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160+ Baseball Dog Names ⚾️ (With Descriptions)

Are you a baseball fan? Is your pupper a ball dog? Why not name your new puppy after America’s favorite pastime! From the food we enjoy at the ballpark—like hot dogs, peanuts, and Cracker Jacks—to our favorite teams—like Yankees, Dodgers, or Royals—there are so many fun baseball inspired-dog names to choose from.

Maybe you have a current ball player or maybe you have a favorite player from your childhood that reminds you of your furry friend like Jeter, Babe, or Hank. Those may be great baseball dog names for your pupper.

With over 160 baseball-themed names listed below, you’re sure to find the perfect American pastime name that best fits your new doggo’s personality.

Little white puppy lying in grass with baseball dog name "Hank" written in baseball-style script lettering

160+ baseball names for dogs

First, to make your search easier, we’ve broken down the list of baseball dog names into the following categories:

  • Dog names inspired by famous baseball players
  • Baseball dog names for girl puppies
  • Baseball dog names for boy puppies
  • Baseball dog names inspired by baseball teams
  • Baseball related dog names
  • Dog names inspired by famous baseball parks

So let’s play ball!

Dog names inspired by famous baseball players

Everyone loves to watch the best players in the game. These current star players and players from the past are some of the best baseball players to ever play the game.

Most of these baseball player dog names are inspired by the first and last names of famous players. Will one of these be the winning names for your new puppy?

Or maybe one of these famous nicknames will be a home running name for your puppy.

Albert Pujols ~ Al, Albert, or Pujols

Babe Ruth ~ Or how about Babe’s nicknames, The Babe or Bambino?

Bob Gibson ~ Gib or Gibson

Bryce Harper ~ Harper has a nice ring to it

Cal Ripken Jr. ~ The Iron Man

Chipper Jones ~ Chipper is also a good golf name for dogs

Clayton Kershaw ~ Clay, Clayton, or Kershaw

Cy Young ~ Denton True “Cy” Young

Derek Jeter ~ The Captain

Don Mattingly ~ Donnie Baseball

Frank Thomas ~ The Big Hurt

Fred McGriff ~ Crime Dog

George Brett ~ George or Brett would make great names

Greg Maddux ~ Maddux has a great ring to it

Harmon Killebrew ~ Harmon, Harmy, or Killebrew

Ichiro Suzuki ~ Both Ichiro or Suzuki are cute names

Jackie Robinson ~ Jackie would make a great female dog name or male dog name

Red dog at the baseball ballpark

Jim “Catfish” Hunter

Joe Dimaggio ~ The Yankee Clipper

Johnny Bench ~ Johnny is a great name

Do you like names that start with J? Check out 123 Dog Names That Start with J.

Ken Griffey Jr. ~ “Junior”

Lou Gehrig ~ Iron Horse

Mickey Mantle ~ Mick

Miguel Cabrera ~ Miggy or Miguel

Mike Trout ~ If you like the double meaning of “Trout,” check out our list of fishing names for dogs

Ozzie Smith ~ Or Smith’s nickname, The Wizard of Oz, makes a cool baseball dog name

Pedro Martinez ~ Pedro in Spanish means “Stone” or “Rock”

Pete Rose ~ Charile Hustle

Randy Johnson ~ The Big Unit

Roberto Clemente ~ Roberto, Robby, or Clem

Rolland Fingers ~ Rollie

Roger Clemens ~ The Rocket

Roger Hornsby ~ Roger or Hornsby

Satchel Paige ~ Paige

Shoeless Joe Jackson ~ Jack, Joe, or Jackson

Ted Williams or Teddy ~ The Splendid Splinter

Tom Seaver ~ Tommy or Seaver

Ty Cobb ~ The Georgia Peach

Willie Mays ~ Say Hey Kid

Yogi Berra ~ Yogi is just a darn cute name

White female Labrador puppy with dog name Rally written in baseball style lettering

Baseball dog names: Female

These baseball dog names are as cute as your girl puppy. Which one will make the back of your puppy’s baseball shirt?

Angel ~ Los Angeles Angels baseball team

Astro ~ Houston Astros. Both “Houston” and “Astro” make cool baseball dog names

Bryce Harper ~ Harper has a nice ring to it for a girl’s name

Diamond ~ Is you dog a diamond in the ruff? 😉

Joe Morgan ~ Morgan would be a good female puppy name

Oriole ~ Baltimore Orioles

Rally ~ A term used to describe a team coming back to win, Rally has a cute ring to it

Royal ~ Kansas City Royals

Sandy Koufax ~ Sandy is a cute female dog name

Tony Gwynn ~ Gwynn is sweet name for a little female puppy

Dog at the Kansas City Royals baseball game with the baseball dog name Royal written in baseball lettering

Baseball dog names: Male

Ace ~ Often the name for the star or best pitcher on the team. Is your new puppy a star?

