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17 Best Things to Do with Your Dog in Kansas City

Are you looking for things to do with your dog in Kansas City? If your dog is your best friend, then it’s only natural to plan fun outings and activities that you can do together. (And to see just how “bestie” the two of you are, take our “My Dog  is My Best Friend” quiz.) From restaurants to parks to shopping and even doggie bakeries, there are so many dog-friendly activities in the Kansas City area that you and your dog can enjoy together.

Red goldendoodle dog with tour guide flag that reads "best of Kansas City" and Kansas City skyline in background of photo
Goldendoodle Chloe’s ready to give you a tour of some of the best things to do with your dog in Kansas City!

Kansas City! Kansas City here we come!

While Kansas City is known for its barbecue, baseball, and fountains, its dog-friendly lifestyle is “bark-worthy”  too.

As your fur-endly tour guide, Happy-Go-Doodle Chloe’s compiled her list of best (and happiest) things to do with your dog in Kansas City.  Let’s go find some places to take your dog!

A few notes about our list of dog-friendly activities:

  • We chose Crown Center as the “city center” for estimating the distance to each dog-friendly location or activity.
  • On our tour of places to take your dog, there are a few locations that accept pets outside only.
  • There many seasonal dog-friendly activities and events, so check back with us again. We’ll keep updating our “best of” list.

17 Best Things to Do with Your Dog in Kansas City

1. Weston Bend State Park: Best dog-friendly hiking trail with a beautiful view 

  • Why does Weston Bend State Park make our list of best things to do with your dog in Kansas City? The scenic view of the Missouri River! Looking down at the river winding through the countryside from the overlook is just one of the highlights of this beautiful state park.
  • Distance from Crown Center: 36-minute drive via I-29

2. Watkins Mill State Park: Best dog-friendly hiking trail with an easy paved path

 red goldendoodle dog walking on a trail in dog-friendly kansas city
Watkins Mill State Park includes a 3.75-mile walking trail that loops around the lake.
  • Why do we recommend Watkins Mill State Park? The views of the lake, the wildlife, and the songbirds. The trail winds around the lake and has an easy walking path. (Before you head out, remember to bring along all the necessities for your furry friend. Here’s our list of supplies to bring on a dog walk.)
  • Main walking trail: 3.75-mile loop
  • Distance from Crown Center: 37-minute drive via I-35

3. Red Barn Farm: Best dog-friendly fall activity north of Kansas City

If you’re looking for fun things to do with your dog in Kansas City in the fall, picking pumpkins at Red Barn Farm is a festive and picture-worthy outdoor experience.

 Dog-friendly pumpkin farm with piles of pumpkins and goldendoodle sitting in them. Pumpkins are everywhere in front of the barn making it one of the fun places to take your dog
If you’re looking for places to take your dog in the fall, check out Red Barn Farm.

Be sure to visit the barnyard cuties at  Red Barn Farm too!

Kansas City area's Red Barn Farm includes farm animals. Red goldendoodle dog is looking at rooster
Happy-Go-Doodle Chloe meets a rooster for the first time at dog-friendly Red Barn Farm.

4. Lidia’s: Best dog-friendly Italian restaurant in Kansas City

Collage of photos of dog at Dog-Friendly Restaurant in Kansas City
Lidia’s was our restaurant of choice for celebrating Happy-Go-Doodle’s Best New Pet Blog win!
  • Why do we love Lidia’s as a dog-friendly restaurant in Kansas City? The Italian farmhouse experience, the pasta trio, the brick-paved cozy outdoor patio, and the friendly staff.
  • Distance from Crown Center: 5-minute drive.
  • The dog-friendly patio is charming but small. If you have a large group and lots of canine companions, we recommend calling ahead to make sure they can accommodate your group.

5. The National World War 1 Museum: Best museum with a dog-friendly outdoor experience

Kansas City's World War 1 Museum with Red goldendoodle dog in picture
The World War 1 Museum offers a great view of Kansas City’s downtown skyline.
  • Why is the National World War 1 Museum on our list of best places to take your dog in Kansas City? Great views, history, and other friendly dogs! While our canine companions aren’t allowed inside the museum, there’s still plenty to see outside. On a sunny KC day, many dog owners take their dogs (on leash) to the museum’s outdoor area to enjoy the views of the KC skyline and to take pics.
  • Distance from Crown Center: a 5-minute minute walk.
Best View of Kansas City skyline is from the World War 1 Memorial
View from the World War 1 Memorial in Kansas City

6. Char Bar: Best dog-friendly restaurant in Kansas City with a fire pit and “backyard”

Char Bar Restaurant: Southern-inspired smokehouse

  •  What makes Char Bar one of the best dog-friendly spots in KC? The food, laid-back atmosphere, and huge stone fire pit!  Plus, the large “backyard” includes games like bocce ball, ping-pong, and croquet for the hoomans.

