Dog Photo Contest to Kick Off the 2018 School Year!

A Dog Photo Contest to Kick Off the 2018 School Year!

Collage of red goldendoodle dog with school backpack and title Dogs Love u Dog Photo Contest

Join in our second annual Dogs Love U class of 2018 photo contest with a Dogs Love U Long-Sleeve T-Shirt and Dogs Love U Baseball Cap as the prize!

dog photo contest prize winner will receive grey hat and blue long-sleeve t-shirt that says Dogs Love U and words 18+ and US only

Update: Our 2018 Dogs Love U photo contest has ended. However, you can see all the adorable dogs who entered here:

Meet These Very Cute Dogs: Photo Contest Winners Announced

Who will be part of the DOGS LOVE U class of 2018? Which cute pups photos will be part of the DOGS LOVE U class photo? We’d love to have you! Enter your dog’s photo in our second annual dog photo contest for your chance to win!

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What is Dogs Love U?

If you’re visiting Happy-Go-Doodle for the first time, welcome! We’re happy you’re here! Dogs Love U is Happy-Go-Doodle Chloe’s fictitious university for dogs, our collegiate-themed blogging series, and Chloe’s mantra. Our dogs are family and they will miss their hooman siblings who are heading back to school or off to college. But send-offs deserve a special reminder from our furry friends: Dogs Love U and they have since furever!

We had so many dogs and their pawrents visit our blog and enter our 2017 DOGS LOVE U photo contest last year that we decided to “keep the tails wagging” and make our DOGS LOVE U blog series and photo contest an annual event. It’s a lighthearted way to celebrate our doggos who may be missing their human siblings as they’re heading back to school!

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Why are you having a dog photo contest?

Happy-Go-Doodle Chloe’s always sniffing out new adventures and looking for more ways to bring more smiles to your day. A photo contest is a fun way to bring together many of the dogs who love us so much! It’s like being part of the  Dogs Love U class of 2018 school photo.

collage of dogs and title dog photo contest and subtitle Happy-Go-Doodle's Second Annual and website

How do I enter?

Email one photo that you have taken of your dog(s) to Please include your dog’s first name and a short description of what you think his or her favorite subject would be at dog school.

What are the dates of the photo contest?

The contest begins now and ends at 11:59 pm CT on September 16, 2018. There’s no purchase necessary.

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Where may my photo appear?  

By entering, you agree that we can post your photo on Happy-Go-Doodle’s blog, social media accounts, and along with any news or promotion about the contest. By entering, you are giving us permission to use your photo both now and in the future.

How will the winner be chosen?  

Photos will be judged by our judges based on the following:

  1. smile-o-meter (brings a smile to the judges’ faces)
  2. connects with the Dogs Love U school or collegiate theme
  3. follows the contest rules
  4. reflects your dog’s natural personality (no photoshopping or adding graphic elements to photos)
  5. photo color, quality, family-friendliness* and clarity.

What’s the subject matter of the photo?

Your photo should feature a smile-bringing pic of your dog(s) and relate to the DOGS LOVE U school theme!

goldendoodle dog with head resting on backpack and title photo contest and logo dogs love u and website

Who can participate? 

The contest is open to US residents only, ages 18 and over. One submission per household. The photo must be yours. Family members of Happy-Go-Doodle are not eligible to win the prize.

How will the winner be announced?

The prize winner and runners-up will be announced on our blog ( during the week of September 16, 2018.

How will the winner be informed?

The one (1) prize winner will be informed via email and will have 24 hours to respond to accept the prize. The prize will be shipped to the winner via the mail. (Prize winners must provide a mailing address so that the prize can be shipped to the winner via the mail.)

What do I have a chance of winning?  

dog photo contest prize winner will receive grey hat and blue long-sleeve t-shirt that says Dogs Love U and words 18+ and US only

  • ONE (1) grand prize winner will receive one (1) Dogs Love You long-sleeved T-shirt and hat set designed by Happy-Go-Doodle Chloe’s hooman. (Long-Sleeve T-shirt sizes: small, medium, large, extra large. Hat: one size fits most.) Plus, the grand prize winning photo will be featured in a DOGS LOVE U blog post.
  • TWENTY runners-up will have their dog’s photo posted in a Dogs Love U Class of 2018 blog post on (Based on the number of entries, we reserve the right to add or subtract the final number of runners-up in the blog post.)
  • EVERYONE who enters and follows the contest rules will have his or her dog’s name included as part of the second annual official Dogs Love U Class of 2018.

What else do I need to know about the dog photo contest?

  • We’re all furry, family-friendliness here at Dogs Love U. If we were a movie we’d be G rated, so we reserve the right to expel any entries that aren’t rated G for good…or good-humored…or great fun.
  • Also, this contest is not administered by or associated with any social media used throughout the contest.

goldendoodle dog photos and title Photo Contest and logo Dogs Love U and website

Can I see the 2017 Dog’s Love U class photos? 

