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Birthdays. Holidays. Seasons. Special occasions. Celebrations are better with a dog by your side. Find ideas, tips, and inspiration for enjoying birthdays and special days (including your dog’s) with your dog by your side.

The 12 Days of Christmas By One Very Happy Goldendoodle Dog

What Will Your Sweet Dog Bring You On the 12 Days of Christmas?  The 12 Days of Christmas song got us thinking. Happy-Go-Doodle brings her family gifts of smiles every day. But if she could bring us her favorite gift what would it be? For a feel-good break, please watch the video of Happy-Go-Doodle Chloe’s […]

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Special Days and Celebrations

Coming Soon: Fun. A little informative. And always real life. Photo essays about capturing and keeping special happy-go-doodle days.

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