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101 Candy Names for Dogs: For Your Little Sweet Tart ❤️

Searching for cute candy names for dogs? One that’s a perfect fit for your little sweet tart? Or maybe you’re considering candy bar names for dogs….because your puppy makes you snicker! 😉

Either way, we’re glad you’re here!

I enlisted the help of my family to come up with this mega list of candy names and candy bar names for dogs. And we had a grand (make that 100 Grand 🍫) time doing so.

But before you jump into the list below, here are a few tips for choosing a name for you dog.

Goldendoodle puppy sitting next to the word Reeses with a peanut butter cup as part of the candy name for dogs, photo

Choosing a name for your dog

Naming your dog is one of the most fun decisions you’ll make, and probably at the top of your new puppy checklist.

But even if you’ve narrowed your decision down to candy names for dogs, there’s still so many names to consider.

Plus, if you’re like us, you’re probably looking at all the angles.

Does the name fit your puppy’s cute good looks? Does it reflect your doggo’s personality?

How does it sound when you say it out loud? Do you know someone else with the same name?

With so much to consider, it’s not an easy task.

Here are a few things to know:

  • In addition to names of candy and candy bars, the list below includes words related to candy and ingredients in candy so you’ll have a “good and plenty” 😉 list of options to inspire you. (BTW…I couldn’t resist sprinkling a little candy humor into this article. If you’re a fan of puns, be sure to check out my “ulti-mutt” list of dog puns.)
  • I’ve included short descriptions to go along with each type of candy. Sometimes having more meaning and context behind the name can help you imagine if it’s a perfect fit for your pup.
  • You’ll find some of our family’s favorite candy names paired with photos of adorable puppies. I hope it helps you picture how a name can reflect a puppy’s looks and personality.
  • If you’re unsure about a name, try saying it aloud. Does it roll off the tongue? Can you elongate it for more inflection when spoken (i.e. “Caaan-dy” or “Taaaffy”)?
  • Having trouble deciding? Sleep on it. Give yourself a little time to let the name grow on you.
  • Also, I thought you might like to name your pet after the most popular candy in your state or in the USA. If so, here’s an article from USA Today on the most popular candies by state.

Now, let the naming fun begin!

101 names for dogs inspired by candies (A through D)

1 Andes ~ Inspired by Andes Mints.

2. Bit-O-Honey ~ Bit-O-Honey is a sweet, chewy candy the flavor of honey. This could be a cute name for a honey-colored miniature puppy. Of course, you could shorten it to “Honey.”

3. BonBon ~ A confection that is often chocolate coated with a sweet filling. Also, “Bon” means “good” in French. So, if you choose this candy as your pupper’s name, you’re sharing a “Good Good!” message.

4. Brookie ~ The “brookie” combines the cookie 🍪 with the brownie. While it’s not truly a candy, it’s definitely a sweet treat. This name could be a good fit for a puppy that has a brown and cream coat color.

5. Buttercup ~ Buttercup is inspired by the Reese’s peanut butter cup, which is all peanut-buttery on the inside and all chocolate-y on the outside.

6. Butterscotch ~ If your puppy is the color of butter and sweet too, why not consider this candy name?

7. Caramel ~ A soft, creamy candy that’s a warm brown or dark honey color.

Sweet puppy dog with hair a tawny, caramel color and the candy name Caramel

8. Carob ~ Carob is naturally sweet. If you’re considering naming your dog Chocolate, this could be another alternative.

9. Cashew ~ A light tan or brown nut. This could be an adorable name for a small dog.

10. Charleston ~ Inspired by the candy named the Charleston Chew.

11. Cherry ~ A sweet fruit found in chocolate-covered cherry candies like the Cherry Mash bar or cherry cordials.

12. Chiclet ~ Chiclets are tiny pieces of gum with colorful, fruity coatings. This name could be a cute choice for a tiny puppy with a colorful personality.

