Dog Mom Life During a Pandemic: How Dogs Bring Love & Contentment

How Dogs Bring Love During Corona: One Dog Mom’s Day in the Life

Goldendoodle dog lying beside a container of Clorox wipes, a symbol of the COVID-19 pandemic. photo

As I stood in the downstairs of our home holding a bunch of bananas in my latex-gloved hand, I debated whether I needed to give them a once over with the Clorox wipe. My daily routines had certainly changed over the last eight weeks. With little things like banana baths, homemade protective face masks, and DIY dog grooming on my mind, I felt compelled to capture a few of these new daily life norms as sort of a blogging time capsule or snapshot of dog mom life during corona.

 So, with Happy-Go-Doodle Chloe warming my toes, I tap out this pandemic life blog post on my laptop. Thankfully, our dogs are living every new routine right along beside us.

By the way, thank you for stopping by. It means a lot to have you here.

  • Firstly, I hope you’re finding dog-loving smiles and companionship during this time.
  • Secondly, a special shout-out to all of the healthcare providers, first responders, essential workers, veterinarians, and all those who are sacrificing so much to help others. You’re our heroes.
  • Thirdly, this post diverges from the usual Goldendoodle and dog topics. I hope you don’t mind. However, as always, I’ll share as much dog-loving happiness as possible.
  • Finally, for all who are reading this, how has your daily life changed since COVID? Please tell me in the comments section below.
goldendoodle and puppy licking each other's faces and acting silly. photo

New routines…

New common language, new habits, and new routines are weaving their way into the fabric of our lives. It’s yet to be seen whether some of the changes will be a permanent part of our future. But we’re adapting to a new life that’s strikingly different from the one we were living in B.C. (Before Corona) times.  I’ve attempted to capture my own “day in the life of a dog mom” through the pictures and schedule below. It’s not exactly a 24-hour snapshot, but a composite of our weekly “new normals.” Maybe you will identify with some of them?

My dog mom life during the pandemic…

8:00 a.m. Home Sweet (sanitized) Home

Goldendoodle dog's face and containers of antibacterial products in the background as part of a dog mom's quarantine life. photo

If our family could invite you over during quarantine and social distancing, Home Sweet (& Sanitized) Home might be the sign you’d find on the welcome mat. The pups would greet you with some antibacterial soap for your hands and your shoes would go into “shoe timeout” at the door’s entryway ready for a spray of Lysol.

lysol, clorox wipes, and almost empty germ-x containers as part of a dog mom's quarantine life. photo

We have a menagerie of our own shoes lying in one spot by the door because the experts have estimated that the COVID-19 virus can “live” on the soles of our shoes for a fair amount of time.

What’s the pupside of this new norm? I imagine that we’ve saved a few of our shoes that normally would have been lying around the house from getting a little TLC from the dogs…tender loving chewing.

Labrador Retriever puppy chewing on a shoe in house. photo.

9:00 a.m.  Attend online church

The advantage of attending church via the Internet is that, if you’re late, no one sees you slinking your way to an empty pew. Online church time is flexible…we press play when we’re ready.

But, for dog lovers like me, there’s an even bigger pupside: Chloe, our Goldendoodle, sits beside us on the couch. Little Bear, the Labrador, lies by our feet. We sip coffee and listen to the service given by the minister who is also sitting in his home. His dog sneaks into the camera view every once in a while. I love seeing humans and their dogs together.

sidewalk chalk heart that looks like stained galss and red goldendoodle dog sitting on sidewalk with word joy. photo.

Who knows. Maybe dog-friendly services could become part of our “post-pandemic” tradition.  

11:00 a.m. Give groceries a “sponge bath”

Pandemic life has ushered in new grocery shopping routines too. Rather than going to the grocery store during shortened hours, we’ve opted to buy groceries online.

daily life example - empty shelves at a grocery store during the coronavirus pandemic. photo.

Honestly, I don’t know why we didn’t start this routine sooner. While it takes pre-planning—at first, the drive-thru pick-up time slots were booked a week in advance—it’s convenient to shop online from the couch and drive-through to pick up our purchases. Our Goldendoodle rides along with us to the store.

Once home, I give each of the grocery items a “sponge bath” using Lysol wipes in place of a sponge. (Chloe heads upstairs…too many yummy temptations.) Dry goods and canned goods get dropped in plastic tubs for a few days before they are allowed upstairs. Anything in boxes, plastic, or metal gets the “sponge bath.”

But bananas…to bathe or not to bathe the banana, that is the question.

Are you wondering why I’m giving our groceries a sponge bath? I read in the news that one of the top medical guys wipes down his groceries. I guess I’m one overly protective mom when it comes to the safety of my family.

1:00 p.m. Go directly to…mail jail.  

I first heard the term “mail jail” from my brother. It was definitely not part of our pre-COVID language. Our postal mail and Amazon deliveries go directly to “mail jail” now. They do not pass “Go.” They do not collect on my kitchen counter anymore!

Packages and envelopes sit in “mail jail”—a temporary holding spot in our downstairs. A few lucky suckers get a “get out of jail early” pass if the contents look urgent…I swipe ‘em down with the Clorox wipes.  

