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250 Best Dog Names Ending in Y or IE (For Your Cutie Pie)

Are you looking for adorable dog names ending in Y? IE? EE? Then welcome to our pack! As the mom of a Goldendoodle named Chloe, I love dog names that end in Y, IE, EE, or any form of the “long E” sound.

They have a sweet cadence to them and are just plain cute! That Y at the “tail” end is like a happy ending to a puppy’s name.

Cream-colored Goldendoodle dog named Starry as example of dog name ending in Y
Photo credit:Alyssa Berns

250 Best Dog Names Ending in Y (or IE) for Your Little Cutie Pie

Our entire family (with Chloe providing the doodle humor and comedic relief) brainstormed a mega list of dog names ending with Y, IE, and other spellings that create the long “E” sound.

Additionally, all of these 250 dog names have two syllables. Why did we only include two-syllable names (for the most part) on our list?

From our research on the science of naming a dog, many dog experts give a nod to two-syllable names because they allow pet parents to add more inflection.

I can attest to that with the name “Chloe.” I change the lilt of my voice between the first and second syllables (CHLO-ee).

For more techniques for naming your dog, please read PetMD’s article about the science of naming your pet.

Organized for you by theme and start letter

In addition to choosing cute dog names that end in Y (or the long E sound), we’ve created sub-categories to help you easily scan the mega list of names.

All 250+ names include the long E sound, of course, and then they are organized into sub-lists according to these groupings:

  • Dog names by personality type
  • Dog names for foodies or food lovers
  • Dog names for nature lovers
  • Dog names beginning with A – D
  • Dog names beginning with E – K
  • Dog names beginning with L – O
  • Dog names beginning with P – Z

We hope there is a dog name on one of the lists below that is perfect for your puppy. For even more names, please check out our other naming lists:

red Goldendoodle puppy named Chloe as example of dog name ending in long e sound

15 dog names that end in Y and describe your puppy’s personality:

1. Cheery 9. Lovey
2. Chippy10. Lively
3. Comedy11. Peppy
4. Happy12. Sunny (or Suni)
5. Hoppy 13. Zappy
6. Jolly14. Zesty
7. Jovi15. Zippy
8. Joy

Nature-inspired dog names that end Y:

1. Callie 7. Peony
2. Daisy 8. Piccadilly
3. Glory (morning glory) 9. Poppy
4. Ivy10. Posy
5. Lilly11. Rosy or Rosie
6. Pansy

If these nature-inspired dog names are some of your favorite, be sure to check out my complete list of nature dog names for outdoor enthusiasts! 🌳

Food-inspired dog names that end in Y, EE, EY, I

1. Barley 11. Huckleberry
2. Berry12. Kiwi
3. Biscotti13. Lini (tortellini)
4. Candy Kandee13. Pepsi
5. Cherry14. Roni (pepperoni)
6. Chili15. Rosemary
7. Coffee16. Sweetie
8. Colby17. Toffee
9. Gnocci18. Toni (rigatoni)
10. Honey19. Ziti

Are you loving names like sweet treat names like Biscotti or Toffee?

Then you may also love my mega list of cookie names for dogs. 🍪

cute dog face and title 250 cute dog names ending in Y or IE

From Amy to Zoe, 200+ cute dog names

Dog names that start with A – D and end in Y (or the long E sound)

1. Amy (or Aimee)26. Callie
2. Abbie27. Cammie
3. Alli28. Carley
4. Annie29. Charlie
5. Archie30. Chevy
6. Army31. Chippy
7. Audrey32. Chloe
8. Baby33. Chubbie
9. Bailey34. Clancy
10. Bali35. Cloudy
11. Bambi36. Cody
12. Barkley37. Corki
13. Barney38. Curley
14. Beary39. Daffy
15. Becky40. Dandy
16. Benji41. Dannie
17. Bennie42. Daphne
18. Betty43. Davy
19. Bigsby44. Deedee
20. Billie45. Dilly (Dillie)
21. Bixbie46. Dixie
22. Bluey47. Dobi
23. Bobbie or Bobi48. Dolly
24. Bonnie49. Donnie
25. Cayley50. Dori
51. Dottie /Duey

Dog names that start with E – K and end in IE or Y (or the long E sound)

52. Eddie76. Hermoine
53. Effie77. Hobby
54. Ellie 78. Hobi (long “O” sound)
55. Elsie79. Holly
56. Evie80. Honesty
57. Fawny 81. Hoppy
58. Fannie82. Ivy
59.Farley83. Izzy
60. Filly84. Janie
61. Floppy85. Jenny
62. Flossie86. Jilly
63. Fluffy87. Jiminy
64. Frannie88. Jimmy
65. Freddie89. Jodi
66. Georgie90. Joely
67. Gigi91. Joey
68. Goldie92. Johnny
69. Goofy93. Joni
70. Gracie94. Josie
71. Grammy95. Joy
72. Hadley96. Journey
73. Harley97. Junie
74. Harry98. Kaki
75. Harvey99. Kari
100. Kasey

Dog names that start with K – O and end in IE or Y

101. Katie125. Margie
102. Kelly126. Marie
103. Kelsey127. Mary
104. Kirby128. Maury
105. Kylie129. Mazie
106. Lacy130. Mercy
107. Lady131. Mickey
108. Lani132. Milly
109. Larry133. Mimi
110. Lassie134. Minnie
111. Liddie135. Missie
112. Leroy136. Misty
113. Liberty137. Mitzi
114. Lilly138. Molly
115. Lizzie139. Monty
116. Lonnie140. Moody
117. Lori Laurie141. Moxie
118. Lottie142. Navy
119. Louie143. Nellie
120. Lovey144. O’Malley
121. Lucky145. Oli
122. Lucy146. Opey
123. Mami147. Ozi
124. Mamie148. Orrie

Dog names that start with P-Z and end in Y (or the long E sound)

149. Paisley 178. Sally
150. Pappy179. Sami
151. Patsy180. Sassy
152. Patty or Patti181. Scotty
153. Peggy182. Shaggy
154. Penelope183. Sidney
155. Penny184. Snoopy
156. Phoebe185. Snuggly
157. Pixie186. Soni
158. Polly187. Sophie
159. Poochi188. Stewie
160. Pugsy189. Susie
161. Puppy190. Sweetie
162. Ralphie191. Tabby
163. Ricky or Riki192. Tappy
164. Ronnie193. Tassie
165. Rosemary194. Teddy or Tedi
166. Rosie195. Tilly
167. Roxie196. Tommy
168. Roy197. Tony or Toni
169. Ruby198. Tootsie
170.Rudy199. Tori
171. Rusty200. Trudy
172. Sadie201. Truly
173. Sally202. Trixie
174. Silly203. Valerie
175. Shelby204. Welly
176. Scooby205. Westie
177. Shelly206. Winnie
207. Zoe

Check out our Goldendoodle puppy supply list. The list includes everything you’ll need for your puppy. Teething toys. Goldendoodle accessories. Dog crates. Grooming tools. It’s all compiled for you right here.

Finally, we hope that this list of over 250 two-syllable dog names ending in Y has inspired you! Enjoy choosing a cute name that’s as perfect as your new pup!

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Which dog names are you considering for your furry family member? We’d love to hear!

Please comment below.


Saturday 25th of May 2019

how about names for yellow dogs like Sunflower, Canary, or Amarillo


Thursday 30th of May 2019

Oh, yes! Those are adorable! Thank you for adding more cute names to the list! Tail wags and doodle kisses :)

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