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Doggles Dog Sunglasses: Product Review (+ Tips)

Whether you call them dog goggles or dog sunglasses, eyewear for dogs is adorable.🤩 And it can protect our pupper’s eyes from wind, debris, and sun. So before hitting the beach, I ordered Doggles branded dog goggles and tossed them in my dog’s beach bag.

Pair of blue Doggle sunglasses for dogs lying on a blue, green, and white striped beach blanket

I figured if I needed sunglasses to protect my eyes, then my doggo should have a pair for our sunny days on the beach at dog-friendly Dauphin Island.

As I did my usual pre-purchase research, I wished there’d been more information online—real stories with plenty of photos of a dog donning dog goggles…and actually wearing them.

If you’re on a similar search, pull up a beach chair and let’s chat.

My Goldendoodle dog (head product tester here at and I are happy you’re here!

Through our sunny day, dog doggle-wearing beach adventure, you’ll have a start-to-finish account of what to buy, how to don dog goggles, and whether they worked out for one very happy-go-lucky dog. (Spoiler alert: One doggo picture ⏬ is worth a 1000 dog mom’s words. )

F1B Goldendoodle wearing Doggles and looking out at the gulf

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Wading through a sea of choices

First, in my opinion, wading through a sea of choices online can be exhausting. After searching through all types of dog eyewear, I landed on Doggles dog goggles.

What are Doggles?

Doggles are a brand of dog goggles (some call them dog sunglasses). They are tinted eye protection designed specifically for dogs. I chose them for the same reason I choose my own sunglasses—protection from the sun, comfort, versatility, and cuteness. Here’s a breakdown:

First, these dog goggles looked like they’d do their job.

  • Doggles checked the “100% UV protection” box and got bonus points for being shatter-proof and anti-fog features.
  • The lens cups not only shield the dog’s eyes from the sun, wind, and any sand or debris, but the frame has tiny vents for airflow (or water if needed).

Second, they offered plenty of comfortable features.

  • The Doggle frame is lined with foam on the inside—important since I was skeptical that my pupper would actually want to wear them. (More on that below.)
  • The frame is extremely flexible. Another plus since they’d have to wrap around her fluffy face.
  • The lens cup (the part your dog looks through) is deep. I liked that they didn’t sit too close to my dog’s eyes.
  • The stretchy straps (there are two) are adjustable for a good fit. As you can see in the diagram below, the straps fit under the chin and around the head so the Doggles don’t fall off.
Sideview of Doodle dog's face wearing Doggles dog goggles with arrowns pointing to adjustable head strap and adjustable chin strap. Title says: How Doggles Stay On

Third, they were versatile. While we chose them for sunny and windy days at the beach, I can imagine they’d be useful for other adventures including:

  • Kayaking, paddleboarding, boating, and other outdoor water adventures where there’s water spray and bright sun reflecting off the water.
  • Outdoor adventures in the snow to reduce the reflection of the sun on the snow and to protect the eyes from those pelleting snowflakes.
  • Outdoor hiking adventures where there’s thick underbrush and the possibility of wayward sticks poking an eye.

Fourth, the Doggles looked like they’d be cute! And from the smiles my dog got from passersby at the beach, they checked that box! What do you think?

Adult Goldendoodle wearing blue doggles standing by the ocean

Doggles Originalz and Doggles ILS

Before we go on, you may have come across the terms Doggles Originalz and Doggles ILS. The letters “ILS’ stand for “interchangeable lens system.”

As the name implies, Doggles ILS have lenses that you can change out.

The lenses slide out of the top of the frame so you can replace them if needed.

Doggles Originalz are the original style, which don’t have interchangeable lenses.

In my own search, I kept seeing both names used randomly. So I wanted to point out the difference.

We chose the Doggles ILS2. There’s really no difference between ILS and ILS2. However, if you do need to change out the lenses for new ones, you will need to know whether you have the ILS or the ILS2 frame. Helpful hint: It’s marked right on the Doggles.

Close-up of frames of blue Doggles dog goggles with arrows pointing to model ILS2 on frame and arrow pointing to the top slit for removing lenses

Choosing a size

Next, if you shop online (and who doesn’t) you may be able to relate to this: Size can be a shopper stopper.

Since Doggles come in five sizes, I just followed the brand’s recommendation and measured my dog’s face from corner of eye to corner of eye and checked the Doggles sizing chart.

So that you have a point of comparison, my Goldendoodle weighs about 44 pounds (she’s considered a medium Goldendoodledl) and wears Doggles in size medium.)

After ordering, I was somewhat skeptical that my Goldendoodle would keep her dog goggles on her fluffy face.

Before my pupper even stepped a paw onto the beach, I imagined she’d need to warm up to putting these on. And I anticipated that I’d need to give her extra happy head rubs and positive sweet talk to help her adjust.

How to teach your dog to wear dog goggles

In preparation for our beach adventure, and to make sure that my pupper wouldn’t turn her nose up at her new outdoor eye wear, I planned to make my dog’s introduction to her new goggles positive, positive, positive. You may find these steps helpful too:

  1. Allow plenty of time for your dog to warm up to the dog goggles. Rather than put them on immediately, place them on the ground outside and let your dog sniff and check them out on their own terms.
  2. Put Doggles on outdoors not inside. If I put them on my dog indoors, she’d be shocked that she couldn’t see. (After all, like our own sunglasses, they block the light.)
  3. Once your dog is comfortable around the dog goggles, use a treat as a reward and gently put them on. I placed my dog’s nose through the two straps using a treat in front of her nose as a happy distraction. As I was doing so, I used my happy tone of voice so she new something fun was happening.
  4. Once she wore the dog goggles for the first time, I was prepared to keep her distracted by going for a walk or offering a treat. (I didn’t need this step.)

Maybe my preparations worked because I’m happy to report that after steps one through three, she was all in. She stood patiently while I held a treat in one hand and slipped her Doggles on with the other.

She didn’t even seem to notice she was wearing them. I wish dogs could talk because I think she may have appreciated having them on in the bright sunlight.

Long-haired dog wearing blue dog sunglasses goggles and the wind is blowing the dog's hair straight back

The experience: An afternoon at the beach

With her Doggles donned, we set off to the beach for a sunny (and windy) day. As you’ll see in the photos below, my dog wore her goggles with pride, didn’t seem to even notice them, and walked, played, and looked pretty chill on the beach.

Adult dog wearing blue Doggles dog goggles with dark blue lenses and standing on the sandy beach on a sunny, windy day

In addition to protection from the sun and sand, she got plenty of smiles and chin scritches from other beach goers.

And, for my dog, that’s makes it a perfect day at the beach.

Extra joy

Was I happy with my selection? Yes! Doggles checked all my boxes for protection, comfort, and cuteness. But there was one box that I hadn’t planned on checking. I’d call it “extra joy.” Who knew that a pair of dog sunglasses would bring so much added fun and smiles to our beach adventure? For dog and hooman, the day was every shade of happy.

Fluffy, red Goldendoodle wearing blue dog goggles and lying in the sand by beach chairs

Does your dog wear Doggles or dog goggles?

Please share your story.

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