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200+ Country, Western, Southern Dog Names You’ll Love ❤️

Are you looking for country dog names? Western or southern dog names? Or even dog names inspired by country music? Then a friendly, warm welcome to you and your new little puppy!

Choosing a country-inspired dog name that’s as warm as southern sunshine or as cool as a cold drink of spring water is probably at the top of your new puppy checklist.

But finding the perfect name that fits your puppy’s personality and cute good looks isn’t easy.

That’s why, during a road trip to pet-friendly Beaufort, SC, our family created a list of over 200 country, western, and southern dog names.

So if you’re sweet on country, this mega list is for you.

White dog with smiley face on a sunny country morning and the title says, Country Names for Dogs

But before you get started, here are a few naming tips:

  • According to an article from PetMD about the science of naming your dog, some experts suggest two-syllable names. Why? Because inflection and tone are super important when you’re speaking to your pupper.
  • A two-syllable name gives you more opportunity to change the pitch of your voice.
  • To make it easy to search, the list below is organized into categories: country, southern, western, and country singers.
  • You’ll also find girl dog names and boy dog names within each category.

Before we boot scoot our way into this mega list of country names, don’t forget to check out our other list of nature-inspired dog names for outdoor enthusiasts.

Country dog names

Love wide open spaces, fresh country air, and going on country adventures with your pupper? Try these country dog names on for size.

  • Biscuit ~ Many country breakfasts include a fluffy biscuit served with warm butter. Biscuit is a cute name for a fluffy dog.
  • Checkers ~ Does your dog have a two-toned coat similar to a checkerboard? Then Checkers could be a cute name for your dog.
  • Levi ~ Inspired by the popular brand of dungarees.
Goldendoodle dog lying on owners blue jeaned legs with the country dog name "Levi" in scrpt font
  • Pancake ~ Is your puppy sweet with a soft golden coat? Maybe Pancake is the best country-style name for your pup.
  • Prairie ~ A large, open grassy area.
  • River ~ Does your life flow better with a dog by your side? Maybe “River” is a fitting name.
Fluffy, red dog sitting in the woods beside a creek with the country dog name "River" in script type

Country dog names: Girl

  • Beauty ~ Inspired by beautiful mornings in the country.
  • Berry ~ Inspired by all the wild berries that grow in the country.
  • Blossom ~ A flower.
  • Birdie ~ Cute form of “Bird.”
  • Brooke ~ A tiny stream.
  • Bunny ~ Inspired by cottontail rabbits found in the country.
  • Clara ~ Good-natured puppy? Maybe Clara is a fitting name.
  • Cherry ~ A sweet, red fruit.
  • Cotton ~ For those white dogs that look like cotton and feel soft too.
  • Clover ~ Especially cute for our little four-leaf clover dogs. (Because we’re lucky to have them.🍀)
  • Daisy ~ A flower and a popular dog name.
  • Fawn ~ A baby deer.
  • Honey ~ Golden and sweet, Honey could be a perfect country-inspired name for a dog of the same color.
  • Lady ~ A classic name for a country dog.
  • Lulu ~ An outstanding person. Lulu is the perfect name for a lulu of a dog.
  • Meadow ~ An open field of grass and wildflowers.
  • Patches ~ A cute name for a country dog with a patchwork or multi-colored coat.
  • Pumpkin ~ Both a popular country icon and a term of endearment.
Apricot colored dog with flurry face sitting in front of orange pumpkins with the country dog name "Pumpkin" printed in a script font
  • Pickles ~ For a dog that’s a little salty.
  • Pebbles ~ Another word for tiny rocks often found in creeks and rivers. Pebbles could be a cute country dog name for a tiny puppy.
  • Sally ~ Or Sallie.
  • Star ~ “Star” is a great country name when you think about how brightly stars shine in a country sky where there are no city lights to dampen their glow.
  • Sweet Pea ~ A fragrant, delicate flower.
  • Susie ~ A cute country dog name.
  • Tilly ~ A short form of the name Matilda.
  • Trixie ~ A unique name for a country dog.
  • Taffy ~ A sweet, chewy candy that’s often associated with country living.
  • S’mor ~ A popular ooey-gooey treat reminiscent of country nights sitting around a bonfire.
  • Truly ~ A name inspired by the phrase, “I love you truly.”
  • Violet ~ A purple flower you can often find along country roads in the springtime.

