change with age.

As you’re probably starting to see, Goldendoodle traits like coat type, coat color, and size aren’t as predictable as with purebred dogs. These comical, lovable Doodle dogs are like watching a flower unfold as it blooms. This is true for how the apricot Goldendoodle coat color is too.

A cream Goldendoodle puppy with apricot colored ears

A Goldendoodle puppy’s coat may change in color from puppyhood through adulthood. The coloring may fade over time. Also, if a puppy has markings, they may fade too.

9. Goldendoodle health and temperament trumps all.

While it’s fun to consider all the outward characteristics of Goldendoodles like colors and coat types, putting the qualities of temperament and health at the top of your consideration set is crucial.

If you’re considering bringing home an apricot Goldendoodle, choosing a reputable breeder who cares about the breed and places temperament and good health above all else is the first step.

Sadly, there are unscrupulous people who will breed with no regard for the health and genetics of the offspring or regard for the parent dogs. Doing your homework and coming up with a list of questions to ask Goldendoodle breeders will help you find a puppy that has a good start in life.

Additionally, you may be considering adopting a Goldendoodle from a shelter. There are some reputable Goldendoodle rescue organizations who specialize in finding homes for Goldendoodles, Labradoodles, and Poodle mixes.

10. Apricot Goldendoodles can inspire fun dog names.

Finally, if you’re considering bringing an apricot Goldendoodle into your pack, you’re probably also considering what to name your little sweetie. Many dog parents choose a moniker inspired by their puppy’s coat color. If that’s you, check out this list of names for your little fluffy peach of a Goldendoodle.

Apricot Goldendoodle male names

Here are some cute and unique apricot Goldendoodle boy names to consider:

Abricoté ~ French for “apricot”

Butternut ~ Inspired by the butternut squash, which has an apricot-like orange flesh

Crevette ~ French for shrimp, a pink-ish, apricot-colored shellfish

Pappy ~ Inspired by the Papaya, a fruit that has an orangey flesh

Ruddy ~ Inspired by the reddish complexion that comes from people living the outdoor life

Rusty ~ An orange-brown color

Apricot Goldendoodle girl names

Apricot Goldendoodle girl names

Amber ~ An organic gem that’s yellow to orange-ish

Apricot ~ A small fruit that’s a yellow orange color

Blush ~ Inspired by the light pink blush wine

Clementine ~ Or Clemy

Coral ~ Inspired by the coral under the sea that can be orange, red, or pink

Coralee ~ Another version of Coral

Flamingo ~ For the salmon pink bird

Ginger ~ A color that’s a tangerine-orange

Marigold ~ Inspired by the orange flower of the same name

Peaches ~ Close in color to apricot


Primrose ~ Inspired by the peachy blossoms on the orange primrose flowering plant

Rose ~ A flower dog name inspired by the softer shades of roses that are called apricot roses

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Apricot: A peach of a Goldendoodle

To recap, well-bred apricot Goldendoodles are a hybrid or cross between the Poodle and Golden Retriever. With two different parent breeds making up their heritage, they are not as predictable in traits as purebred dogs. However, the benefit is that both parent breeds bring wonderful qualities to the mix.

While it’s fun to consider all the variations like size and coat color, the qualities of temperament and good health are paramount. By doing your research and then dedicating your time, love, and attention on your new family member, your puppy will be eager to please you and want to fit in with the family. With your love and devotion, your apricot Doodle will be as sweet as a peach.

Thank you for stopping by, our little corner of the world that’s devoted to Goldendoodles, Labradoodles, and Doodle dogs.

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