Nine Essentials for Happy Outings with Your Dog

This red goldendoodle is smiling and asking "where are we going today?" And in small types, answers "It doesn't really matter as long as we're going together." Dog is on blue background

Are you a “ready for anything” kind of dog mom? 

Here are nine essentials for quick trips out and about with your dog

As a mom, I’m pretty sure my kids were well into their teens before I  stopped carrying a granola bar and a Band-Aid in my purse. As a dog mom, searching my pockets or purse will turn up a poop sack and a dog treat or two. The items may have changed (in my journey from parenthood to doodlehood), but the mom skills are still as much a part of me as fetch is to a ball dog.

However, having the treats AND the poop sack AND the water bottle (etc.) handy before heading out the door…that was the trick I needed to brush up on. I decided it was time to train myself and get organized, so that Happy-Go-Doodle Chloe and I could grab and go have fun! 

Dog's paws beside essentials for quick outings with your pet including: bandana, water container, dog water bowl, cell phone, leash, and dog waste bags
Short walks or coffee shop stop…we still needed to bring a few necessities.

What are some fun outings?

In our home, bringing our furry family member along with us is more the rule than the exception. Dogs are family. (If you agree, be sure to read Eight Special Ways You Know Your Dog is Family.) We’ve been known to drum up a reason to head to the pet store, just so we can go somewhere that’s pet-friendly.

Here’s a list of a few quick, spontaneous outings…

  • Daily walks
  • Pet store stops
  • Short walks around the lake
  • Eating at pet-friendly restaurants
  • Coffee breaks at shops with outdoor patios

So what’s on my list of essentials for these easy breezy outings?

First of all, I broke it down into four categories: 1. Chloe’s must-haves, 2. my must-haves, 3. no-brainers, and 4. things we can share.

Chloe’s must-haves… 

1. Leash Clipping on the leash is the first thing we do before we heading out the door. 

2. Collapsible bowl  I received a travel-sized, collapsible water bowl (#3 in image below) as part of the swag bag at the 2017 BlogPaws conference. I love that I can clip it to the zipper of my waist pack.

3. Poop sacks If I don’t have one, somehow Chloe knows! Yikes! Dog mom nightmare 😐 

4. Treats Great for reinforcing good behavior and practicing commands.

Dog mom must-haves… 

5. Phone Even for walks around the block, it’s reassuring to have it along with me. Plus, I don’t want to miss a photo op! 

6. Hand sanitizer  Goes hand-in-hand with treats and poop and dogs and families.

           (In the summertime, I’m a mosquito magnet. I received an all-natural spray (#4 below) from Wellness Pets during the BlogPaws conference. Love it. It’s going in the bag, too.) 


7. Waist pack  I decided to use a small waist pack or cross body bag, so that my hands would be free to hold Chloe’s leash. I found this one (#8 below) at Target  and love the two zippered compartments–one for Chloe and one for me.

8. Water bottle  With the collapsible bowl, one is enough.  

Not necessary, but nice…

9. Bandana It adds a spark of color and looks great in pics! Chloe is happy to wear hers.

Outings are more fun with a dog by your side. Red goldendoodle Chloe is wearing her favorite blue bandana and smiling with her tongue out.
Happy-Go-Doodle Chloe knows good times are ahead when she wears a bandana.


  • Dog collar and tags  Chloe wears her collar and current tags (with emergency phone number) everywhere. I hope your dog does, too. It’s peace of mind for a dog mom. 
  • Microchip Chloe was microchipped when she was a pup. More peace of mind for a dog mom. 

Essentials for short outings with your dog and text explaining each item.

Keeping it all handy…

Finally, I’m keeping everything by the door, so we’re always ready for our next fun adventure together! Happy trails and waggy puppy tails!

Do you bring these things along with you? What else?

We’d love to hear. Please comment below.

Whether going for a walk or a short outing with your dog, it's easier when you bring essentials such as poop sacks, water, treats, and more.

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Doodle kisses and tail wags!

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  1. Sometimes I carry a small brush to brush away ‘stuff’ that gets caught in dog fur. (Like those little stick-tite white flower things! Hate those!

    1. Good add! Yes, keeping all that fluff and fur looking good is important! I’m adding that to the list! Thank you, Linda!

  2. I bring all these things along on our outings too, great list! I also make sure that my dogs are well protected against fleas & ticks, especially in Summer and Fall, both are prime season for these pesky critters!
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

    1. Thanks, Cathy! Yes, making sure our pups are protected against fleas and ticks is so important! That’s a great add!

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