David Ortiz ~ Big Papi

Dinger ~ Another name for a home run!

Henry Aaron ~ Hammering Hank

Homer ~ Ball hit over the fence for a home run

Mariano Rivera ~ Sandman

Mitt ~ Another name for the glove players use to catch the ball

Reggie Jackson ~ Mr. October

Slugger ~ Nickname for a player that can hit a lot of home runs

Stan Musial ~ Stan the Man

Baseball dog names inspired by baseball teams

Root on your hometown team! Here are dog names inspired by favorite teams.

Athletic ~ Oakland Athletics

Blue or Jay, or Blue Jay ~ Toronto Blue Jays

Brave ~ Atlanta Braves

Brewer ~ Milwaukee Brewers

Cardinal ~ St. Louis Cardinals

Cub or Cubby ~ Chicago Cubs

White puppy dog being held in arms with the baseball dog name Cubby

Diamond ~ Arizona Diamondbacks

Dodger ~ Los Angeles Dodgers

Expo ~ Montreal Expos

Giant ~ San Francisco Giants

Cleveland ~ Cleveland Guardians

Mariner ~ Seattle Mariners

Marlin ~ Miami Marlins

Met ~ New York Mets

National ~ Washington Nationals

Padre ~ San Diego Padres

Pirate ~ Pittsburg Pirates

Phillie ~ Philadelphia Phillies

Ranger ~ Texas Rangers

Ray ~ Tampa Bay Rays

Red Sox or Red ~ Boston Red Sox

Rocky ~ Colorado Rockies

Royal ~ Kansas City Royals

Tiger ~ Detroit Tigers

Twin ~ Minnesota Twins

White Sox ~ Chicago White Sox

Yankee ~ New York Yankees

Goldendoodle dog at baseball game

These baseball terms make winning monikers for our puppers.

Batter ~ The player up to bat

Bullpen ~ Area where the pitchers hang out during the game

Bunt ~ Type of hit where the batter just taps the ball and tries to beat the throw to first base or move a teammate already on base into scoring position

Catcher ~ The player who catches the pitches from the pitcher

Coach ~ Leader of the team. A good name for a pupper who is a natural born leader

Cracker Jack ~ Fun treat at the ballpark

Curve ~ Type of pitch that curves or breaks, making it difficult for the batter to hit

Cutter ~ Type of pitch that breaks way for the hitter

Dugout ~ Place where the team hangs out during the game

Fastball ~ A type of pitch. Maybe your new kiddo is speedster?

Cream colored puppy with the baseball dog name of Fielder

Fielder ~ The players in the field playing defense

Foul ~ Ball hit by the batter that goes out of play

Heater ~ Another name for a fastball

Hotdog ~ Inspired by both the food and the term that means to “show off”

Knuckler ~ Type of pitch where the ball doesn’t spin

Pitcher ~ The player on the mound throwing to the batter

Peanuts ~ Does you puppy look like Snoopy?

Puppy with the name "Peanut" inspired by baseball games

Pop ~ A ball hit way up in the air. Also called a pop up

Skipper ~ Sometimes the head coach is called the the “Skipper”

Slider ~ Type of pitch thrown by the pitcher

Steal ~ When a player steals a base

Strike ~ Pitch in the strike zone

Umpire ~ Referee for baseball

Dog names inspired by famous baseball parks

Wrigley ~ Wrigley Field- Home of the Chicago Cubs

Kauffman ~ Kauffman Stadium – Home of the Kansas City Royals

Rogers ~ Rogers Centre – Home of Blue Jays

Coors ~ Coors Field – Home of the Colorado Rockies

Busch ~ Busch Stadium – Home of the St. Louis Cardinals

Fenway ~ Fenway Park – Home of the Boston Red Soxs

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A winning name for the newest member of your team

Thanks for stopping by our little dog-loving corner of the outfield called

We hope you found our list of dog names for baseball lovers helpful. And we hope you found a dog name that’s a winner for the newest member of your team.

No matter what name you choose for your pupper, it will be a hit with your puppy who is just happy to be a player on your family’s team.

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