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75 Cookie Names for Dogs 🍪 As Sweet as Your Pupper

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What’s a sweet name for a dog? This list of 75 cookie names for dogs couldn’t get much sweeter. 🍪 We’ve stirred together the perfect mix of cookie names that describe both the physical characteristics and the personality of dogs. So grab a glass of milk and “chew” on this list of cookie names.

But before you get started, you might want to know:

  • We’ve divided this list into three categories: cookie dog names, cookie dog names for girls, and cookie dog names for boys. Of course, any name can work for you dog if you’re sweet on it.
  • Each category is alphabetized for easy scanning.
  • We’ve included short descriptions along with the name so you can get a better flavor of its meaning.
  • Unsure of a name? Try saying it out loud a few times to see if it rolls off your tongue.

Biscotti ~ An Italian cookie often served with coffee. “Biscotto” is Italian for “cookie.” (BTW…if you’re also a fan of coffee, check out our mega list of coffee names for dogs.)

Biscuit ~ French for “cookie.”

Butter or Cookie Butter ~ An ingredient used in most cookies. Also, a type of cookie.

Buttercream ~ A type of sweet frosting used on many cookies.

Butterscotch ~ A type of flavoring. A good choice for creamy white or honey-colored dogs.

Caramel ~ A sweet candy used in cookies or drizzled on top of cookies. Due to its golden color, this name is perfect for light brown or golden puppies.

Chocolate ~ A sweet candy mixed into many cookies.

Chocolate Chip ~ A cute name for spotted puppies.

Cinnamon ~ A type of spice used in cookies. Perfect for red or brown dogs.

Cocoa ~ An ingredient used in some chocolate cookies and perfect for a brown dog. Looking for a more creative spelling of this name? Try Coco or Koko.

Coconut ~ White, fluffy goodness used in coconut cookies, this name is cute for a small, white, fluffy pupper.

Confetti ~ A name for the colorful sprinkles used on top some frosted sugar cookies. This name could be cute for a tri-colored or patchwork dog.

Cookie ~No cookie dog name list would be complete without the classic choice of “Cookie.”

BTW…if you’re a fan of names that end in the long E sound, check out my mega list of dog names that end in Y or IE for your cutie pie dog.

Crispy ~ A word describing how some cookies are baked until crisp or crunchy. Alternate names: Crispin or Crisp.

Fortune ~ Inspired by the fortune cookie. Ideal name to describe the good fortune of having a puppy in your life.

Galleta ~ Spanish for “cookie.”

Icing ~ A type of frosting for cookies. Alternate spelling: Icee.

Lemon ~ Lemon bars and lemon drop cookies are two yummy types of lemon cookies. This name could be a good choice for dogs who have a creamy yellow coat.

Kuki ~ Hawaiian spelling for “cookie.”

Kringla ~ A cookie from Norway.

Macaroon ~ A fluffy, toasted cookie often made from coconut and placed on a wafer before baking.

Macaron ~ Meringue-based confection.

Marshmallow ~ This fluffy, white, sweetness is used in many no-bake cookie recipes.

Oreo ~ A popular chocolate cookie sandwich with creamy, white filling. “Oreo” is a popular choice for black and white dogs.

Black and white puppy with the name Oreo, photo
Photo: Canva Oreo is a popular cookie dog name for black and white puppers.

Peanut ~ A popular nut used in cookies, this name is a popular choice for small dogs.

Praline ~ A type of sugary, nutty candy that can also be a cookie.

Pumpkin ~ A term of endearment and a cookie often made when the seasons change from summer to autumn.

Sandie ~ A pecan shortbread cookie.

Snowball ~ A white, round cookie.

Snowdrop ~ A buttery cookie rolled in powder sugar.

Shortcake ~ A cookie that pairs strawberries with the goodness of shortcake.

Spritz ~ A type of cookie that’s similar to a sugar cookie. If “sweet, crisp, and buttery” describes your dog, this may be the name for you.

Tassie ~ A mini “cookie pie” that’s bite-sized. A good name for a small dog.

