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Cute Goldendoodle: 🐕‍🦺 Why Are They So Adorable?

Oh my Goldendoodle! Goldendoodles are cute. Adorably cute. Teddy bear cute. Hug the stuffin’ out of them cute. But what’s underneath that cute wrapping that makes Goldendoodles just as adorable on the inside as they are on the outside?

As a self-professed Goldendoodle crazy mom of a red Goldendoodle, aunt to two Goldendoodles, and research hound, I’ve gained my fair share of knowledge about Goldendoodles. Now, it’s time to get into the nitty-gritty on what makes them so cute. My Doodle dog and I tracked down what science has to say about cuteness. Then we decided to spill the tea on seven unique qualities that make Goldendoodles such cutie pies.

Cute Goldendoodle dog that's cream-colored sitting in chair, photo

What does a Goldendoodle look like?

First, let’s dive into a little background on Goldendoodles and what they look like. Since the Goldendoodle is a mixed breed—a cross between a Golden Retriever and a Poodle—they sport a variety of looks. Unlike purebred dogs, Goldendoodles vary widely in appearance, size, color, and even coat type.

For example, Star, the F1, cream Goldendoodle in the photo above, has a creamy coat with so many curls she could be mistaken her for Mary’s little lamb. However, her half sister, Ruby, also an F1 Goldendoodle, has the wispy red hair more like that of a quick red fox. (For a photo of Ruby, check out my article on luscious Goldendoodle eyelashes. BTW…even Goldendoodle eyelashes can vary in appearance from super long to short and perky!)

In addition to coat type, the Goldendoodle varies in size too. As a rule of thumb, the standard Goldendoodle can weigh up to 80 pounds, a medium Goldendoodle is around 40 pounds, and a miniature Goldendoodle weighs 35 pounds or less. Again, since this is a mixed breed dog, size can vary greatly.

Once you’ve gotten to know the look of a Goldendoodle, you can usually start to pick one out of any pack. In fact, many Doodle moms will lovingly point to their own funny Goldendoodle in a group of dogs and say that their Dood is the “goofy” one.

You may also be interested to know that the AKC doesn’t recognize the Goldendoodle as a true dog breed. (BTW…if you’re searching for a Goldendoodle puppy and the breeder tells you the puppy is AKC registered, run don’t walk away from that situation. Scammers exist and “AKC registered” is a tip-off that the person is not reputable.)

What makes a Goldendoodle cute? The science behind cuteness

Now that we know what a Goldendoodle is, let’s uncover why Goldendoodles are so stinkin’ cute. It starts with that ragamuffin face that peers at you from the bedroom with that adorable tilt of the head that gives you the warm fuzzies…

Cute Goldendoodle lying on bed, photo

Then there’s their floppy bodies that sit so humanlike the people at drive-thru windows mistake your dog for kid. (Yes, it’s happened!)

So, this got me thinking, what’s the science behind cuteness? What is it about these teddy bear dogs?

While I’ve not found any studies done specifically on Goldendoodles, experts have hypothesized why dogs are so cute.

According to a Psychology Today article on the importance of cuteness in the human-animal bond, “Cuteness was more important than any of the dog personality traits for three of the seven dimensions of dog owner attachment.” In other words, when it comes to feeling connected to our furry friends, cuteness is at least as important as temperament.

Researchers call this “The Canine Cuteness Effect” and explain it as, “…the tendency for modern dog owners to report stronger relationships with dogs they perceive to be cute.”

Secondly, there’s been a growing trend or affinity toward cute things in general. In fact, you’ve probably heard of “Kawaii,” which basically translates into “cuteness” or “able to be loved,” and is used to describe anything that stirs feelings of love. Said another way, it’s anything that gives use the warm fuzzies. Goldendoodles definitely have kawaii!

“Kawaii” is Japanese for “cute.”

So, that means cute is on the rise? Yes. According to a recent article from Psychology Today titled, “Why You Need More Cuteness in Your Life, our love for cute things is growing. “Kawaii” is going mainstream.

Third, there’s been research done to determine what makes something cute. A study on cuteness found in Frontiers in Science dives deep into the science behind cuteness. In short, cute features are based on the shape of a baby’s face and includes these factors:

  • Large head
  • Large eyes
  • Small nose
  • Mouth and facial features low on head
  • Round head

So I compared these traits with a Goldendoodle. Yes, in my opinion, Goldendoodles tip the cuteness scale! In fact, the Goldendoodle teddy bear cut, a popular grooming style, includes some of these features.

Cream colored Goldendoodle giving he side eye, photo

So, the facts tell us there’s science to cuteness. But, there’s still more to this story. Like Chloe digging a hole in the yard, I dug deeper. That’s when I found this article from Frontiers in Science on cuteness that describes cuteness as more than a physical response, but also as a state of being…moved, touched, heartwarmed.

Ba-da-Doggo! That’s it!

Goldendoodle cuteness is not just a physical response to appearance—it’s a state of being…happy, connected, loved.

A state of being happy, connected, loved, valued, appreciated. Goldendoodle cuteness is that feeling you get when you’re together with your Doodle by your side.

With all the science, facts, and fun about cuteness in mind, here are seven surprising things you may not know about the cute Goldendoodle. This list includes both the Goldendoodle’s physical appearance and the emotional connection we feel with a dog by our side. Through both, we can find our happy place—our state of being happy…being connected…being loved. And giving love and care in return.

1. Goldendoodles look cute in all sorts of colors.

You’ve probably seen cute Goldendoodles sporting cream or champagne coat colors, but did you know that this hybrid breed dog varies in color from light cream to charcoal black?