13. Chocolate ~ A classic name for a puppy with a brown or chocolate coat color.

14. Cinnamon ~ Does your dog sport a red coat? Is your dog a red Goldendoodle? Cinnamon could be a good name. Plus, if you have a teddy bear dog, you can use a term of endearment like “Cinnamon Bear.”

15. Coconut ~ Fluffy, white, and sweet, coconut is used in many candies including the Almond Joy. Coconut is a jaunty name that could be just right for a fluffy, white dog.

16. Cocoa or Coco ~ If your little pupper looks like a chocolate bean, Cocoa could be a perfect name.

17. Cotton Candy ~ Cotton Candy is sugar spun until it forms a light and wispy consistency, almost like cotton. If your dog is fluffy or has a swirl of fur, Cotton Candy could be a fun name.

18. Dot ~ Dots are a fruity gumdrop candy and a popular choice for movie theater goers. If you like the name “Dot,” you may like “Dottie” too. (I’m a fan of adding “y” or “ie” to almost any name. If you are too, check out my list of dog names that end in Y or IE.)

Candy-themed names (E through L)

19. Ferrara ~ A candy company known for sweets such as Ferraro Rocher.

20. Flavor ~ A unique name inspired by all the different flavors of candy.

21. Fudge ~ A soft, sweet confection with lots of buttery goodness. Since fudge is often chocolatey, this candy name could be a good fit for dogs with brown or chocolate coat colors.

22. Good & Plenty ~ Good & Plenty is a licorice candy coated in pink and white candy shells. Are you naming two puppies? What about “Goodie” and “Plenty” as names for your adorable duo?

23. Goo Goo ~ The Goo-Goo Cluster is an oooey-gooey confection of caramel, nuts, marshmallow, and chocolate.

24. Gumdrop ~ A sugary-coated, fruit-flavored drop of candy. Since gumdrops are usually small in size, this could be a cute candy name for a pint-sized puppy.

25. Gummi Bear ~A gooey candy shaped like a teddy bear.

26. Haribo ~ A German candy company known for their yummy gummi bears.

27. Hot Tamale ~ A cinnamon-flavored candy.

28. Jelly Bean or Bean ~ A popular Easter candy, the name Jelly Bean could be descriptive of a sweet, small puppy.

29. Jolly ~ Does your dog make you smile with his or her antics? Then Jolly may be the perfect name. This name is inspired by the colorful hard candy called Jolly Ranchers.

30. JuJu ~ Inspired by Juju Fruit candy, which is often sold in movie theaters.

Kisses, a candy name for dogs, printed beside Hershey's kisses candy and a cute fluffy brown puppy, photo

31. Kisses ~ This name is inspired by the Hershey’s Kiss, which is a tiny, sweet chocolate drop.

32. Licorice ~ There are a wide variety of licorice candies around the world, but the one most familiar to you may be the red or black licorice candy named Twizzlers. If you’re the proud parent of a puppy with a red or black coat color, Licorice could be a candy name to consider!

33. Lifesaver ~ After all, every dog is pretty much a lifesaver for our hearts.

34. Lolli ~ This candy name for dogs is inspired by the lollipop, which is a sweet tart candy sucker. The name Lolli rolls off the tongue easily and has a fun, upbeat sound to it. This name could be a good choice for a happy-go-lucky puppy.

Candy names for pets inspired by candy (M through R)

35. M&M ~ Chocolate candy-coated pieces.

36. Marzipan ~ An almond candy dough.

37. Mike & Ike ~ Naming two puppies? Mike and Ike’s are a fruit-flavored candy, and could be cute names for a happy pair of puppies.

38. Milka ~ This chocolate brand is easily recognized by its purple packaging.

39. Mini ~ Many candies and candy bars are now bite-size or mini. If your puppy is small, Mini could be a fitting name.

40. Nestle ~ A brand of chocolate, Nestle makes this list of candy names because I couldn’t resist the idea of saying phrases like, “I can’t right now, I’m nestling with my puppy, Nestle” or “Nestle is my bestie.”