Teddy ~ Inspired by the teddy graham, a bite-sized, store-bought cookie shaped like a teddy bear.

Tella ~ Inspired by “Nutella.”

Toffee ~ The toffee square cookie is as rich and sweet as toffee candy.

Velvet ~ Inspired by red velvet cookies.

Whoopie! ~ Inspired by the fun-to-say and fun-to-make whoopie pie cookie.

Anise ~ A spice that is shaped like a star, which gives this name extra meaning.

Betty ~ Inspired by Betty Crocker, a fictional character created in the 1920s. The name “Betty” was chosen because it sounded cheery. If you like names that have a retro feel, check out my massive list of old-fashioned dog names for girls.

Brown puppy sleeping with paws up and name Ginger, photo

Blossom ~ Inspired by the popular Peanut Butter Blossom cookie, this name is perfect for your sweet little sweetness.

Brookie ~ A name coined by combining the words “cookie” and “brownie.”

Chiffon ~ A light, airy cookie such as the Lemon Chiffon cookie.

Cherry ~ A fruit used in cookies like the Coconut Cherry cookie.

Ginger ~ A type of spice found in many cookies such as Gingerbread cookies.

Glace‘ ~ A sugary icing or glaze.

Hazel ~ Inspired by the Hazelnut cookie.

Honey ~ A golden and sweet flavor used in honey-flavored cookies.

Lacey ~ A type of thin, crispy cookie.

Lady ~ Inspired by the cookie called a Lady Finger.

Lorna ~ Inspired by Lorna Doone cookies.

Maple ~ A flavoring used in cookies like the Vermont Maple cookie.

Meg or Meggie ~ Short for “nutmeg,” which is a type of spice.

Nilla ~ Inspired by vanilla wafer cookies, this name could be the perfect choice for cream-colored dogs like the cream Goldendoodle.

Poppy ~ Inspired by the poppyseed cookie.

Rosette ~ A thin, cookie-like fritter made with an iron mold. This lacy, dainty cookie is popular at Christmastime.

Sugar ~ A classic cookie and a perfect name for a sugary sweet puppy.

Sweetness ~ A descriptive word for both cookies and dogs. Alternate: Sweetie.

Cookie names for boy dogs

Almond ~ A popular flavoring used in many cookies.

Biscoff ~ If you’ve ever flown on Delta airlines, then you’ve probably tasted this biscuit-style cookie that pairs well with coffee.

Bisco ~ Inspired by “Nabisco” brand cookies.

Bon Bon or Bonbon ~ A small, sweet confection. The word “bon” means “good” in French. If “small” and “sweet” describes your pupper, this may be the perfect cookie name for your dog.

Brownie ~ A tasty chocolate cookie in a bar form.

Bucky, Buck, or Buckeye ~ Inspired by the Buckeye cookie, a round peanut butter-filled cookie dipped in chocolate.

Chewy ~ Not only descriptive of a soft cookie, but also descriptive of a puppy who loves to chew.

Chip or Chipper ~ Another way to describe a chocolate morsel. When you add the “er” at the end it adds a double meaning of cheeriness or liveliness.

Chips Ahoy ~ A brand of chocolate chip cookie.

Clove ~ A type of spice used in some cookies.

Joe-Joe ~ Inspired by Joe-Joe’s, a popular cookie sold at Trader Joe’s.

Keebler ~ If you’re a fan of the Keebler elves, this name may fit your pupper.

Mac ~ Inspired by the nut used in cookies like the White Chocolate Macademia Nut cookie.

Milano ~ A popular cookie created by Pepperidge Farms, and also a baby boy name that means “from Milan.”

Fluffy puppy with head tilted and the cute cookie name for dogs, Snickerdoodle, photo
Photo: Deposit Photo

Newton ~ Love Fig Newton cookies? Try the name Newton for your puppy.

Nougat ~ A chewy, sweet confection.

Pecan ~ Brown pupper? Try the name “Pecan” on for size.

Snickerdoodle ~ A cookie with a dash of cinnamon and sugar.

Snickers ~ Inspired by the Snickerdoodle cookie.

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