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110+ Fishing Dog Names 🐟 (With Descriptions)

Are you looking for fishing dog names that are better than the best catch of the day? As memorable as a good day fishing? Then this is your spot. You’re sure to find a moniker that’s perfect for your pup right here.

Choosing a name is one of the first and most important decisions you’ll be making for your canine companion, and probably at the top of your new puppy check list.

Puppy dog with cream coat color sitting on dock by a fishing pole and overlooking the bay

That’s why we put together this list of 110+ fishing-themed dog names along with their meanings.

This list is inspired by all types of fishing. From early mornings spent on the banks of a tree-lined river bank to sunset adventures on expansive crystal clear waters, you’ll find names based on every type of fishing and even all things related to fishing.

Tips for choosing a name for your dog

Before diving in, here are a couple of things to help you as you’re creating your list of favorite fishing names for dogs:

  • First, did you know that your inflection and tone of voice are an important part of communicating with your dog? That’s why some experts recommend two-syllable dog names, so you have more opportunity to draw the length of your dog’s name out and change the pitch of your voice as you’re speaking. There are plenty of two-syllable fishing names for dogs on the list below.
  • Second, the list below is organized into categories including: types of fish, fishing-related brands, and even fly fishing dog names.
  • Third, boy dog fishing names and girl dog fishing names are incorporated within all the categories, but we’ve also included some of our favorites toward the end of this article.

Also, don’t forget to check out our other list of nature-inspired dog names for outdoor enthusiasts.

Dog names inspired by types of fish: A through L

Bass ~ Sea bass. Large-mouth. Small-mouth. There are many types of bass fish.

Blue, Bluey, or Bluegill ~ Inspired by the bluegill freshwater fish.

Bonito ~ One of the world’s fastest fish, Bonito may be the ideal dog name for your speedster of a dog.

Catfish ~ Blue cat. Channel cat. Flathead catfish. Many people think of catfish as a river fish, but they are in lakes, too, of course.

Cobia ~ Brown dog? What about the fish name Cobia? This fish often has a dark brown color with a lighter under belly.

Crappie ~ A popular freshwater fish.

Flounder ~ This flat fish is unique in that both eyes are on the “up” side of its head. If your dog is watchful, this could be a fitting dog name.

Goby ~ Are you searching for a dog fish name for a small dog? Goby may be just right. This tiny fish gets the big title of smallest fish in the animal kingdom.

Grouper ~ If you’re a fan of these heavy-bodied carnivores, Grouper may be the dog fish name for you.

Haddock ~ Haddock are members of the cod family.

Herring ~ Often beautifully-colored fish, “Herring” may be a fitting name for a dog with a colorful coat.

Jack ~ Inspired by Jack Crevalle and Amberjack fish.

Poodle Retriever mix puppy sitting on fishing dock overlooking the sunny bay

Dog names inspired by types of fish: M through Z

Mackerel ~ Holy mackerel! You could also name your dog “Mack” as a short form of Mackerel.

Mahi ~ Inspired by Mahi-Mahi, which are commonly found in the Gulf of Mexico and known for their coloring and blunt nose.

Marlin ~ Known for the classic spear-like snout and giant size, Marlin is a great fish-related dog name for large dogs with an adventurous spirit.

Perch ~ A fish that inhabits quiet ponds, streams, lakes, and rivers.

Pike ~ A flattened snout and large mouth full of teeth are classic to the Pike fish. Does your puppy have a mouthful of teeth? You may feel like naming your dog Pike.

Piranha ~ An obvious choice if you are searching for a fish-themed dog name that describes your puppy’s teething days. 😉

Salmon ~ An iconic fish. There are seven species of salmon in Alaska alone. If you’re searching for a dog fish name that’s specific to salmon, you could also try names like Chinook, Sockeye, King, Chum, Pink, and Coho.

Shark ~ If you’re considering “Shark” as a fish-related dog name, you may also want to consider these names related to sharks: Tiger, Goblin, Dusky, and Mako.

