Red goldendoodle dog's face

About Happy-Go-Doodle®

Happy-Go-Doodle® is the destination for happy quotes, cute quips, and helpful tips for doodle dog moms who love their oodly, doodly dogs and can’t wait for the next dog-friendly adventure they’ll go on together.

Inspired by Chloe, a five-year-old happy-go-lucky Goldendoodle, our vision is to celebrate and nurture the bond between dogs (especially “oodle” dogs) and the people who love them. We hope to share as much joy with others as Chloe shares with us.

Our brand promise is simple and founded on what Chloe and our fun-loving four-legged companions do best: Fetch Joy®.

You can also catch Chloe’s latest happy antics and adventures on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.