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How to Pick Out a Dog Grooming Table for Your Goldendoodle in 5 Easy Steps

How to pick the best grooming table for your Goldendoodle in 5 easy steps

With so many dog grooming tables to choose from, how do you know which one is best? And what size grooming table for your Goldendoodle is ideal?

Since Goldendoodles require a significant amount of grooming, a dog grooming table may be on your wish list. By sharing the 4-1-1 on the table that we’ve used for a few years, we hope it helps you simplify your buying decision…and saves you some time too. We’re happy you’re here 😊

Adult Goldendoodle dog standing on Flying Pig dog grooming table, photo
Oh my Goldendoodle! Grooming this girl is a smile-bringing experience

Can you buy a dog grooming table for home use?

First, you may be wondering, “Can I buy a dog grooming table for home use?” Yes, absolutely. There are a wide range of grooming tables to choose from and a broad range of prices too.

But is a grooming table really worth it?

Do you need a grooming table for your Goldendoodle?

While DIY grooming tables and workarounds like grooming your dog on the floor do get the job done, I think there are many benefits to using a professional dog grooming table.

Before getting a grooming table, I found myself lying on the floor looking up at my red Goldendoodle’s belly like a mechanic scrutinizing a car—a speedster that was ready bob and weave around every turn. Plus, by the time we were done grooming, my clothes were a magnet for Chloe’s hair. You could have mistaken me for Chewbacca.

So I gave up my fur-covered Chewbacca days and purchased a grooming table. Here are eight benefits to using a grooming table (five for your dog and three for you).

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5 ways your dog benefits from a grooming table

  1. Your dog will learn to look forward to “table time” with you. The grooming table is a signal —a behavior cue—to your Goldendoodle that it’s time for grooming.
  2. Unlike the floor, which is “the place” for so many other things like playing, your Goldendoodle will know what to expect. The table is “the spot” for tender loving grooming.
  3. A grooming table allows to you get to the nooks and crannies when you’re brushing your dog. The belly and other hard-to-reach areas can get missed if you’re working on the floor.
  4. With a sturdy grooming table, your dog will feel comfortable and secure standing on it. Goldendoodles require consistent grooming—some will need more grooming than others based on the hair type. Your Goldendoodle will thank you for giving them a non-slip, stable surface where they are comfy.
  5. You’re setting your dog up for success by making the experience positive!
Happy, medium Goldendoodle dog lying on a Flying Pig brand grooming table, photo
Just chilling

3 ways you benefit from a grooming table

  1. First, your back and shoulders will thank you! Working at grooming table height means no more bending over. With the amount of brushing and trimming Goldendoodles require, you need to take care of your body too.
  2. The mess is contained. I use cornstarch for matted dog hair. It’s a hack that works wonders, but the cornstarch is messy. With a grooming table, grooming products like cornstarch are more contained to the tabletop. Plus, there’s enough space to keep my trusty brush—the best brush for Goldendoodle grooming, in my opinion—handy.
  3. Here’s the big one: When you are more comfortable and you have the right tools for grooming, your dog will be more comfortable too. That means you’ll both get more enjoyment out of the time you spend together at the grooming table. In fact, I think the bonding that happens when you groom your dog yourself is one of the best kept secrets about DIY grooming. Some dog moms have mentioned grooming their dogs is therapeutic. It’s the “ahhh” in a dog spa day.

As an aside, if you’d like to put more “ahhh” in your Goldendoodle’s spa day, please check out our other stories on Goldendoodle grooming. Watch our video and get tips from a third-generation professional groomer who explains how to trim a Goldendoodle’s face or check our our ultimate guide: Goldendoodle Grooming 101. If you’re just beginning your Goldendoodle adventures with a new puppy, our Goldendoodle puppy supply list is for you.

How to choose the best grooming table

Next, how do you choose which table is best for your dog? Here are my five tips for choosing the best grooming table that works for you.

1. Determine what size grooming table you’ll need for your Goldendoodle.

To determine what size grooming table you’ll need for your Goldendoodle, start by knowing the size and weight of your dog.

You’ll want to choose a table that is several inches longer than the length your dog so you have room to work and so your dog is comfortable.

Also, grooming tables have a weight capacity. If you’re buying one online, this information is usually in the product description. Especially if you have a large Goldendoodle, you’ll want to find out the weight capacity of the table.

As a reference, the image below shows how Chloe’s length compares to the size of our foldable grooming table. The grooming table measures 44″ long x 24″ wide.

Chloe, a medium Goldendoodle, weighs just over 40 pounds. She is about 34″ long from the tip of her nose to her tail base (not the tip of her tail). She fits comfortably on the grooming table.

