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49 Dog Valentine Puns and Sayings You’ll Go Mutts Over ❤️

Searching for a Valentine’s Day message that’s as cute, funny, or silly as your dog? Why not choose a dog Valentine pun.

Our dogs are so h*ckin cute, good-natured, and wholesome that puns just seem to fit with their tail-waggy personalities.

But thinking up the perfect pun that lets someone know you’re mutts about them, isn’t easy.

That’s why my own fluffy puppy and I put our hands and paws to the keyboard to create this ulti-mutt list of dog Valentine puns, memes, sayings, and humorous messages for you.

If want to let someone nose you love them or that they’re your fur-avorite Valentine, we’ve got you covered!

Dog's nose sticking out of a blanket and the dog valentine pun says "Do you nose I love you?"

Whether you’re making a handwritten card, writing an Instagram caption, or just wanting a little cuteness overload, we hope our list inspires you. And maybe even brings you a smile…or a grrrroan. 😉

So snuggle up with your pupper by your side and see how many of these puns you are positively mutts about.

Dog Valentine puns for both hoomans and puppers

First, we’ve organized our list into categories. You’ll find:

  • Valentine’s Day puns from the dog
  • Valentine’s Day puns for the dog
  • General Valentine’s day puns, sayings, and word play

So, let’s get the Valentine’s day pawty started with a little warm-up…

Some Valentine’s Day cards are all syrup and sappy…

But why not try these that are tail-waggy happy!

Valentine puns from the dog

WOOF you be my Valentine? Please don’t say I’m barking up the wrong tree.

You’re the fur-amily I’ve always been searching for…That’s why I’m paw-sitively mutts about you.

You’re the fur-ry best dog mom ever. My life would be ruff without you.

Cream Doodle dog lying in a cream chair with the dog valentine saying, "life would be ruff without you"

If dogs made candy hearts? Check out this post to see what they would say. 29 Funny Dog Valentines.

YAP! YAP! YAP! I YAPsolutely love you!

When things get a little HAIRIED, remember…I’m here FUR you.

I WOOF you to the moon and back, Valentine!

Let’s be Valentines fur-ever and fur-ever.

Yappy Valentine’s Day to my furry best fur-end.

If they lined up all the chew toys in the world, I’d CHEWS you, Valentine.

Valentine, I love you a lot. (And I lick you, too.)

I didn’t open my Valentine’s Day card yet. But I may have “terriered” it up a little.

Close up of a white Labrador Retriever puppy wearing a Valentine red bandana

I’ve been itching to ask you…Will you fleas be my Valentine?

Valentine, when you’re not here your pugs and kisses are what I misses.

Valentine, you are my fur-avorite pup of tea.

Happy Paw-lentine’s Day to my fur-avorite hooman.

No bones about it. On Valentine’s Day and every day, I’ll always dig you.

Wag! Wag! Wag! Valentine’s Day is the furry best day to TAIL you how much I love you.

Can I collar you my Valentine? I won’t leash you alone until I know.

If I can’t be your Valentine, I’ll be furry melon-collie.

On Valentine’s Day and every day, my tail only wags for you, my most paw-some hooman.

I woofy, woofy love you, Valentine.

You’re my bone-ified bestie. No bones about it, Valentine.

You’re my fur-avorite pup of tea. I guess you could say that you’re my sweet-tea.

I hope you nose how much I wuv you, Valentine.

Valentine puns for the dog

Next, we know it’s practically imPAWssible to come up with enough words to describe dogs that express how much we adore them. But maybe this list of Valentine’s Day puns and messages for the dog can offer some inspiration.

Labrador Retriever puppy snuggling with a dog mom and both a wearing valentine pink

For my Pupper: It’s imPAWsible to love you more, but every day I PAWsitively do. 1000 PAWcent.

With you as my Valentine pupper, I know I’ll always have a bestie for the restie.

I love you oodles and poodles.

I puppin’ love you, Pawlentine!

Hairs to you, my furry favorite Valentine!

A-paws! A-paws! On Valentine’s Day and every day, I celebrate you, my furry Valentine.

What’s a mutt-er, little pupper? I hope you know I’m yapsolutely mutts about you!

Don’t furry. I’d never fur-get to wish you a happy Valentine’s Day, my dear Doggo.

With you as my Valentine pupper, anything is paws-ible!

I love you…to inFURnity and beyond, Pupper!

Pupper, you’re not just paw-tastic…you’re also tail-riffic and fur-bulous!

X O X O X Oh my Dog! I love you.

More dog valentine puns, jokes, and riddles

Searching for more? If we were in charge of puns at the paw-ffice, Happy-Go-Doodle® would be the branch manager. So leaf it to us.

Here are even more dog puns…to bring a smile, a laugh, or a woof!

What did the dog say to the tree on Valentine’s Day? You’re reBARKable!

How did the dog seal all his Valentine’s Day cards? With a pooch smooch.

White fluffy dog wearing a Valentine red bandana

What did the dog say to the tree on Valentine’s Day? Let’s STICK together.

Why did the dog do zoomies in a circle? He wanted to give you a round of a-paws for Valentine’s Day.

What did the ornery squirrel tell the dog on Valentine’s Day? If you love me, you’re barking up the wrong tree .

What’s a dog’s favorite beverage? A PUPaccino.

Why did the dog mom order the pup-eroni pizza? She new it would stick with her through thick and thin.

You’re the ulti-mutt Valentine!

Have a H*ckin’ Happy Valentine’s Day!


We couldn’t leave without sharing a few more smiles with those of you who read to the furry end of this article…

Why did the dog go to the kitchen instead of the ocean? She was a better counter surfer! ~Happy-Go-Doodle

Some moms are fine with chocolate and wine. Dog moms prefer muddy paws and fur. ~ Happy-Go-Doodle

When you have a dog as your Valentine, you have a bestie for the restie. ~ Happy-Go-Doodle

Thanks for stopping by

My dog and I both hope that a few of these messages tickled your funny bone. Most of all, I hope that I’ve shared with you some of the love and happiness that my own dog shares with me every day.

If you’re ready to join our pack, we’d love to have you!

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Happy Pawlentine’s Day! ❤️


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