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medium-sized, senior goldendoodle standing on grooming table, photo

How to Pick Out a Dog Grooming Table for Your Goldendoodle in 5 Easy Steps

With so many dog grooming tables to choose from, how do you know which one is best for your dog and you? And how do you know what size grooming table for your Goldendoodle? I chose a grooming table a few years ago and have been so happy I did. By sharing my decision-making process on selecting the best dog grooming table for a medium dog (specifically, my bestie Chloe who is a medium Goldendoodle), maybe it will help simplify your purchasing decision…and save you some time too. We’re happy you’re here 😊

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Close up of Senior Goldendoodle's face, photo

The Senior Goldendoodle: Your Ultimate Guide to the “Golden” Years

Are your Goldendoodle’s senior years just ahead? Wondering how to make each moment Golden? Your ultimate Tender Loving Care guide is here…

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close up of goldendoodle puppy face, photo

Goldendoodle Puppy Supplies: What Do I Need for My Goldendoodle Puppy?

Oh. My. Goldendoodle! You’re here scanning this post about Goldendoodle puppy supplies, which probably means you (or someone you know) is about to become a Goldendoodle parent and will soon be looking into the adoring eyes of a sweet Goldendoodle puppy. Congratulations! But what do you need for a Goldendoodle puppy? Your complete list is here…

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Goldendoodle puppy with tongue hanging out, photo

Best Goldendoodle Names: 500+ Doodle Names You’ll Love

Looking for Goldendoodle names that are as cute, unique, and perfect as your Goldendoodle puppy? Oh my Goldendoodle! We’re glad you’re here! At Happy-Go-Doodle®, we’re all about sharing the happiest information about Goldendoodles, including the best Goldendoodle names.

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dog walking on wooden bridge in woods, photo

150 Nature Dog Names for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Are you looking for nature dog names? Mountain-related dog names? Wildflower dog names? Dog names that are inspired by the natural beauty of our world? Then we’re happy you’re here. Choosing a name for your new puppy is probably at the top of your new puppy checklist, and it’s one of the many exciting choices you’ll be making for your puppy’s future. With over 150 nature-inspired dog names on our list, you’re well on your way to making a choice that’s perfect for your pup.

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9 Goldendoodle Ornaments That Are Ridiculously Cute

A Christmas without a Goldendoodle ornament hung on the tree? Oh. My. Goldendoodle. That would be ruff!

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creamy white f1 goldendoodle sitting by red f1b goldendoodle, photo

F1 vs F1b Goldendoodle: Why You’ll Fall in Love With Both

F1 vs F1b Goldendoodle…what’s the difference? Get descriptions and a side-by-side checklist. Spoiler alert: you may fall even more in love with both of these Goldendoodle generations.

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close-up of adult Goldendoodle's face and title adorable goldendoodle gifts, image

21 Goldendoodle Gifts for the Doodle Obsessed: Your Ultimate Gift Guide

Do you love giving super cute Goldendoodle gifts to the Doodle-loving friends and family members in your pack? But oh my Goldendoodle! Finding the perfect gift that’s adoodable or unique can be so ruff! If you’re dog tired of searching high and low to find the cute Goldendoodle stuff, we’ve gotcha covered!

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Smiley-faced adult Goldendoodle dog, photo

29 Goldendoodle Pros and Cons: What It’s Like to Love a Goldendoodle

I’ve scraped yuck off the rug from puppy tummy upset, fished more stuff out of a puppy’s mouth than the most avid angler, and wiped up new puppy tinkle sprinkles off the floor. All that stuff is not uptopia, for sure. But then there are the snuggles and that precious face staring into mine. The joys far outweigh the chaos. Enjoy 29 pros and cons of choosing a Goldendoodle dog.

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photo of Goldendoodle puppy and title 150 Goldendoodle Boy Names, For Your Little Buddy

150+ Goldendoodle Boy Names You’ll Fall in Love With

Boy names for your Goldendoodle dog can be as hard to find as a puppy who doesn’t love you! If you’re searching for the best name for your little Dood, we’re happy you’re here. Happy naming!

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