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155+ Best Beach Dog Names 🏖️ (With Descriptions)

Are you searching for beach dog names? Ocean dog names? Island dog names? Puppy names that are inspired by the sand, sun, surf, and ocean waves just seem to have a peaceful, carefree ring to them. But how do you decide? That’s where we’ve got you covered.

Choosing a name for your pupper is probably at the top of your new puppy checklist and one of the most exciting decisions you’ll make on behalf of your adorable dog.

With over 165+ beach-related names (along with descriptions) on this list, you’re well on your way to finding a name that perfectly fits your puppy’s unique personality and characteristics.

As I was looking back at pics from our dog walks beside the ocean, I started brainstorming a mega list of dog names inspired by the beauty of natural beaches and the steady drumbeat of the ocean waves.

If you’re a beach lover too, then this list is for you. But before we begin, here are a few helpful tips:

  • To help you in your search, I organized the names into categories of all things related to the ocean and the beach.
  • You’ll find all 165+ names grouped by beach dog names, ocean dog names, island dog names, and more.
  • Some names are sorted into beach dog names: female and beach dog names: male.
  • For even more puppy naming ideas related to nature and the outdoors, please check out my other lists: nature dog names, flower names for dogs, and country dog names.
Goldendoodle dog sitting in front of sand dunes on a beach to inspire the dog beach name, Dune

Cannon ~ Cannon Beach is located off the coastline of Oregon.

Clearwater ~ Beach located on the barrier island of Clearwater, Florida.

Coronado ~ Beautiful beach in San Diego known for its family atmosphere and swimming.

Destin ~ If your dog’s coat is the color of sugary white sand, Destin may be the perfect beach dog name. Destin Beach in Florida is best known for its sugary white beaches.

Hilton ~ From Hilton Head beach is located in South Carolina and known for its hard-packed sands that are great for bike riding.

Huntington ~ From Huntington Beach, which is known for its surfing and the long Huntington Beach Pier.

Juno ~ From Juno Beach, Florida.

Kona ~ From Kona Beach located in Hawaii.

Koko ~ From the famous beach located in Hawaii.

Laguna ~ Laguna Beach is located between Los Angeles and San Diego and known for picturesque beach, hiking trails, and ideal swimming.

Myrtle ~ A beach dog name inspired by Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Malibu ~ From the beach by the same name that is just 20 miles west of Santa Monica Beach, California.

Monterey ~ Does your puppy like to chill with you? If so, maybe Monterey is the beach-inspired dog name for you. Monterey is a slow-paced, relaxed area located in Southern California.

Miami ~ Miami is not only a unique dog name inspired by the Miami beaches in Florida, but it’s also a fun dog name ending in the long e sound, which adds extra cuteness.

Neptune ~ A beach name inspired by Neptune Beach, which is located on the Atlantic side near Jacksonville, Florida. This beach is known for its blue water and quiet atmosphere.

Pfeiffer ~ Inspired by Pfeiffer Beach is located in the Big Sur region of California.

Pebble ~ Inspired by Pebble Beach, which is known for its historic golf course where many USGA Championships are held. Interested in golf dog names? Check out more best golf names for dogs.

Rippling, clear water deepening into a deep blue ocean with the beach-related dog name Ripples in script

Island dog names and beach names inspired by charming beach towns

Aruba ~ Popular tourist destination in the Caribbean.

Captiva ~ Captiva is part of the Sanibel Island chain.

Dauphin ~ Inspired by Dauphin Island, a dog-friendly beach in Alabama.

Hampton ~ Inspired by The Hamptons, which are located 100 miles north of New York City and known as a respite for urban dwellers.

Kaua’i ~ From Kaua’i, which is the oldest beach Island in Hawaii.

Siesta ~ This beach-themed dog name is inspired by Siesta Key, Florida. Siesta Key is known for white sand beautiful water.

Marco ~ Inspired by Marco Island, Florida. This island in the Gulf of Mexico is claimed to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Maui ~ There are so many island names that double as beautiful beachy dog names. Maui, an island in Hawaii, is one. Listed below are some other popular beaches that would make great dog names:

  • Kāʻanapali
  • Mākena
  • Wailea
  •  Nāpili 
  • Kapalua

Naples ~ From the 10 miles of white, sandy beaches in Naples, Florida on the Gulf of Mexico.

Goldendoodle dog lying on the beach wearing googles

Sanibel ~ Sanibel Island in Florida is located on the Gulf of Mexico and known for great beaches and excellent shelling.

Tahiti ~ The beaches in Tahiti are known to be stunning, so it’s a perfect beach-themed name for a stunning dog.

Tuck ~ Inspired by the island in New England, Nantucket Island.