Sure! Check out the 2017 Dogs Love U photo contest blog post, These Dogs Love U | Dogs Love U Photo Contest Winners Announced.

Who will be the rebarkable dogs of the class of 2018 at DOGS LOVE U?

Follow along with Happy-Go-Doodle to find out!

logo for dog photo contest

Gray grid with questions marks and title "Your dog's photo could go here and subtitles rebarkable dogs

Thank you for visiting Happy-Go-Doodle and joining us on a Dogs Love U back-to-school blogging series!  If you love dogs as much as we do, you’ll enjoy these other dog stories: 

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Tail wags and doodle kisses!

22 thoughts on “Dog Photo Contest to Kick Off the 2018 School Year!

  1. WOW this sounds like so much fun thank you and am going to have to search for a photo of Layla that goes with the theme. Have a great weekend

    1. Thank you! Happy-Go-Doodle Chloe and I would love to see Layla as part of the Dogs Love U pack! We’re excited to see your photo!

  2. What a fun photo contest! I’ll have to ask my dog what his favorite subject is. Likely it has to do with snoozing or eating (he’s a senior pup).

    1. Awww…we’d love to have a “senior” at Dogs Love U! Snoozing and snacking make great activities for our loyal, loving dogs!

  3. I love the idea of entering this contest…I’m going to make a note and have a look through some photos to find a school themed one. So excited!!

    1. I look forward to seeing your dog’s photo and having your dog as part of the 2018 Dogs Love U Class of 2018!

  4. How adorable is this contest! I’m smiling just thinking about it! I will have to find a smiling photo of Ruby. I do have one where she’s sleeping on my daughter’s backpack, but she’s not smiling because I think she knew that my daughter was about to go back to school. I better get to work on this

    1. Awww…the picture of your Ruby sleeping on your daughter’s backpack sounds adorable. I’ll bet Ruby will be so happy to see your daughter when she comes home on college breaks. We’d love to have Ruby as part of the 2018 class at Dogs Love U!

  5. We remember your contest from last year! This is so much fun! We’re going to share on Twitter as well. P.s. Our mom also can’t believe it’s been such a long time since your ambassadorship. Time sure does fly. Big kisses to Chloe!

    1. Thanks! And thanks so much for helping to share the word on Twitter! We’d love to have many, many dogs join us at Dogs Love U! Yes, the summer has flown by. We’re thankful to have met your mom at BlogPaws! Doodle hugs and doodle kisses to you!

  6. It is hard to believe that it is that time of year again! This summer went too quickly. I’ll have to see if I can get a good back to school photo of my dogs.

    1. Yes, September snuck up on us too! We’d love to have your dogs join us at Dogs Love U! The last day to enter is 11:59 p.m. CT on September 16, 2018–which is coming up quickly! Tail wags and take care!

  7. Oh YAY! Happy to see Dogs Love U is back in session! We are entering your contest so we can win one of those cool shirts – Icy’s eyes look Amazing next to the color blue! I love that cute blue purse Chloe has with the little glowers on it, it’s so pretty!
    Love & Biscuits
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

    1. Thanks, Cathy! We’re happy to hear that you like the Dogs Love U shirt and cap! Thanks so much for entering our contest! Doodle hugs!

  8. You kicked off the contest with some lovely photos. We don’t have any schoolers in our house so, unfortunately, cannot participate.

    1. Thanks so much for your comment! We’re glad to hear you enjoyed our photos. Everyone is welcome to enter our Dogs Love U contest who lives in the USA, is 18 or older, follows the rules, and enters by 11:59 pm CT on September 16, 2018. The collegiate theme is for extra fun and to a way to celebrate our dogs who love us so much! Tail wags and take care!

  9. Awwww. Reese was SO excited to enter. Unfortunately, she is Canadian. Best of luck to all participants – look forward to the photos. Cute jersey!

    1. We’re so sorry that contest rules keep us from including our international friends in photo contests with a prize. We can include your dog’s name in the Dogs Love U school roster, though. Thanks so much for stopping by Happy-Go-Doodle’s Dogs Love U!

  10. How fun! Such a super idea and what a wonderful way to kick-off the school year! I will see which of my FiveSibes would love to “go to school” and what they like…I have an idea of who! Thanks for such a great fun contest! I can’t wait to see all the “class” pics!

    1. Thank you, Dorothy! We’re excited to see which of the FiveSibes is headed to school at Dogs Love U! Don’t miss out on the first day of “school!” Photo entries are due this Sunday, September 16, 2018, by 11:59 pm CT. We look forward to seeing your dog! 🙂

  11. This sounds like a wonderful contest! I can’t wait to see the Finalists pictures and the winner!

    1. Thanks! We’ll be sharing the Dogs Love U class photo andd winner in a future blog post! Look for it next week!

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