41. Nouget ~ This chewy bit o’ candy could be a fitting name for a tiny puppy.

42. Nugget ~ Like Nouget, “Nugget” could be a good name for a pup that could fit in your pocket.

43. Peanut ~ Peanuts are a popular ingredient in many candies and a cute way to describe a small dog.

44. Peppermint ~ A refreshing flavoring, this candy name could also be spelled “Pep-O-Mint” to describe a peppy puppy.

45. Peppermint Patty ~ Peppermint patties are chocolate patties filled with the refreshing flavor of peppermint. You could always shorten this candy name to Patty.

46. Pixy ~ Pixy is a name inspired by the fruit-flavored candy, Pixy Stix.

47. Praline ~ A praline is a sweet confection that’s a buttery, sugary, nutty combination. Often made with pecans and having a soft, warm brown appearance, Praline could be a fitting name for a tawny, light-brown puppy.

48. Rocky ~ The name Rocky is inspired by rocky road candy and rock candy, which is a sugary candy on a twizzle stick.

49. Rolo ~ YOLO! So, why not name your puppy Rolo? 😉

A round-headed, big-eared puppy with the candy name "Skittles", photo

Candy-themed dog names (S through Z)

50. Skittles ~ A shiny, fruity candy with a chewy inside and a candy-coated shell.

51. Smartie ~ Smarties, a roll of tiny fruit-flavored candies, could be a fitting name for a super intelligent puppy.

52. Sno Sno or SnoCaps ~ Do you love a Huskie puppy? Or a dog who loves the outdoors? What about choosing the name Sno Sno. This name is inspired by the candy called Sno Caps, which is a chocolate candy covered in white nonpareils.

53. Star Brite ~ This Brach’s peppermint candy could be the inspiration for many names such as Star, StarBrite, Starry, or Bright.

54. Starburst ~ A chewy, fruity, square-shaped candy with a “burst” of flavor. Starburst could be a fitting name for a puppy that’s a burst of energy.

55. Sugar ~ No candy would be complete without the main ingredient. If your puppy is pure sweetness, Sugar maybe be a good name.

56. Sugarplum ~ Popularized by the line from the Night Before Christmas poem, “…as visions of sugar-plums danced in their heads,” Sugarplum may be a fitting choice for a puppy born at Christmastime. (BTW…check out my doggy version of this poem, Twas the Night Before Christmas for Dogs.)

57. Sweetie ~ This name inspired by the candy called Sweet Tarts.

58. Taffy ~ Whether you are thinking about the old-fashioned taffy or the popular Laffy Taffy, this candy name is both cute and sweet.

59. Toffee ~ Toffee is sugary, buttery goodness often topped with milk or dark chocolate and nuts. Toffee is a cute candy name that is especially fitting for puppies that sport coats of cream, brown, and black.

60. Toffifay ~ A bite-sized caramel cup topped with hazelnut and chocolate.

61. Tootsie ~ This name is inspired by both Tootsie Rolls and Tootsie Pops.

62. Truffle ~ A round, bite-sized confection usually made with a yummy ganache inside and coated in chocolate, cocoa, or a nutty mixture.

63. Tutti ~ This name is inspired by the candy called Tutti Fruity, an assortment of flavorful, fruity candies.

64. Twix ~ A candy bar that combines shortbread, caramel, and chocolate.

65. Twizzler ~ A popular licorice candy.

66. Vanilla or Nilla ~ A flavoring used in some candies.

67. Whitman ~ Do you like retro names for dogs and retro candy? Let’s go way back to 1842 when Whitman’s Candy company launched. (And if you’re a fan of old-fashioned dog names, check out my mega lists:

68. Willy ~ This name is inspired by Willy Wonka, a fictional character in the movie Willie Wonka & the Chocolate Factory.