West ~ Short for Key West, a beach in Florida known to be casual and low key.

Honolulu ~ Could be shortened to Lulu as a beachy dog name inspired by Honolulu, an island in Hawaii. Below are some of the island’s best beaches, which also make cute beachy dog names…

  • Waikiki
  • Hanauma
  • Lanikai
  • Kahala 
  • Sandy Beach
Cream colored Goldendoodle puppy sitting on the beach

Classic beach dog names

Aquarius ~ The eleventh sign in the zodiac. Aquarius’s symbol is Water-Bearer.

Azure ~ Azure is the word often used to describe clear blue ocean waters.

Banks ~ Short for the Outer Banks.

Bay ~ Inland water system connected to the ocean.

Beacon ~ Is your dog the light of your life? Beacon may be the name for you. Beacons are the guiding lights used for navigation along the coast.

Beaufort ~ For dog-friendly Beaufort, South Carolina, a beautiful resort town on the Atlantic coast.

Breaker ~ A beachy dog name inspired by the waves breaking on the beach.

Breeze ~ Or Breezy, if you like dog names that end in Y or IE .

Captain ~ Or Cap’n.


Cove ~ Inspired by coves, which are sheltered areas. This beach-related dog name may be fitting for calm dogs.


Jetty ~ Usually made from rocks and stretches out into the water.

Kelpie ~ Inspired by the seaweed known as kelp.

Lagoon ~ A fitting name for water-loving dogs.

Marina ~ Place on the water for the boats and fisherman to get supplies and hang out.

Pier ~ Many beaches include piers, long docks that stretch out into the water.


Sandy ~ Probably the most classic beach name for dogs. Sandy is a name that’s especially perfect for a puppy that has a sandy or tan coat color.

Seabrook ~ A town in Washington state located by the Pacific Ocean.

Red Goldendoodle dog sitting on sand dunes in front of beach house

Surfer ~ A beach inspired dog name for puppers who love to play in the waves.

Salty ~ Salty Dog. Does your pup have some attitude? A classic nickname for dogs who love the sea.

Tropica ~ Inspired by tropical beaches.

Tidal ~ Inspired by tidal waves. Does your pup have the energy of a large wave? Tidal may be an ocean-themed dog name to consider.

Red dog lying on blue beach towel on the beach

Skippy or Skipper ~ Skipper, an informal name for the captain of a boat, may be a fitting dog name if you like to go boating with your dog. Skipper is also another name for the head coach of a baseball team. Looking fro baseball dog names check out 160+ Baseball Dog Names.

Voyager ~ Do you plan to go on a lot of adventures to beach with your doggo? Voyager has an adventurous ring to it.

Kaimana ~ A Hawaiian name meaning “power of the ocean.”

Ripples ~ Inspired by the small waves rippling across the water. Could be a fitting name for a ruffly or fluffy-coated dog. (Do you have a fluffy dog? Check out our fluffy dog names.)

Shaka ~ Inspired by the Hawaiian hand gesture often associated with surf culture.

Tiki ~ Inspired by the Polynesian art and culture.

Nami ~ A Japanese name meaning “wave.”

Palm trees and clouds on Anna Maria Island with the island dog name, Anna Maria, written in script

Beach dog names – Girl

Amber ~ Inspired by the amber jack, a saltwater fish.

Amelia ~ For dog-friendly Amelia Island in Florida, a quiet and relaxing beach.

Anna ~ Inspired by Anna Maria Island in Florida

Aqua ~ Water.

Bethany ~ From the charming, tranquil beach located in Delaware.

Coral ~ From the beautiful coral reef.

Coraline ~ Sweet Coraline! 😉

Emerald ~ A classic description of the clear Emerald waters many beaches are known for.

Luna ~ Inspired by the moon’s influence on ocean tides.

Narissa ~ Meaning “Sea Nymph” in greek mythology, and stems from Nereides, Goddess of the Sea

Olive ~ For the smooth Olive seashell.

Pearl ~ Sweet name for a beautiful jewel of a dog.

Pebbles ~ Could be a fitting name for a small dog with a speckled coat.

Shelly – Inspired by seashells.

Star ~ You could name your dog Star, which is inspired by Starfish.

Sun setting in orange hues along the marshlands of Beaufort, SC with the dog beach name Beaufort written in script lettering

Beach dog names – Boy

Bobby ~ Inspired by the ocean bird called the red footed bobby.


Dune ~ Inspired by the sand dunes along beaches.

Hobie ~ A lifestyle brand for outdoor adventurers.

Hurley ~ A popular brand of beach wear.

Mackerel ~ Or “Mack” as a short form of Mackerel, a fish you might see in tropical seas.