7. Rock ‘n’ Brews: Best dog-friendly restaurant in Kansas City that caters to dogs

Collage of dog-friendly Kansas City restaurant called Rock 'n' Brews
Top right: A friendly pup enjoys a snack made just for dogs. Rock & Brews serves great food to both canine companions and their people too.

Rock & Brews: Affordable, American comfort food

  • What makes Rock & Brews one of the best places to take your dog? They offer a menu specifically for dogs, the dog-friendly patio is spacious, and the servers are very friendly.
  • Shopping and eating out? We recommend pairing this restaurant with a trip to Scheel’s. It’s just a short distance away.

8. Scheel’s:  Best dog-friendly indoor shopping for outdoor enthusiasts

Ferris wheel inside Scheel's store located in Kansas City
Scheels is a dog-friendly Kansas City store for outdoor enthusiasts. It includes special attractions such as an indoor ferris wheel.
  •  Are dogs allowed at Scheels? Yes, “fur” sure! Scheels is dog-friendly and offers dogs and their people plenty of indoor space to walk and check out all the gear for any dog-friendly adventures you may be planning—from kayaking to paddleboarding to hiking. Dog-friendly Scheels combines entertainment with shopping that’s just right for the outdoor enthusiast. Too cold or too rainy for outdoor activities with your furry friend? Try Scheels.

9.  Self-guided walls and murals tour: Best impromptu activity 

There are many walls and murals around Kansas City. Why not spend a morning or afternoon with your dog and check them out? We’ve included three of our favorites here, but there are many more hidden gems around KC.

Raised Royal Mural 

Kansas City Royals Wall and red goldendoodle in dog-friendly Kansas City MO
Happy-Go-Doodle Chloe is #RaisedRoyal.
  • Why do we love the Raised Royal Mural? Because Chloe’s #RaisedRoyal, of course!
  • 25th Street and Southwest Blvd, KCMO
  • Distance from Crown Center: 6-minute drive
  • Artist: Phil Shafer

 Kansas City Gives Mural

Goldendoodle dog in front of never better kansas city wall mural
If you’re looking for things to do with your dog in Kansas City, there are many walls that make great backdrops for pics of you and your dog.
  • Kansas City Gives Mural
  • Why we love this wall? The combination of messaging, graphic design, and the bright color palette!
  • Location: Union Hill near Crown Center
  • Distance from Crown Center: walking distance, a two-minute drive

 Crafted in Kansas City Mural

Crafted in Kansas City Wall Mural
  • Crafted In Kansas City Wall Mural
  • Why do we love this wall? With its old-style brick and fun lettering, it’s got a great vibe.
  • 2616 Guinotte Ave, Kansas City, MO
  • Note: This is off the beaten path
  • Distance from Crown Center: 12-minute drive

Tip: Some of the Kansas City walls that have been popular on Pinterest no longer exist. The walls shown in this post are intact as of 2018.

10. Nelson Atkins Museum of Art Sculpture Garden: Best dog-friendly outdoor sculpture garden in Kansas City 

Kansas City's Nelson Atkins Museum of Art dog-friendly outdoor sculpture park and red goldendoodle dog in front of shuttlecock sculpture
The photo opportunities are endless at The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art’s dog-friendly outdoor sculpture garden.
  • The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art Sculpture Garden is great for dog lovers who enjoy art and the outdoors too. Also, the iconic shuttlecocks, the expansive gardens, the reflective pool, and even the steps up to the museum, all make great backdrops for photos of you and your dog!
  • Distance from Crown Center: 9-minute drive

11. Crown Center: Best dog-friendly outdoor patio area in Kansas City

Collage of Crown Center patio area in Kansas City and goldendoodle dog
Crown Center Shops are connected to the Sheraton and Westin hotels via “The Link.” The patio is a great place to take a break.
  • Why take a break here? It’s a great place to take your dog for a short walk, sit by the fountains, or relax with a cup of coffee.
  • No pets along with you? The Crown Center shops, Sea Life Aquarium, and Legoland are adjacent to the patio. (Pets are not allowed in these areas.)
  • Additionally, if you’re visiting Kansas City, Crown Center is conveniently located near the pet-friendly Sheraton Hotel.

