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67 Coffee Names for Dogs You’ll Love a Latte ☕️

Searching for coffee names for dogs? You’ll definitely want to “pour over” this list! 😉 With over 65 coffee-related names, you’re sure to find one that’s absolutely grande for your new puppy.

Choosing a name for your pup is probably a the top of your new puppy checklist. Not only is it one of the first of many decisions you’ll make, but it may also be one of the most difficult.

However, by narrowing it down to your love for the bean, you’re sure to find the name that’s the perfect blend of your pup’s personality and physical characteristics.

Close-up of a brown and white dog the color of a latte coffee and "Latte" in script, photo

If your idea of bliss is holding a dog leash in one hand and a coffee cup is in the other, then this mega list is for you. But before you get started, here are a few things to consider:

  • From my research on the science behind choosing a name for your dog, experts share a reminder to choose a name that doesn’t sound like a joke. Dogs are sensitive and intuitive. That’s why I didn’t include names on the list below that sounded flippant or humorous.
  • Also, most of the names selected below have two syllables allowing for more inflection, which is another suggestion by some experts. (For more, read Psychology Today’s article, What Not to Name a Dog. )

With that, if the phrase “I just want to hang with my dog and drink coffee” describes you, then grab a cuppa joe and snuggle up with your pup.

My red Goldendoodle and I put our hands and paws to the keyboard to come up with this mega list. We think you’ll find a coffee name that you’ll love a “latte.”

Coffee names for dogs 🐕

  • Au lait ~ Inspired by cafe au lait, which is equal parts coffee and hot milk. Cute for a brown and white puppy.
  • Beanie ~ Small in size, but full of flavor. Perfect name for a small but mighty dog.
  • Berry ~ Inspired by the coffee berry, which is the small fruit produced by the coffee plant.
  • Bica or Bicca ~ Inspired by Arabica, a popular type of coffee.
  • Brewer ~ Inspired by the term “brew.”
  • Breve ~ Coffee that’s half espresso and half half-n-half.
  • Caffe ~ Italian for coffee.
  • Cappi ~ Inspired by the coffee drink called cappuccino.
  • Crema ~ The foam on top of the espresso.
  • Cortado ~ Espresso and steamed milk.
Cream colored Goldendoodle with the name Brulee in script lettering as a coffee name for dog, photo
  • Dolce ~ Means “sweet” in Italian. Perfectly perfect for a sweet pup!
  • Dunkin ~ Inspired by the popular brand of coffee.
  • Espresso ~ Energetic puppy? Espresso is a great name for a pup with zip.
  • Flash ~ Inspired by “flash brew,” this name could be fun for a speedy pup.
  • Irish ~ For the Irish coffee drinkers.
coffee in a white coffee cup with a heart in the foam, photo
  • Java~ Another word for coffee.
  • Joe ~ A casual term for coffee.
  • Jo-Jo ~ Version of “Joe.”
  • Kahlua ~ A coffee liqueur.
  • Kona ~ Coffee from the big Island of Hawaii.
  • Latte ~ A great name because you can come up with sweet phrases like, “I love you a Latte.”
  • Leche ~ Inspired by cafe’ con leche, which is “coffee with milk” in Spanish.
  • Macchiato ~ Espresso coffee with milk, usually foaming.
  • Mocha ~ Coffee with chocolate flavoring. Perfect for a brown or brown and white puppy.
  • Moka ~ A stove top coffee pot.
  • Peetie ~ Inspired by a popular brand of coffee called Peet’s coffee.
  • Praline ~ A flavor of coffee inspired by praline confections.
  • Ristretto ~ Highly concentrated espresso in a short shot.
  • Robusta ~ Coffee bean type.
Close-up of sleepy dog's face and the coffee name of Creme in type, photo

If you’re a coffee fiend, then you probably love all things coffee related. This list of coffee names for dogs includes the entire coffee experience—sweet treats, syrups, toppings, and more.

BTW…if you like names like Biscotti or Cocoa, check out my sweet list of cookie names for dogs. 🍪

  • Aero ~ Inspired by the aeropress.
  • Almond ~ A popular flavor added to coffee.
  • Biscuit ~ Common and popular breakfast item that goes well with coffee.
  • Biscotti ~ A popular crisp cookie often served with coffee. Originally from Italy.
  • Cinnamon ~ A spice often used in coffee.
  • Chocolate ~ A flavoring added to coffee.
  • Caramel ~ A flavoring added to coffee.
  • Cocoa ~ A note in some coffees.
  • Coconut ~ A flavoring sometimes added to coffee.
  • Demi ~ Inspired by the demitasse, a small cup.
  • Dollop ~ A word describing a small amount. A dollop of cream. Fitting for a small dog.
  • Donut ~ A popular sweet often eaten with coffee.
Red dog snuggled next to a white dog with the coffee-related names of Cinnamon and Sugar in script, photo
  • Hazel ~ Inspired by Hazelnut, which is a popular flavor of coffee.
  • Honey ~ A popular sweetener for coffee.
  • Ribbon~ Inspired by the caramel ribbons on top of the whipped cream.
  • Sugar ~ Stirred into coffee to sweeten it. This may be a cute name for a dog who’s adding sweetness to your life.
  • Muffin ~ A sweet treat often served with coffee.
  • Nilla ~ Inspired by vanilla, a popular flavoring for coffee.
  • Perky or Perkie ~ The extra perk coffee can give you. A fitting name for energetic dogs. (BTW…if you like the sound of names with “y” or “ie” at the end, check out our list of dog names ending in y or ie.
  • Robust ~ A word describing coffee.
  • Sanka ~ A brand of coffee with a retro feel, most familiar as instant.

Starbucks dog names

This list of coffee names for dogs is inspired by the menu board found in just about any Starbucks coffee shop around the country.

If you’re a Starbucks super fan, this list of Starbucks coffee names is for you.

  • Americano ~ From Cafe’ Americano, which is espresso blended with hot water.
  • Brulee’ ~ Coffee sprinkled with sugar and toasted.
  • Cino ~ Pronounced chee-no and inspired by Puppuccino, a “pup cup” served at Starbucks for our four-legged pals.
  • Clover ~ The brewing system used at Starbucks.
  • Frapp or Frappe ~ This name is inspired by the Frappucino, a Starbucks line of coffee drinks that are blended with ice and flavorings.
  • Grande ~ One of the coffee sizes offered at Starbucks. Cute for any puppy with a big personality.
  • Java Chip ~ Inspired by the Java Chip Frappuccino, a popular blended coffee drink.

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  • Nitro~ A Starbucks cold brew infused with nitrogen, which makes it frothy. Cute coffee name for a dog who’s energetic or fluffy.
  • Pepper~ Inspired by the peppermint mocha.
  • Seattle ~ Location of the Starbucks world headquarters.
  • Star ~ Short for Starbucks.
  • Pike ~ Taken from Pike Place Roast, a type of coffee.
  • Puppa ~ Inspired by the puppuccino.
  • Via ~ Starbucks’ brand of instant coffee.
  • Veranda ~ A lighter, not too bold Starbucks coffee.
  • Verona ~ A dark roast with notes of dark cocoa.
  • Venti~ One of the coffee sizes offered at Starbucks. This name could be cute for a tiny dog with a big personality or for any oversized lap sitter.
  • Trenta~ XXL dog? Why not try Trenta on for size. This is the largest size drink offered (but not found on the menu) at Starbucks.

We hope we’ve helped you find a coffee name for your dog that you love a latte! If you’re ready for all the good news about dogs, please sign up to receive our latest pupdates! We’d love to have you as part of our pack.

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