Marlin ~ An ocean fish with a classic spear-like snout and giant size. Marlin could be a great ocean-inspired dog name for a large dog.

Rocky ~ For the rocky coastlines along some beaches.

Sailor ~ Do you own a boat? You puppy might be a great first mate!

Triton ~ The son of Poseidon, associated with the sea in Greek mythology

Aethia ~ One of North America’s most abundant seabirds.


Piper ~ Inspired by the sand piper birds that dot the shorelines of many beaches.

Puffin ~ From the Puffin, a seabird that dives into the water to get its catch.

Gull – Inspired by the seagulls.

Four sand piper birds standing on the beach

Peli ~ Inspired by pelicans. Is your dog both lumbering and yet graceful? Try Pelican, which is a rather lumbering bird but yet graceful when flying.

Beachy dog names inspired by shells

Clam ~ A name idea for a pup who likes to dig in the sand like a clam digger?

Conch ~ Often identified as a queen conch, indigenous to the waters of the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean.

Conus ~ Like its name, a conus shell is shaped like a cone.

Cowrie ~ Common name for a group of small to large sea snails.

Mussel ~ Often the white shiny layer seen inside the shell can be called “mother of pearl.” 

Nautilus ~ This shell is a symbol of nature’s grace and a rare find.

Scallop ~ In greek mythology, Scallop means goddess of love and beauty.

Seaglass – Naturally weathered pieces of glass, which often have the appearance of tumbled stones.

Sunny ~ Inspired by sunny days enjoyed on the beach.

Volute – Large, colorful shells.

Dolphin ~ Because who doesn’t like watching dolphins play?

Flounder ~ This flat fish is unique in that both eyes are on the “up” side of its head. If your dog is watchful, this could be a fitting dog name.

Grouper ~ If you’re a fan of these heavy-bodied carnivores, Grouper may be the dog fish name for you.

Mahi ~ Inspired by Mahi-Mahi, which are commonly found in the Gulf of Mexico and known for their coloring and blunt nose.

Oyster ~ Is your puppy’s coat color cream and white? Try this unique name on for size.

Doodle dog standing on the beach

Shark ~ If you’re considering “Shark” as a fish-related dog name, you may also want to consider these names related to sharks: Tiger, Goblin, Dusky, and Mako.

Skip ~ Skip or Skipjack. There are all kinds of Skipjack in the ocean, shad, herring, and tuna.

Snapper ~ Red Snapper are a signature fish in the Gulf of Mexico and have a reddish coloring. This name may be a fitting red dog name.

Snook ~ A popular fish along the Florida to Texas coastline, Snook are also sometimes called Sergeant fish or Robalo. If you like Snook, you might like naming your dog “Sergeant” or “Robalo.”

Wahoo ~ A good name, especially if you doggo is long and fast.

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Beach dog names inspired by the oceans and seas

Arctic ~ Arctic Ocean

Aden ~ The Gulf of Aden

Atlantic ~ Atlantic Ocean

Arabian ~ Arabian Sea

Bering ~ Bering Sea

Chukchi ~ Chukchi Sea

Baltic ~ Baltic Sea

Caspian ~ Caspian Sea

Celtic ~ Celtic Sea

Gulf ~ Gulf of Mexico

Hudson ~ Hudson Bay

Indi ~ Inspired by the Indian Ocean

Labra ~ Inspired by the Labrador Sea


Pacific ~ Pacific Ocean

Sargasso ~ Sargasso Sea

Southern ~ Southern Ocean

Happy goldendoodle dog playing in water on the beach

Solomon ~ Solomon Sea

Sulu ~ Sulu Sea

Persian ~ The Persian Gulf

Java ~ Java Sea

Biscay ~ Bay of Biscay

Beachy dog names inspired by movies and pop culture

Ariel ~ From the movie Little Mermaid

Bahama ~Tommy Bahama is a brand of clothing representing an unhurried coastal life.

Dory ~ From the movie, Finding Nemo

Flipper ~ From the movie, Flipper

Mermaid ~ From the movie, The Little Mermaid

Jack ~ Captain Jack Sparrow, the main character from the movie Pirates of the Carribbean

Nemo ~ Cute name for a cute colorful pup inspired by the name character in the movie, Finding Nemo

Sparrow ~ Captain Jack Sparrow from the movie, Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirate ship in clear blue water off the shore of the beach

Calypso ~ A greek sea goddess.

Neptune ~ The god of the sea in Roman mythology.

Poseidon ~ The god of the sea in Greek mythology.

Calypso ~ Named after the sea nymph in Greek mythology.

Brizo ~ Named after the ancient Greek goddess of sailors.

two dogs lying on porch looking at the beach

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