 12. J.C. Nichols Memorial Fountain & Northland Fountain: Best fountains in Kansas City

Red goldendoodle dog in front of North Kansas City Missouri Fountain and words look for me in dog-friendly KC
The Northland Fountain is unique because it runs year-round. In this pic, you can see that the water is partially frozen.
  • The Northland Fountain at NE Vivion Rd and North Oak Trafficway is conveniently located near Anita B. Gorman Park and is easily accessible via I-29.
  • If you’re visiting the Country Club Plaza, the JC Nichols Memorial Fountain (47th JC Nichols Pkwy) is a Kansas City icon.

13. Best Kansas City bakery designed for dogs: Three Dog Bakery


Goldendoodle Chloe peering into window at Kansas City's dog-friendly Three Dog Bakery
Happy-Go-Doodle Chloe takes a peek into the Three Dog Bakery.
  • Are all these dog-friendly activities in Kansas City making your dog a little snacky? Stop by the Three Dog Bakery for a decadent treat for your furry friend.
  • Two KC locations: The Country Club Plaza and Overland Park, KS

14. Best dog-friendly hang out: Bar K Dog Bar

Two paws up for KC’s newest dog-friendly hang out!  Bar K Dog Bar is a dog bar in Kansas City that combines a fully-staffed dog park with a modern bar, restaurant, and coffeehouse. Also, there are many unique events including dog-friendly yoga, concerts, speakers, and other special programs.

And the best dog-friendly Kansas City season? Baseball season!

15. Best dog-friendly sporting event in Kansas City: Bark at the Park with the Kansas City Royals! 

KC Royals Baseball stadium
Bring your dog to “Bark at the Park” and watch the Kansas City Royals play ball!

Bring your dog to the ballpark for an evening of baseball! It’s sure to be one of your favorite things to do with your dog in Kansas City. There are four dog-friendly ball games each year, so you can choose the ones that work best for your schedule. Who knows! Maybe your ball-loving pooch will appear on the jumbo screen.

Looking for even more things to do in Kansas City? 

Close-up of sunflowers at a farmer's market
The farmer’s market at Historic City Market is a great Saturday morning activity. However, dogs are not allowed.

You might want to check these Kansas City favorites: 

Note: not all places on the list below are dog-friendly.

Farmer’s Market:

  • Located at the Historic City Market.
  • Open every Saturday and Sunday year-round.
  • The farmer’s market is not pet-friendly, but it’s still a fun adventure.

Restaurants: (Kansas City classics, but check with the restaurants for their pet policies. )

Shopping:  (While you may not be able to take your dog inside stores, you can take them for walks and window shopping!)

Sightseeing and culture: (Pets are not allowed.)

Looking for more things to do with your dog?

Check out our other list of 29 things to do with your dog for happiness…at both ends of the leash.

Thanks for joining us on our tour of the best things to do with your dog in Kansas City! We hope you enjoy all of these dog-friendly places in KC. 

red goldendoodle dog with furry ears blowing in wind and flag that says visit kc there's so much to see

What are your favorite things to do with your dog in Kansas City?

We’d love to hear.

Doodle kisses and tail wags!


Saturday 14th of April 2018

My wife and I really need to take our dogs on more trips. I looks like you have so much fun doing just that!


Tuesday 24th of April 2018

Oh, yes! We highly recommend it! There's a new adventure around every corner when your furry friend is along with you!

Joely Smith

Friday 13th of April 2018

Well wow! You know that I live only an hour from KC and yet I had no idea about some of these places, let alone that they are dog-friendly! Don't get me wrong I have been to A LOT of places in KC and some that allow dogs but you really gave me a LOT of new places to go!! Thank you for that! KC is an awesome place isn't it! I need to get up there far more often than I have been! I had no idea about Westen Bend hiking park! Did I spell that right? Either way I am bookmarking for future reference. I like that it is paved and easy to walk for my Lyla who has mobility issues!

linda hurst

Friday 13th of April 2018

Loved Chloe's travelog! Charlie has definitely not been out and about enough!


Saturday 14th of April 2018

Awww...thanks, Linda! So happy you stopped by! Chloe sends Charlie some doodle hugs!

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