2:00 – 2:15 p.m.  Time for a “pup” break

Have you noticed more puppies gracing your Facebook or Instagram feeds? There’s been a Puppy Boom during quarantine! Dogs are being adopted or fostered faster than you can say “coronavirus.” While I’m trying with all my heart not to scratch my itch to get a puppy, I do take periodic puppy breaks and scroll through social media to look at all the adorable dogs who are absolutely loving all the time with their pack. Mine included.

red F1B goldendoodle's face lying on bed. photo.
labrador retriever puppy making a silly face. photo.

4:00 Online exercise course, of course!

Are you taking an online course? Who knew I would EVER take an online Pilates class! When pandemic life began, my daughter whose college classes were moved online for the semester (yes, another pandemic life change), needed some at-home energy burns. We downloaded our first Pilates online course together.

Often, Chloe claims my pilates mat first.

Medium-sized Goldendoodle dog lying on a yoga mat. photo.

My upper arms haven’t had that kind of work out since I hoisted my toddlers onto one hip and a sack of groceries on the other.

6:00 p.m. Winner, winner chicken dinner

Exit eating out. Enter eating in. Back in the B.C. days, our family could whip into a Raising Cane’s parking spot faster than you could say “winner, winner chicken dinner.” Eating out was soooo convenient.

Now, we’ve dusted off the crockpot, turned on the stovetop, and cooked at home for more consecutive days than I can remember. Chloe’s counter surfing opportunities have definitely been on the incline!

Meals are dependent on what supply chain shortages we’ve encountered for the week. I’m grateful to my husband who plans the meals, fires up the grill, and is the head chef and I’m the chief dishwasher. (Although Chloe and Little Bear would like to claim that duty.)

And I’m grateful to my daughter who has been searching the internet for baking ideas. She definitely has a  “life gives you lemons, we’ll make those lemon bars” attitude.

7:00 p.m. DIY dog mom life

While I’ve always been a DIY dog mom, corona has flexed my do-it-yourself muscle. I guess in the B.C. days, there wasn’t a sense of urgency.  Or maybe it’s that old phrase, “necessity is the mother of invention.” I’ve been searching Google for homemade dog treat recipes, DIY dog toys, and how to get a mat out of my Goldendoodle’s hair using cornstarch. (Come back soon for a future blog post on the latter!)

wet Goldendoodle dog and Goldendoodle dog with a yellow striped towel on her head as example of a  part of a dog mom's day.  photo.

Whether I’m brushing Chloe’s teeth, giving her a bath, or grooming her coat, there is something about caring for this sweet soul who follows me into the bathroom, sleeps by my feet, and waits patiently by my office chair every single pandemic workday.

Red Goldendoodle dog lying on dog bed waiting for dog mom to finish working at home. photo.

Some might say our dogs are our therapy. I’d add comic relief, navigator, listener, bestie…the list could go on.

8:00 p.m.  You’re our American Idols

Evenings are for backyard fetch. (Chloe’s favorite.)


Then, as trivial as it may seem in the big scope of the “C” season, it’s little escapes like catching a TV show you thought would be canceled. Kudos to the people at ABC who took an “on with the show attitude” by filming American Idol in the contestants’ and judges’ living rooms instead of canceling the season. Be it sporting events, television shows, or concerts, it’s all part of the fabric of America. We miss it.

9:00 Puppy snuggles

One thing that hasn’t changed during quarantine life? Puppy snuggles 24/7. Chloe, my sidekick, snuggles close to me, peeks in on me while I work, sits under our dinner table, sleeps by my feet each night. Her smiles, snuggles, comical antics, are unwavering. She’s my sweet soul and constant companion.

close up of red goldendoodle dog's face looking sweet. photo.

Dog mom life during corona

Our beloved dogs make the good times even better and the hard times bearable. I’m so thankful to have Chloe and Little Bear in my life.

smiley faced medium sized goldendoodle and white labrador puppy acting silly. photoi

Thank you for taking time from your day to share a moment here with us. We’re sending doodle kisses and tail wags to you and your family—including your furry family members. Whatever your new norm looks like, we hope that the love of a dog makes each moment happier.

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How has your life changed during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Please comment below with how your daily routine has changed. Whatever that moment is, please share it as part of our “blogging during COVID time capsule.”

3 thoughts on “Dog Mom Life During a Pandemic: How Dogs Bring Love & Contentment

  1. Cute, cute, cute! I think Little Bear is learning from his cousin!!!! One question, are you co-parenting Little Bear…..hmmmmmmm, are you? He looks mighty at home at Chloe’s house!! They are so cute together! Really enjoyed!

    1. Thank you so much! And you are soooo observant! The answer to your question would be, “it depends on who you ask!” LOL! We love having that loveable Little Bear around. Thanks so much for stopping by! Doodle hugs to you and your pack! Miss you!

  2. Love your play on B.C. Very clever:) Glad to see you, Chloe, and Little Bear filling your days with such joy, wiped clean of course with those wipes! We’ve been using a spray bottle of bleach water to clean high traffic areas.A lot! So I get your banana dilemma.

    Our big change has been our walking routine. When we ventured onto paved walking paths & hiking trails, we ran into people who didn’t want to socially distance. We’ve decided to play it safe, get up super early, and stick to this big park that has plenty of ways to walk around people.

    Hope you keep enjoying your online Pilates! Doodle hugs and kisses!
    Irene, Bernie, and Lizzie

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