Smallie ~ Inspired by the small-mouth Bass fish.

Snapper ~ Red Snapper are a signature fish in the Gulf of Mexico and have a reddish coloring. This name may be a fitting red dog name.

Adult red Goldendoodle dog sitting beside fishing pole on fishing dock

Striper ~ Striper fish are recognizable for their stout bodies and continuous horizontal stripes. If you are a fan of fishing for Striper, or if your puppy has a solid appearance with a striped fur coat, Striper may be the ideal dog fish name. BTW…Beaver Lake, Arkansas is known for its Striper fishing. Plus, there are many pet-friendly things to do in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, which is nearby.

Snook ~ A popular fish along the Florida to Texas coastline, Snook are also sometimes called Sergeant fish or Robalo. If you like Snook, you might like naming your dog “Sergeant” or “Robalo.”

Sturgeon ~ With at least 28 species within the Sturgeon fish family, you may also want to consider names related to Sturgeon like Diamond, Rock, Starry, Kaluga, or Lake.

Trout ~ Trout are often peppered with small spots, making this a fitting fishing name for spotted dogs.

Walleye ~ A white underbelly and long body are classic to the Walleye fish.

Dog names: Fishing themed

Captain ~ “Captain” is both an old-fashioned boy dog name and a term for the highest ranking commander of a water vessel.

Puppy and dog on sandy beach with fishing poles and the title Fishing Dog Names

Current ~ Continuous. Predictable. Flowing. These three words explain a current, but could also describe the temperament of a loyal, steadfast canine companion.

Lake ~ If there’s no better day than a day spent casting your line into a lake, then “Lake” may be a fitting name for your puppy.

Ocean ~ There’s nothing more steadfast than the ocean. If your dog is steadfast, then let the name “Ocean” roll off your tongue as you consider it as your puppy’s name. Want more ocean or beach names? 155+ Best Beach Dog Names may be the place to look.

River ~ The name “River” has a natural flow to it.

Ripple ~ If your puppy leaves a ripple like a pebble leaves a ripple when skipped on top the water, then “Ripple” may be the perfect dog name.

Stream ~ Undercut banks, eddies, and overhanging trees are familiar images of fishing in a stream. If this is your idea of a day well spent, then “Stream” may be a name to consider for your puppy.

Fishing-related dog names

Bobber ~ The floating device used to show you when you have a bite. The red and white bobber is iconic of childhood fishing days.

Cane ~ A type of fishing pole.

Doc ~ Short for “dock,” which is a popular place to fish from.

Popper ~ Top water lure that makes a popping sound.

Rod ~ The long part of the fishing pole.

Spinner ~ For the energetic puppy, “Spinner” is a nod to both energy level and a type of fishing lure.

Spoon ~ A type of fishing lure.

Wiggle ~ A cute name that is a nod to “wiggle worm.”

Worm ~ The classic bait for young anglers.

Labrador Retriever puppy dog exploring rocks beside a large lake and the title fishing names for dogs

Dog names inspired by fishing brands

Abu ~ A nod to Abu Garcia Fishing, a brand founded in 1921 and located by the river of Mörrum Svängsta, Sweden. Of course, “Garcia” could be in the running as a fishing-themed dog name too.

Bagley ~ Bagley Baits, makers of balsa crankbaits, was established in 1954. If you’re a fan of Bagley Baits, you could also consider the name “Balsa” as a nod to the material the products are made from.

Bandit ~ This brand is touted as having “incredible swimming action.” If this description also fits your puppy, “Bandit” may be the best fishing-related dog name.

Berkley ~ Fishing tackle company founded in Spirit Lake, Iowa.

Bomber ~ Fan of Bomber lures? Then the name Bomber may spark your interest.

Booyah ~ The fishing brand Booyah has an immediately friendly and energetic feel to the name. Does this describe your dog? Then “Booyah” or even “Boo” could make the cut as your dog’s name.

Buckeye ~ This brand name has the additional appeal for the outdoor enthusiast who also appreciates the North American Buckeye tree.

