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creamy white f1 goldendoodle sitting by red f1b goldendoodle, photo

F1 vs F1b Goldendoodle: Why You’ll Fall in Love With Both

F1 vs F1b Goldendoodle…what’s the difference? Get descriptions and a side-by-side checklist. Spoiler alert: you may fall even more in love with both of these Goldendoodle generations.

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close-up of adult Goldendoodle's face and title adorable goldendoodle gifts, image

21 Goldendoodle Gifts for the Doodle Obsessed: Your Ultimate Gift Guide

Do you love giving super cute Goldendoodle gifts to the Doodle-loving friends and family members in your pack? But oh my Goldendoodle! Finding the perfect gift that’s adoodable or unique can be so ruff! If you’re dog tired of searching high and low to find the cute Goldendoodle stuff, we’ve gotcha covered!

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Smiley-faced adult Goldendoodle dog, photo

29 Goldendoodle Pros and Cons: What It’s Like to Love a Goldendoodle

I’ve scraped yuck off the rug from puppy tummy upset, fished more stuff out of a puppy’s mouth than the most avid angler, and wiped up new puppy tinkle sprinkles off the floor. All that stuff is not uptopia, for sure. But then there are the snuggles and that precious face staring into mine. The joys far outweigh the chaos. Enjoy 29 pros and cons of choosing a Goldendoodle dog.

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photo of Goldendoodle puppy and title 150 Goldendoodle Boy Names, For Your Little Buddy

150+ Goldendoodle Boy Names You’ll Fall in Love With

Boy names for your Goldendoodle dog can be as hard to find as a puppy who doesn’t love you! If you’re searching for the best name for your little Dood, we’re happy you’re here. Happy naming!

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10 Funny Things Only Goldendoodle Lovers Understand

Oh my Goldendoodle! With so much personality and fluff it’s practically impossible not to smile when you see a silly, comical, goofy, funny Goldendoodle! But what makes Goldendoodle owners so crazy over their Doodle dogs? What’s so unique about the Goldendoodle? Here is a lighthearted look at 10 things only Goldendoodle lovers understand.

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goldendoodle dog's cute face, photo

Cornstarch for Matted Dog Hair: A Heck of a Hack!

Ready to pull your own hair out when you find a mat in your dog’s hair? There’s a solution for matted dog hair that may be as easy as looking inside your own pantry! Using cornstarch for matted dog hair is a DIY dog mat hack that my Goldendoodle sidekick, Happy-Go-Doodle Chloe, and I thought was share-worthy.

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close-up adult goldendoodle wearing robe like a star wars character, photo

75 Star Wars Dog Names for Your Young PAWdawan

If you’re beginning an epic adventure with your new puppy and on the quest for the perfect Star Wars name, we’re happy you’re here! Thanks for dropping by our galaxy not so far away in your pursuit for the best Star Wars dog name for your young “PAWdawan.”

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close-up of a cream-colored goldendoodle's face, photo

Types of Goldendoodles: Generations, Sizes, & Colors Galore

Oh, my Goldendoodle! With so many unique types of Goldendoodles, who can keep track of it all? We’re here to help! If you’re doing your homework on different types of Goldendoodles, we’re glad you’re here.

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adult goldendoodle sitting behind a teddy bear. the goldendoodle's hair looks like a teddy bear. photo.

The Goldendoodle Teddy Bear Cut: So Adorable Your Heart Will Melt

A dog sporting a Goldendoodle teddy bear cut? Be still my heart! This haircut is like taking the cutest thing ever—a Goldendoodle dog—and wrapping her up in the second cutest thing ever—a teddy bear!

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Goldendoodle Grooming 101: 7 Steps for Happier At-Home Care

Hello, my Doodle loving friends! If days of quarantine have you searching for Goldendoodle grooming ideas, I’m glad you’re here. Learn my seven steps for happier Goldendoodle grooming.

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