Country dog names: Boy

  • Alfalfa ~ Alfalfa fields dotted with purple flowers are commonly seen in the country. This name could be shortened to “Alfi.”
  • Bandit ~ A good name if you think your dog is a little mischievous.
  • Barley ~ A grain commonly grown in Montana and North Dakota.
  • Barney ~ A classic name for a country dog.
  • Bear ~ For a dog with teddy bear good looks. Also, fitting for an oversized pupper who resembles a brown or black bear.
  • Benji ~ A dog name made popular in the dog movies of the same name.
  • Billy ~ What’s not to love about a friendly name like Billy?
  • Bingo ~ If you choose this name, you’ll feel like you’ve won much more than a game of bingo every time you say your dog’s name.
  • Bluey ~ Silver or gray dog? Blue, Blu, or Bluey may be the ticket.
  • Brownie ~ For the pupper who’s a sweet treat!
  • Bubba ~ A friendly term for brother.
  • Buck ~ A male deer.
  • Buddy ~ Because our dogs are our best buddies.
  • Bullfrog ~ Does your pupper hop up on couches or your lap? Bullfrog could be a fitting country dog name.
  • Buster ~ Does your dog have boundless energy? Try Buster out as a name.
  • Champ ~ Champ is a fitting name for the puppy who’s number 1 in your life.
  • Chevy ~ The brand of truck commonly seen traveling along country roads. If, like Chevy’s slogan, you and your puppy plan to “find new roads,” Chevy may be the perfect name.
  • Dallas ~ Inspired by the city in Texas.
  • Digger ~ Because some dog breeds (like Terriers) just love to dig.
  • Dodge ~ Fitting for anyone who’s a fan of Dodge trucks.
  • Dodger ~ A name fitting for a puppy who ducks and dodges.
  • Duke ~ A classic, throwback dog name.
  • Flannel ~ For a dog who’s as soft and cuddly as a country flannel shirt.
  • Ford ~ For the dog that’s “Built tough.”
  • Huckleberry ~ Could be shortened to Huck.
  • John Deere ~ Does your puppy look good in John Deere green?
  • Kubota ~ A manufacturer of farm equipment.
  • Lucky ~ Inspired by all the clover that speckles the countryside.
  • Leroy ~ A classic name.
  • Mason ~ Inspired by the mason jar, which is often used in home canning.
  • Massey ~ Inspired by Massey Ferguson, an ag machinery manufacturer.
  • Milo ~ A popular dog name and a type of crop raised in some parts of the country.
  • Possom – Awesome Possom.
  • Rover ~ A classic name for a country dog.
  • Roy ~ A hardy, traditional dog name.
  • Sawyer
  • Shadow ~ Ideal for the pupper who follows you everywhere.
  • Scout ~ A fitting name for any dog breed that enjoys sniffing out adventures.
Dog looking to horizon in a field of tall grass with the country dog name "Scout" in script font
  • Timber ~ Another name for woods.
  • Toby ~ This name just says cuteness.
  • Tadpole ~ A fitting name for a small dog who loves the water.
  • Wilbur ~ In honor of the pig from Charolette’s Web.
Sunny, Meadow, Skye, Blossom as 4 examples of country dog names and a photo of a field of sunflowers in the countryside

Country dog names – Top picks for cuteness

Bandit Checkers Mason
Bear Clover Meadow
Billy Cody Paisley
Biscuit Emmylou Pickles
Blossom Hank River
Brooks Junie Sawyer
Buddy LeviSunny
Champ LuckyTucker

Country singer dog names

  • Brooks ~ In honor of Garth Brooks or Brooks and Dunn.
  • Buck ~ Buck Owens
  • Cash ~ Johnny Cash
  • Carter ~ June Carter Cash
  • Cody ~ Cody Jenks
  • Charley ~ Charley Pride
  • Dolly ~ Dolly Parton
  • Emmylou ~ Emmylou Harris
Teddy Bear Dog with sweet face lying on vintage bed with the country dog name Emmylou in script font
  • Ernie ~ Tennessee Ernie Ford
  • Garth ~ Garth Brooks
  • George ~ George Strait
  • Gene ~ Gene Autry
  • Hank ~ Hank Williams and Hank Snow
  • Merle ~ Merle Haggard
  • Paisley ~ Brad Paisley
  • Patsy ~ Patsy Cline
  • Shania ~ What would Shania Twain say about a dog named Shania? “That don’t impress me much.” 😉
  • Shelton ~ Blake Shelton
  • Tucker ~ Tanya Tucker
  • Waylon ~ Waylon Jennings
  • Willie ~ Willie Nelson
  • Yoakum ~ Dwight Yokum

