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75 Dog Puns, Memes, & Doggo Lingo So Cute It’ll Make You Say “P’AWWW”

Cute dog puns? Wholesome dog puns? Clean dog memes? Doggo lingo? H*ck yeah! You’ve found the home of happy humor right here at Happy-Go-Doodle. Just like a fun-loving Goldendoodle dog, our dog quotes, punny dog quizzes, and articles are naturally derpy, comical, silly, and good-natured.

cute dog puns and Goldendoodle making a face picture

So whether you’re looking for a little cuteness overload to brighten your day or you’re searching for inspiration for your own dog’s Instagram page or doggie photo caption, we’ve written a “mutt-iculous” list of puns, captions, and cute sayings that’ll make you say “p’awww.”

And at the end of this article, you’ll find more of what you’re searching for: lists of doggo lingo and some inspiration to help you come up with the perfect punny message or add more smiles to your day.

Why so much dog pun and comedy cuteness?

Well, I was thinking back to a time when pups and puns or canines and comedy didn’t go together. All joking aside, I couldn’t “retriever” one time from my memory. I think you could say that our dogs are the “Carol Burnett Scarlett O’Hara curtain dress comedy scene” of our time. Dogs (and all the wholesome camaraderie that they inspire through doggy memes, Instagram posts, and photo captions) are ridiculously silly, good-natured, and wholesome happiness…and they are deeply woven into the “fur-abric” of our dog-loving lives.

So, without further “a-doodle”…

…here’s our latest mixture of cute dog puns, clever dog sayings, doggo lingo, and funny dog memes for dog lovers. Some are written from Happy-Go-Doodle Chloe’s point of view (doggo lingo) and some from her hooman’s pov. (Let’s coin a new phrase: “doggo mommo lingo.”) And, for even more dog wordplay, check out our companion article: The Ulti-mutt List of Dog Puns to Make You Smile (or Grrroan).

75 dog puns, memes, dog captions, and doggo lingo to make you say “P’awwww

Happy-Go-Doodle’s derpiest list of dog puns, phrases, and sayings so cute that they’ll make you say “pawww

Goldendoodle dog making funny face, photo


cute dog meme and Goldendoodle dog's funny face

1 Doggo Lingo: I binge-watched every episode of The Office. I just couldn’t get enough of that Jim HOWLpert.

2. Doggo Mommo Lingo: I’d rather stay home with my dog and watch The Office. Our favorite character’s Jim HOWL-pert.

dog pun meme and Goldendoodle in Hawaiian shirt

3. Doggo Lingo: Where’s my limo? I’m ready for Bachelor in “PAW-idise.”

4. Doggo Mommo Lingo: (What I say) “I have plans.” (What I mean) “My doggo and I are kicking back and watching Bachelor in Paw-idise.”

5. Doggo Lingo: Mom took me to the groomer. Now I wish I could go “Back to the FURture.”

6. Doggo Mommo Lingo: My dog’s summer cut is so cute, but sometimes wish we could go “Back to the Fur-ture.” 

dog pun meme and Goldendoodle puppy face

7. Doggo Mommo Lingo: The fur is strong with this one. HAIR WARS: Is there a New Hope?

8. Here’s one for the little hoomans: My miniature poodle’s favorite Disney book? TOY Story, of course.


9. Doggo Lingo: I pawmise that I didn’t eat the homework. But I might have “terriered” it up a little.

10. Doggo Mommo Lingo: My Scottie ate the homework. So I consoled her and said, “Don’t terrier-self up about it.”

11. Doggo Lingo: I love school. My favorite subject is Intro to LICKerature.

12. Doggo Mommo Lingo: My dog is a pawsome student. She’s getting straight As in Intro to Lick-erature.


dog pun meme and Goldendoodle's muddy face

13. Doggo Lingo: MOtivation? I thought you said, “MUDivation.” So I digged some up for you.


cute dog meme and dog in bathtub

14. Doggo Lingo: Rub-a-dub-dub! Wish I was outta this tub!

15. Doggo Mommo Lingo: My dog is my inspiration. She’s always reminding that anything’s “paw-ssible.”

cute dog meme and dog with a gnome picture

16. Doggo Lingo: TO G’NOME is to G’LOVEME.

CAN’T COPE? We gotcha covered…

cute dog meme and Goldendoodle lying on yoga mat with toy picture

17. Doggo Lingo: Some days are downward doggy days…and some days I just want to hug my toy ducky.

And a mega-list of short dog captions…

Are you smiling yet? Check out the list of 32 short dog captions below or see our list of smiling dog memes.