Chocolate bar dog names (A through Z)

Next, if you’re searching for candy bar names for dogs, this list is for you!

69. Almond Joy ~ This candy bar combines a coconut center with a chocolate coating. If your puppy’s coat color is black and white, Almond Joy or Joy could be a fitting name.

70. Baby Ruth ~ A peanuty, chewy, chocolatey candy bar.

71. Caramello ~ A candy bar with a caramel center and chocolate coating.

72. Clark ~ A candy bar with a crispy, peanut-buttery center and a chocolate coating.

73. Heath ~ A toffee bar coated in chocolate.

74. Henry ~This name is inspired by the candy bar called O Henry. Just think how many times you’ll be saying, “Oh, Henry” if you choose the name Henry for your pupper.

75. Hershey ~ This name is a popula, but still cute choice for any dog that sports a rich, chocolate coat color.

76. Milky Way ~ A candy bar made of chocolate, caramel, and nougat. If your puppy has a tri-colored coat, Milky or Milky Way could be a good name.

77. Mr. Goodbar ~ A chocolate bar with peanuts.

78. Reese ~ Does your dog like peanut butter? How about Reese, which is a name inspired by the popular Reese’s peanut butter cup candy.

79. Snickers ~ Is your puppy cute and funny too? How about naming him or her Snickers?

A sweet puppy with a black nose and brown and tan face and the candy name for dogs, Snickers, under the image and beside a snickers bar

80. Tobler ~ Tobler is inspired by Toblerone, a swiss milk chocolate candy bar.

Unique chocolate and candy names for dogs

What about unique candy names for dogs? If you’re looking for a name that stands out among the pack, check out these monikers. Some are real words related to candy, and some are names that I’ve coined.

81. Artisan ~ Artisan is the word used to describe chocolates created by a chocolate maker who is an artist. You could shorten this name to Art or Arty.

82. Cassia ~ Means cinnamon.

83. Cordial ~ A cordial is a confection with liquid filling and a chocolate shell.

84. Dulce ~ Means “sweet.”

85. Fleur de sel ~ Means “flower of salt.”

86. Ganache ~ Ganache is made from chocolate and cream. If your puppy sports a coat that’s a tawny brown or chocolate, this name could top your list.

87. Ghiradelli ~ A gourmet brand of chocolate.

88. Kokoleka ~ Hawaiian for “chocolate.”

89. Mayan ~ Inspired by Mayan sea salt.

90.Mars ~ Inspired by the Mar’s Bar candy bar.

91. Süsse ~ Means “sweet.”

92. Wispa ~ Wispa Gold, is said to be the most expensive candy bar in the world.

93. Zots ~ Zots is a fizzy candy. If you like the name Zots, you may also like Zotty or Zottie.

Names coined from candy, candy bars, and chocolate

Finally, as you are brainstorming names, why not have fun and mix up your own concoction? After all, names like Zots, Snickers, and Skittles were imagined first by candy makers. Here are some ideas to help you get started:

94. Cinna ~ Inspired by cinnamon.

95. Choco ~ Inspired by chocolate.

96. Crispin ~ Inspired by the crispy Nestle Crunch candy bar.

97. Pep-O-Mint ~ A descriptive spelling of peppermint. This name could be a good match for a peppy puppy.

98. Carmy ~ Inspired by caramel and candy.

99. Yumzie or Yumzee ~ Inspired by the yummy Twizzler.

100. Almee ~ Inspired by almonds.

101. Beanie ~ Inspired by jelly beans and Boston Baked Beans candy.

102. Chewy ~ A natural for all the chewy candies.

103. Cane ~ Short for candy cane.

Still searching? Check out my mega list of cookie names for dogs.

Enjoy every sweet moment with your new puppy

I hope that this list of candy names for dogs has helped you come up with the perfect moniker for your puppy. Most of all, I wish you many, many fun adventures and a lifetime of love with your sweet fur baby.

What did you name your puppy?

We’d love to hear! Please comment below.

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