Western dog names

Brown dog wearing a western bandana and the title of the photo says, "Western Names for Dogs"

Western dog names male

  • Austin ~ The capital of Texas.
  • Banjo ~ A stringed instrument often played in country and western music.
  • Clint ~ A strong sounding name.
  • Boots ~ Ideal for the pup whose coat markings resemble cowboy boots.
  • Buckaroo ~ An endearing term for “cowboy.”
  • Bronco ~ A horse with a propensity to buck.
  • Cowboy ~ An animal herder.
  • Colt ~ Or Colton.
  • Cody ~ Just sounds cute, doesn’t it?
  • Cheyenne ~ Capital of the western state of Wyoming.
  • Dakota ~ Means “friend.” The Dakotas are known for vast amounts of wide open spaces.
  • Dallas ~ City in Texas.
  • Denver ~ Mile-high city in Colorado.
  • Durango ~ Inspired by Durango, a Old West town in Colorado that’s listed on the National Historic Registry.
  • Houston ~ City in Texas and the fourth largest city in the U.S.
Brown dog wearing pink classic bandana and looking between trees with the western dog name "Durango" in script font
  • Kid ~ As an alternate, “Kiddo.”
  • Laramie ~ A western town in Wyoming.
  • Montana ~ State located in the Western United States known for wide open spaces.
  • Moose ~ Appropriate name for a large, outdoorsy puppy.
  • Nugget ~ Because you’re going to feel like you struck gold when you bring home your little nugget of a pupper.
  • Rocky ~ According to, Rocky is one of the top five most popular names in Denver, Colorado.
  • Rodeo ~ A unique dog name.
  • Roamer ~ Unique name inspired by adventure-seekers.
  • Rusty ~ Does your puppy have red fur? How about Rusty as a name for a red dog.
  • Sheriff ~ Because when you bring your new puppy home you can say, “There’s a new sheriff in town.”
  • Tex ~ Short for Texas.

If you like these old west county names you might also like 140+ Patriotic Dog Names.

Western dog names female

  • Aspen ~ A tree with heart-shaped leaves often found in Colorado.
  • Abigail ~ Could be shortened to Abbey.
  • Bessie ~ Cute western dog name.
  • Buttercup ~ A yellow wildflower. Also, a fun way to greet your pupper, “What’s up, Buttercup?”
  • Dakota ~ “Koda” is a cute variation of this name.
  • Effie ~ An old-fashioned name with vintage charm.
  • Flossie ~ A cute, old-fashioned girl name—one you won’t hear at every dog park.
  • Hattie ~ Unique dog name.
  • Juneau ~ Alaska’s capital.
  • Nettie ~ Short for Jeanette.
  • Sally ~ Sallie is an alternate spelling.
  • Rio ~ Inspired by the Rio Grande.
  • Summit ~ Inspired by a mountain range by the same name located in Montana.
  • Wrangler ~ A popular brand of jeans.
  • Wyoming ~ State located in the mountain west region of the Western United States.
  • Zane ~ Unique dog name.

Western dog names: Top picks for cuteness

Ace Duke Ranger
Aspen Juneau Rio
Austin Maverick Rocky
Bear Moose Sadie
Banjo Nova Summit
Blu NuggetSallie
Cheyenne StarryWyatt
Dakota RoverYukon