1. Happy Bark Day! 17. Havin’ a ball
2. World’s Best Fur-end18. Happy dog-loving fall, ya’ll.
3. cutie. sweetie. bestie.19. Happiness is…(pawprints)
4. Happy Gotcha-cha-cha Day
20. Sloppy kiss. Wet nose.
All smiles.
5. Best. Dog. Ever. 21. Who’s pawsome? You’s pawsome!
6. Ready. Set. Snuggle.22. Just me and my shadow.
7. Cute Zoomie Zone 23. Whaaaaat’s up, pup!
8. Just add (pawprints) 24. Fluff ‘n’ Good Stuff
9. Pawty Dawg25. Every day is FriYAY with a dog.
10. Couldn’t be cuter26. Dogs are my Monday Muttivation
11. Home. Furry. Home. 27. Sun’s Out Tongue’s Out
12. Don’t stop retrieving.28. Proud to be the Crazy Dog Lady
13. 99% Lovey 1% Zoomie29. Dog Mom Nation (group caption)
14. Dog. Sweet. Dog.30. Have treats. Will play.
15. Dog love is fur real.31. Coffee. Canine. Cuddles.
16. Happy Trails = Happy Tails32. Eat. Sleep. Zoomie. Repeat.

Tips for creating cute dog puns, wordplay, and sayings

Whether you’re writing a caption for Instagram, creating a clever card for a birthday, or you just want to tickle the funny bones of your friends and family, you can whip up fun dog puns, cute dog sayings, and clever canine quips of your own! Here are a few tips:

With a creative twist, these familiar dog words are the foundation for your puppy puns, photo captions, or quips…

Bark Mutt
Dog Pooch 
Fetch Pup

2. ADD a list of words with double meanings

Then create a list of dog-related words that have double meanings (i.e.hound, stick) and a list of words that sound the same but have different meanings (i.e. tail and tale).

Here’s our list of words related to dogs to help you get started building your list.

1. hound (dog)hound (bother)
2. stick (twig)stick (persistent)
3. ball (toy)ball (dance) have a ball (enjoy oneself)
4. ruff (dog sound)rough (difficult)
5. bark (dog sound) bark (tree bark)
6. tail tale
7. pawpa 
8. noseknows
9. earhear, here
10. woof roof
11. leashlease

3. HAVE FUN! Let the words roll off your tongue like your dog rolls around on that stinky worm she found in the yard…

Finally, have some punny fun mixing up dog-related words with other words to create your own doggo lingo. Here is our list of favorite dog pun words remixed. And remember, just like great comedy shows, comedic timing is everything.

The ordinary word…Transformed to doggo lingo!
2. Applause…Ap-paws
3.Awesome …Pawsome
8. For…  Fur  
9.For sure…Fur sure
10. Groan… Grrroan
11.Heck, yeah…Paw, yeah or “H*ck, yeah
12. Lease… Leash
13. Matter…Mutter
14. Mutter…MUTTer
15. Office… Paw-ffice
16. Paparazzi…Puperazzi
17. Party…Pawty
18. Pause… Paws 
19. Perfect…Pawfect
20. Possible… Pawsible
21. Roof… Woof
22. Rough…Ruff
23. Spectacular…Pup-tacular
24. AdorableA-dog-able
25. Ultimate…Ulti-mutt
26. Very… Furry

Happy-Go-Doodle Chloe and I hope that our funny doggo lingo, cute dog memes, and caption writing tips have brought a smile or helped you out in some way. And if not, at least it didn’t cost you a small fur-tune.

Finally, we’re so glad we had this time together. But we couldn’t say, “furwell” without leaving you with one more dog meme.

dog pun meme and Goldendoodle dog's face

May the fur be with you, my young paw-diwan.

What pun have you heard your dog mutter?

We’d love to hear. Please comment below.

And if you haven’t ever heard your dog mutter, ask him to please “speak” up! 😉

Linda Hurst

Sunday 28th of April 2019

It’s “Scot” to be pure love that you do this! Charlie (the Scottish Terrier) Hurst!


Wednesday 1st of May 2019

:) P'awwww, that's punny! Thanks, Charlie and Linda! We so pup-preciate you two stopping by and sharing a laugh and a woof with us! Doodle kisses and tail wags!

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