Adult Goldendoodle standing on grooming table with measurements of the size of a grooming table for a Goldendoodle and showing dog's length (34") and table length (24"), photo

2. Consider whether you want a foldable table or an electronic-lift table.

I mentioned above that Chloe was standing on a foldable grooming table. However, there are other types of tables. Determining which type of grooming table fits your needs will cut your decision making in half.

If you’re grooming your Goldendoodle at home, you may want a foldable table that can be tucked away or stored.

If you have a very large Goldendoodle, you may want to consider an electronic-lift grooming table, which is a table that raises and lowers. Some tables lower down to less than 12 inches, which is an easy step up for a large dog.

2. Determine your budget.

If budget is no factor, there are professional grooming tables (such as electric-lift or hydraulic tables) that run into the thousands of dollars. But fear not! If budget is a factor, you can find high-quality grooming tables (like one in the photos) for under $200.

Medium Goldendoodle dog standing on a dog grooming table, photo
Chloe with her “Where’s my treat?” face!

3. Check for safety features.

Next, the devil is in the details. Does the grooming table have rounded corners (won’t catch your shirt when you’re leaning over the table), a non-slip top (for you dog’s safety), and rubber feet (keeps the table from sliding)? Is it stable? What’s the weight capacity? What material is it made from?

Check the product features for your dog’s safety. Also, since we’re talking safety, please remember the following…

It is critical that you NEVER leave your Goldendoodle standing on the grooming table when attached to a grooming arm. Not even for a split second.

5. Consider the size of the room where you’ll be grooming your dog.

Most professional groomers have large rooms and ample space for grooming tools. However, as a dog mom, you may be working in your kitchen, your office, or your utility room where space is limited.

Before you make your purchase, consider where you’ll be grooming your Goldendoodle and whether you have ample space for you, your table, and your dog. As an aside, no matter what space you choose, there will be hair!

Embrace it and turn it into a heart ❤️ for a little clean-up fun.

Flying Pig grooming table with grooming arm raised and a pile of Goldendoodle hair clippings in a heart shape, photo

The dog grooming table that my dog and I ❤️…

So what grooming table have we been using for the past few years and love? The Flying Pig heavy-duty stainless steel grooming table has been a solid addition to our at-home grooming supply list. (And the brand name “Flying Pig” is smile-worthy. 😊)

Our take on the Flying Pig Bone-Shaped Grooming Table: Four paws up from Chloe! 🐾🐾

What we like about the Flying Pig Grooming Table: It’s heavy-duty, the top is easy to wipe down, it’s a clever design (can’t help but like the bone-shaped tabletop), folds for storage, has a non-slip rubber tabletop, includes an adjustable and foldable arm, has non-slip feet, and doesn’t wobble.

Weighing about 41 pounds, this grooming table is sturdy and solid, but I can still easily pick it up.

This particular table is available in three sizes. In the picture below (and in all the photos in this article), Chloe is sitting on the large Flying Pig heavy-duty grooming table.

Groomed Goldendoodle dog sitting on a bone-shaped grooming table, photo
Chloe, a medium Goldendoodle, fits comfortably on the large Flying Pig grooming table

Are there any cons? As much as we love the bone-shaped design, it does mean there is a little less work surface.

Give your dog time to get used to the table

Once you get your new grooming table, it may be tempting to jump in and get started. However, your sweet pupper will appreciate having some time to check out this new piece of equipment!

Please allow your dog ample time to warm up to the grooming table on his or her own terms.

Set your dog up for happier grooming

Set the grooming table (folded) on the floor for a few days so your dog can approach it and sniff it on his or her own time. Then set it up in the area where you’ll be grooming. Keep every interaction super positive for your dog.

Giving plenty of praise and a few treats will help make the transition to the new table “pawsitive!”

Plan B: The DIY grooming table

If you’re not sure about purchasing a dog grooming table for your Goldendoodle, you may be wondering if you can make a DIY grooming table.

If you go this route, stability and a non-slip surface are the two most critical elements for a DIY grooming table, in my opinion. The last thing you want is for the table legs to collapse under the weight of your dog and for your dog to get hurt or scared.

Next, make sure the surface your dog will be standing on is non-slip. A slippery surface is an accident waiting to happen.

If you’re making a DIY table, one solution is to lay a yoga mat on top of a surface so that it is slip resistant and your dog can gain traction through the toenails.

Fluffy adult Goldendoodle dog sitting pretty in a chair after grooming, photo
All smiles and sitting pretty after brushing and grooming

Wishing you many hours of happy grooming!

Which ever dog grooming table you choose, we hope that you and your sweet Dood have a tail-wagging good time at the grooming table! Thank you for taking valuable time out of your day to learn more about grooming tables for your Goldendoodle.

Doodle hugs and happiness to you!

Do you groom your dog at home?

Do you have a grooming table? Favorite grooming tools? We’d love to hear. Please comment below.

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