Southern dog names

Goldendoodle dog sitting in front of a moss-covered, southern oak tree and the title says, Southern Names for Dogs
  • Amarillo ~ A city in the southern state of Texas.
  • Bayou ~ A body of water, usually in a low-lying area commonly found in the Southern U.S. When spoken, this name has the added bonus of sounding like, “by you.” And isn’t “by you” exactly where our puppers want to be?
  • Beau – Inspired by Beaumont, Texas.
  • Camilla ~ State flower for the southern state of Alabama.
  • Crimson ~ If you’re an Alabama fan, this name could be the perfect fit for your pup.
  • Julep ~ Inspired by the mint julep, an alcoholic beverage popular at the Kentucky Derby.
  • Moon Pie ~ A chocolate and white sweet treat created in Kentucky.
  • Peaches ~ The southern state of Georgia is known for its sweet peaches.
  • Peanut ~ If you’ve stopped by a roadside stand in the South, then you’re probably familiar with boiled peanuts.
  • Pecan ~ A nut grown in the South that’s the main ingredient in some sweet treats like pecan pie and pecan candy.
  • Praline ~ A sweet confection of nuts and sugar that makes a cute candy name for a dog. If your dog is full of sugar (and maybe a little nutty), Praline may fit your puppy.

Southern girl dog names

  • Amelia ~ A southern island on the Atlantic coast.
  • Bella ~ According to, Bella is one of the most popular names for dogs.
  • Butterscotch ~ Inspired by butterscotch pie, a southern dessert.
  • Daisy ~ A popular name and also a flower.
  • Georgia ~ Why not name your southern female pup after this southern state?
  • Lacy ~ A cute southern name for a fluffy, white puppy.
  • Lulu ~ When spoken, this name has a bouncy inflection, which could be fitting for a bouncy puppy.
  • Lily ~ Inspired by the flower of the same name. (Love names like this? Check out our mega list of flower dog names.)
  • Magnolia ~ A beautiful tree with abundant flowers commonly found in southern states.
  • Myrtle ~ Both a popular name for girls and a fragrant plant common in southern states.
  • Pearl ~ A fitting name for a white or cream-colored puppy.
  • Savannah ~ Southern town in Georgia.
  • Sadie ~ Means princess.
  • Shortcake ~ A cute name for a sweet (and perhaps short) pupper.
  • Sweetie ~ Inspired by sweet tea (Sweet-T). 😉
  • Sugar ~ A sweet name for an especially sweet dog.
  • Sunshine ~ A good name for a dog who brings sunshine on cloudy days.
  • Sunny ~ Who doesn’t equate “sunny” with the South?
  • Willow ~ Both a tree often found by ponds and lakes and a not-too-common name.
The names Magnolia, Amelia, Bella, and Lacy as examples of southern dog names beside a photo of a southern view of a pond surrounded by southern foliage

Southern boy dog names

  • Ace ~ Because he’s going to be #1 in your life.
  • Beau ~ Boyfriend, admirer.
  • Beaufort ~ Charming puppy? How about naming him after the charming southern towns of Beaufort, North Carolina and Beaufort, South Carolina.
  • Captain ~ Because your pupper is sure to be the captain of your heart. ❤️
  • Cash ~ A unique name for a dog.
  • Catfish ~ A freshwater fish found in southern states like Alabama and Arkansas.
  • Charleston ~ Largest city in South Carolina. Charleston could be shortened to Charlie.
  • Dumplin’ ~ Inspired by the southern comfort food of the same name.
  • Elvis ~ Even if your dog “aint nothin’ but a hound dog,” you may fall in love with the name Elvis.
  • Finn ~ Or Finnegan.
  • Gator ~ Inspired by the mascot for the Florida Gators.
  • Gumbo ~ Love food-related names? Gumbo is a popular dish in New Orleans.
  • Henry ~ Or Hank, for short.
  • Jambalaya ~ Love southern food? How about Jambalaya as a puppy name? It could be shortened to ‘Laya.
  • Hank ~ Solid name for a friendly, southern dog.
  • Mater ~ Short for tomato and inspired by fried green tomatoes, a popular southern food
  • Nashville ~ Capital of the southern state of Tennessee. Nashville is known for its country music.
  • Sandy ~ Inspired by all the warm, sandy beaches on the southern coast. Nothing says southern like the beach. You might try 155+ Beat Beach Dog Names.
  • Tater ~ Is your little pupper as yummy as a fluffy, golden tater tot? Try Tater out as a name for your pupper.

Southern dog names – top picks for cuteness

Amelia Duke Peaches
Addie Elvis Pearl
Beau Georgia Sadie
Captain GumboSandy
Dallas MagnoliaTater

Enjoy naming your new puppy

Thanks for stopping by We hope our list of country, western, and southern names for dogs has helped you in your search for the perfect moniker for you pup. Most of all, we hope you have many fun adventures and joy-filled moments together.

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