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Move Over Dog Hats: Make Way for the Dog Snood

Cute dogs wearing hats are adorable, but cute dogs wearing dog snoods? Be still my heart! ❤️ With sweater weather just around the corner, I couldn’t resist purchasing not one but two of these adorable dog-hat-meets-scarf combos.

Adult goldendoodle wearing a polar bear dog snood and peeking around a tree, photo

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Who’s in the mood for a cute dog snood?

What was it about these dog snoods that I couldn’t resist? I guess I just knew that our red Goldendoodle fur baby and Labrador Retriever would look so stinking cute in these alternatives to dog hats.

Side view of a red Goldendoodle wearing a dog snood that looks like  a fox, photo

So thanks for stopping by for all the tea on the dog snood and why this fashion accessory is so darn irresistible.

What is a snood for dogs?

A dog snood is a combination of a dog hat and neck warmer in one. It is constructed from a tube of fabric with openings at both ends, and it simply slips over your dog’s head to cover the ears and neck.

Snoods for dogs come in a variety of fabrics such as knit, fleece, and cotton.

Close-up of a yellow Labrador Retriever wearing a bear-themed snood, photo

The Zoo Snoods brand of snoods that our dogs are modeling in all of the photos in this article are of knitted material. Honestly, the cylindrical knit construction reminds me of human leg warmers—just shorter in length.

Snoods for dogs come in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes.

But it’s the addition of the knitted animal ears that puts them over the top on the cuteness meter.

This clever touch transforms your dog into an adorable fox, panda bear, frog, giraffe…the list of critters goes on.

While it was hard to choose, I purchased the fox Zoo Snoods head and neck warmer

Fluffy Goldendoodle dog wearing a Zoo Snoods head and neck warmer that looks like a fox, photo
Did you say treat? I’m all ears!

And the Zoo Snoods panda bear head and neck warmer

White dog wearing a white dog snood with polar bear ears, photo
The quintessential panda bear!

Why do dogs wear snoods?

So why do dogs wear snoods? The turtle-neck-meets-dog-hat serves several purposes including:

  • Keeping your dog warm in the fall and winter
  • Keeping your dog’s ears from dragging on the ground and getting muddy or wet when out in the elements
  • Preventing your dog’s long ears from flopping into food or water bowls.

Of course, with all the cute designs, many knit dog snoods are also an alternative to dog clothing, and they’re as much a fashion statement as a functional item.

Side view of a fox-themed Zoo Snood worn by an apricot Goldendoodle, photo

What size snood for my dog?

I debated on which size would be the best fit for both puppers. After following measuring guidelines, I decided to get a large and a medium.

If you’re thinking about sizing for your dog, it may be helpful for you to compare what I chose for my dogs with your own furry pal:

  • The white dog snood (panda bear design) is a size large
  • The red dog snood (fox design) is a medium
  • Chloe, a medium Goldendoodle, weighs 44 pounds
  • Bear, a Labrador Retriever, weighs 80 pounds.

As you can see in the photo below, the large is a more loose-fitting look on Chloe…

close-up of a red, fluffy Goldendoodle wearing a white panda bear Zoo Snood, photo
Chloe is wearing a Zoo Snoods branded snood in size large.

How to put a snood on a dog

To place the Zoo Snood over your dog’s head, here are some helpful steps:

  1. First, let your dog approach and check out the snood on their own time.
  2. Use a treat and give your dog plenty of positive praise.
  3. Scrunch up the snood and place it on the floor with a treat in the center.
  4. Then, as your dog eats the treat, slip the snood over the head and reward again with plenty of praise and another treat.

Chloe quickly became comfortable trotting around the yard in her snood! Bear, a quintessential Labrador Retriever, is highly treat-motivated and was so excited over the treat that he didn’t even notice the dog snood.

The dog snood: An easy alternative to a Halloween dog hat

With Halloween just around the corner, I decided that Chloe’s snood would be a super cute and super easy alternative to a Goldendoodle Halloween costume.

Now, my biggest decision will be whether she is a panda bear or a fox!

Red Goldendoodle with tongue out  sitting among tall grass and wearing a white dog snood, photo
Does a Bear find treats in the woods?

Fun photo captions for Instagram

Cute dogs + adorable fashion accessories = a fun fall photoshoot! I’m guessing that, if you’re like most dog lovers, you’re going to want to fill your phone with pics and share some too!

But what are some cute captions to go with all the photos?

For a little inspiration, here are a few ideas for dog-friendly Instagram captions:

For the dog sporting the foxy dog snood :

  • Fox in sox? Cute. Dog in fox hat? Priceless.
  • Sly as a fox and cute too!
  • Did you say treat? I’m all ears!
  • Who’s giving this little fox some props?

For the unbearably cute bear-themed snood for dogs:

  • A day without a dog would be unbearable!
  • Snuggle Bear
  • Beary thankful for dogs!
  • Some say, “Grin and Bear it.” We say, “Grin and Wear it!”

BTW…if you’d like to get inspired with even more dog puns, check out our “ulti-mutt” list of 50 dogs puns and word play. And, if you ready for a fun fall outing with your dog, check out our bucket list of dog-friendly fall activities.

White dog with black nose and black eyes wearing a white panda bear dog snood, photo
A day without a dog would be unbearable!
Dog's face with toothy smile and wearing a white panda bear-styled head and neck warmer, photo
We’re beary thankful for you!

Did we add a smile to your day?

We hope so! Thank you for taking valuable time out of your day to stop by and join us in creating a happy dog snood mood! We hope we’ve inspired you to celebrate cooler weather and enjoy every moment with your dog by your side.

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dog wearing knit head wear and title adorable dog snood, photo

Which is your favorite dog snood? Fox? Panda bear? Other?

Please comment below. We’d love to hear!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.