Daiwa ~ This fishing brand’s beginnings were as a reel maker in Japan in the 1950s.

Damiki ~ South Korean based makers of fresh water lures.

Close-up of a wet Labrador Retriever dog's face looking at the fishing lake

Heddon ~ For the old souls out there, Heddon is the oldest lure company that still makes fishing products.

Lucky ~ Inspired by the fishing lure brand called Lucky Strike.

Okuma ~ Rod and reel manufacturer based in Taiwan.

Plano ~ A well-known brand of tackle boxes.

Ranger ~ A popular brand of fishing boat. Ranger can also mean Army Ranger. 140 Patriotic Dog Names may be up your alley fi you like Ranger.

Rapala ~ Rapala brand is known as the “world’s favorite fishing lure” and has been around since 1936. As a fishing-related name, Rapala rolls off the tongue easily and, with three syllables, has a lilting sound to it.

Storm ~ A brand of premium fishing lures.

Shakespeare ~ Maker of rods and reels.

Shimano ~ Maker of rods and reels.

Voss ~ Maker of fishing supplies.

Yum ~ With names for fishing products like Dinger and Houdini, there are many choices for fishing-related names from the Yum brand.

Fly fishing dog names

Adams ~ A dry fly.

Antron ~ Yarn used for fly tying.

Bobbin ~ A tool used in fly tying.

Chennile ~ A material used for the bodies of artificial flies.

Copper ~ Inspired by the Copper John, an attractor fly.

Eddy ~ A patch of water that’s quiet, still.

Grayling ~ A species of fish often caught when trout fishing.

Jig ~ Artificial lure.

Prince ~ Inspired by Prince Nymph, a popular attractor fly.

Sawyer ~ Inspired by Sawyers Pheasant Tail nymph, a type of trout fishing fly.

Woolly ~ A fly fishing dog name inspired by the Wolly Bugger, a popular trout fishing fly.

Whistler ~ A nod to whistler flies, which are commonly used after dark.

Boy dog fishing names

Many of the fishing names for dogs on the lists above would be perfect for male dogs. However, here are a few stand outs…

Bruce ~ In honor of Bruce the great white shark in Finding Nemo.

Tadpole ~ The stage before froglet.

Trout ~ A colorful fish with spots.

Gill ~ Short for Blue Gill.

Guppy ~ Guppy just has a cute ring to it. This is often a type of fish beginners care for in home fish tanks.

King ~ Inspired by the King fish.

Mack ~ Inspired by Mackerel fish.

Nemo ~ Based on the Disney movie, Finding Nemo.

Wahoo ~ This fish is also known as Ono in Hawaii.

Yellow Labrador Retriever puppy sitting in front of a fishing lake on a misty, foggy morning

Girl dog fishing names

Amber ~ Inspired by the Amberjack, a saltwater fish.

Amy ~ Inspired by Amy’s Ant, a type of attractor fly used in fly fishing.

Cricket ~ Some anglers use crickets as bait.

Dory ~ Inspired by Dory from Disney’s Finding Nemo.

Lady ~ Inspired by the fish of the same name, Lady fish.

Midge ~ Small dog? How about the name Midge, which is inspired by the CDC Midge fly using in fly fishing.

Olive ~ Inspired by the Blue Wing Olive, a type of fly used in fly fishing.

Polly ~ A nod to the pollywog.

Rainbow ~ Inspired by the rainbow trout.

Mrs. Puff ~ From the popular SpongeBob SquarePants series.

Tilly ~ Inspired by Tilapia fish.

Thank you for letting us help you tackle the best fishing name for your dog

Finally, if you’re searching for a place to fish near you, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service interactive fishing map is helpful and easy to use.

We hope we’ve helped you discover the best fishing-related name for your dog. Whether you choose a name that reminds you of your favorite fishing spot or one that inspires you to get out on the water, if the name speaks to you, then you’re pup will love it too.

Most of all, we hope you’ve fallen for your dear, sweet dog…hook, line, and sinker.

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