The Goldendoodles’ cute, colorful coats come from the wide variety of colors in their Poodle heritage, and to a lesser extent, from their Golden Retriever heritage. According to the AKC, the purebred Poodle sports coat colors of black, chocolate, red, apricot, cream, and parti colors. The purebred Golden Retriever sports lighter colors of red, apricot, and cream. Therefore, the Goldendoodle coat may be almost any shade including:

So what does color have to do with cuteness? In my opinion, the saying “variety is the spice of life” explains the cute factor when it comes to coat color. Seeing Doodles in every shade of happy is adorable.

2. Goldendoodles sport cute coats.

Curly coat. Straight coat. Even a mix of both. The coat is part of what gives these happy dogs a ragmuffin look that’s cute.

Goldendoodle coat types range from straight to loose wavy to wavy to curly. All this variety gives Goldendoodles the added surprise of watching their coats change as they grow.

As puppies, the coat tends to have a straighter look, but as the Goldendoodle matures, some Doodles will have curls that start to “pop” up. Over time, the puppy coat will change over to the adult coat.

If you’re considering adding a Goldendoodle to your pack and you have your heart set on a straight coat or a curly coat specifically, then the Goldendoodle may not be the breed for you. However, if you’re weighing the Goldendoodle pros and cons and the excitement of watching your puppy’s coat change sounds exciting, then you may have found the dog that fits your family.

3. Goldendoodle therapy dogs are heartwarming cuteness.

Next, the state of being in service to others adds another “awww” factor to our Goldendoodle family members. Goldendoodles are growing in popularity as working dogs including therapy dogs and service dogs. In fact, the other popular Doodle dog, the Labradoodle, was first bred out of the need for an allergy-friendly service dog. Now, Goldendoodles are:

  • Visiting schools and lending a fluffy ear for children’s reading programs.
  • Providing comfort at hospitals and care facilities.
  • Offering companionship for seniors and elderly.

This kind of service-based cuteness is heartwarming.

4. The Goldendoodle personality…cuteness on the inside.

While physical characteristics such as a floppy body, ragamuffin good looks, and teddy bear hair makes up oodles of Doodle cuteness on the outside, you may be wondering whether the Goldendoodle has the personality to match.

Of course, we can’t generalize that all Goldendoodles are the same when it comes to temperament. But, for the most part, the Goldendoodle has personality traits that make for a loving family dog. And if given the love, positive training, time, and attention needed, they are eager to please and have a heart of gold.

Goldendoodles tend to be smart, friendly, energetic, and easily trained. As with other traits mentioned above, these personality traits are passed down from the Goldendoodle’s parent breeds—the Golden Retriever and the Poodle.

According to AKC breed standards, the Poodle tends to be highly intelligent and the Golden Retriever tends to be very friendly. Of course, this is a broad generalization.

The best way to determine your Goldendoodle’s personality is to look at the personality traits of the Goldendoodle puppy’s parents.

5. The way a Goldendoodle wants to hang with the family is cute.

Cute scene of Goldendoodle and child outside in sun, photo

Are Goldendoodles good family dogs? With the right time, attention, love, companionship, positive training, and socialization, Goldendoodles want to blend in with your family making them great family dogs.

However, as with any dog, if not given the time, socialization, and training needed, especially during puppyhood, they will naturally exhibit behaviors that are in any dog’s nature such as digging and chewing.

Also, as much as they look like teddy bears, unlike a stuffed animal, they need your time, attention, companionship, and plenty of exercise, fetch, or daily walks. In fact, because they do love their family members, Goldendoodles may suffer from separation anxiety.

That said, in my opinion, if you pour love into your Goldendoodle puppy, you’ll be rewarded with not just a good family dog, but a cherished family member.

6. Goldendoodles share a gift that is forever.

Number six on the list of cute Goldendoodle qualities, is the soft, squishy, and intangible lasting feeling you get from caring for a Goldendoodle. Whether you brush your dog’s teeth, groom your Goldendoodle, bathe your Goldendoodle, go for walks, or play endless games of fetch, all these little things are like deposits in your happiness bank.

And, if you have children, they will always remember all the times that they spent playing with and loving a Goldendoodle. It’s a gift that’s Golden.

7. Dogs make us feel happier.

Without even knowing it, these very cute Goldendoodle dogs spread happiness not only to family members, but also through the briefest encounters with others.

The server at the drive-thru who smiles at your fluffy backseat navigator. The neighbor on your street who knows your dog’s name. Goldendoodles are like a pat of warm, golden butter on toast. The love they share soaks into your life. (And, speaking of toast, don’t leave it on the counter! Goldendoodles are also notorious counter surfers!)

Finally, studies have shown that cute animal videos make us feel happier, too. In the spirit of sharing happiness, please enjoy this cute video, One Golden Doodle Day, created by a Goldendoodle mom who says her Goldendoodle is the perfect dog for her family.

Follow along for a day in the life of one very cute Goldendoodle named Star sharing a carefree day with her family…

Dogs make us feel happier.

And that’s the greatest feeling of all.

Thank you for loving dogs as much as they love us.

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Monday 14th of June 2021

Everything you stated in your article is spot on. Our 5 month old baby is adorable and checks all the other boxes. She makes me happy just thinking about her.


Tuesday 15th of June 2021

Awww...your sweet pupper sounds adorable! It makes me happy to hear you and your pup are so happy together. Enjoy every minute! Thanks for stopping by! Doodle hugs and tail wags! 🐾🐾

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