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101 Best Flower Names for Dogs (With Descriptions)🌸

Are you looking for flower names for dogs? Dog names that are inspired by wildflowers dotting our landscapes, beautiful flowers that fill are gardens, and even flowers that grow in the mountains and by the oceans? Then we’re happy you’re here.

Choosing a name for your puppy is one of the first of many exciting choices you’ll be making for your new puppy. In fact, it’s quite likely number one on your new puppy checklist. With over 100 dog names inspired by flowers, wildflowers, alpine flowers, seaside flowers, desert flowers, and even flowering trees on our list, you’re sure to find the one that is just the right fit for your puppy.

Plus, you’ll find descriptions for each one to help you pair a name with your pup’s personality or physical traits.

Red dog surrouned by bright pink flowers of a Magnolia bush and the flower name, Magnolia, written in script, photo

As the mom of an adventurous dog who loves to stop and sniff the flowers 🌸 , we enjoy taking walks and capturing photos of flowers along the way. So it just seemed natural to combine some of our flower photos with a mega list of dog names inspired by our wonderful world.

If you’re the new parent of a sweet puppy or anticipating bringing home a pup and have your heart set on a name inspired by pretty flowers, this mega list is for you. To help you along your path to choosing the best name for your adorable pup, here are a few helpful hints for naming:

  • Many of the flowers on our name lists have two syllables. Why? According to Pet MD, dog experts found two syllable names allow you to have more inflection in your voice. Your dog will like that.
  • Our list is organized alphabetically because we know many dog parents like a particular vowel or consonant start letter. You’ll also find names organized by girl dog names and boy dog names.
  • Finally, if you’re a fan of flowers, you may also be a fan of nature. Please check out our list of 150 nature dog names for outdoor enthusiasts. Or, if you like flower names that end in the long “e” sound like Daisy, Peony, or Daphne, you may also like our list of  250 Best Dog Names Ending in Y or IE .
  • It’s worth mentioning that, while flowers make great names for dogs, some flowers are highly toxic to our furry pals. If you’d like to check which flowers are dangerous for dogs, ASPCA shares a comprehensive list.
  • Happy naming! We know your new puppy will love hearing your voice calling his or her new name ❤️.

Flower names for dogs: Cute. Pretty. Beautiful. 🌸

Amaryllis ~ A beautiful flowering plant native to South Africa. The word Amaryllis comes from the Greek word amarysso, which means “to sparkle.”

Basil ~ This as actually an herb from the mint family. However, it’s too beautiful to leave off the list.

Blossom ~ Bearing flowers. Blossom also means to flourish, which is a wonderful message for a new puppy.

Pink flowers with the word Blossom in script, photo

Buttercup ~ Often bright yellow, these flowers often can be found in meadows or by streams.

Cherry ~ Short form of the ornamental cherry tree.

Claret ~ Inspired by the claret cup cactus, which has bright red flowers.

Clover ~ Clover, especially four-leaf clover, are a symbol of good luck. If you feel lucky to have a new puppy in your life, Clover may be a perfect name.

Cosmos ~ A beautiful, colorful flower with wispy foliage.

Coral~ Inspired by Coral Bells, a graceful, bell-shaped North American native plant.

Dahlia ~ With vivid flowers, Dahlias symbolize elegance and kindness.

Daphne ~ A shrub that makes beautiful flowers that are fragrant.

Fleur ~ Means flower in French.

Flora ~ Means flower in Latin.

Flower ~ 🌸 Just the word “Flower” brings beauty to mind. Why not try Flower as a name for your sweet pup?

Fuschia ~ Bright, mesmerizing color best describes these flowers. Maybe it describes your puppy, too!

Gardenia ~ Sweet smelling flower that’s often white.

Glory ~ Inspired by the Morning Glory, a flowering vine that attracts butterflies and hummingbirds.

Heather ~ A meadow flower.

Honey ~ Inspired by the Honeysuckle plant.

Ivy ~ Not a flower, but a lovely ground creeping plant.

Laurel ~ Small flower with white and red petals. Could be a perfect choice for a red and white puppy.

Lilac ~ Often associate with the beginning of spring!

Lunaria ~ Means “moon-like” in Latin.

May ~ Short for May Flower.

Soft purple flowers and green leaves of a lilac bush and the word "lilac" written in script as a flower dog name suggestion, photo

Myrtle ~ Small flowers with small petals, often pink, purple, or white.

Orchid ~ Elegant and graceful flower.

Pixie ~ Inspired by the Pixie Carnation.

Peony ~ A flowering plant with large, beautiful blossoms.

Petals ~ The brightly colored part of the flower.

Plumeria ~ The flower popular in making leis.

Poppy ~ A colorful flower with delicate petals.

Primrose ~ Flower often found in cottage gardens.

Silene ~ Often found in prairies and meadows. Also, hummingbirds and butterflies love them.

Shasta ~ Shortened form of the Shasta Daisy, which is the name for the classic white daisy.

Snowdrop ~ One of the first flowers of spring that often bloom through frost on the ground.

Star ~ Shortened form of the Star Flower, a wild flower native to North America.

Sweet Pea ~ A fragrant colorful flower.

Sundrop ~ A bright, yellow flower.

Sunflower ~ These flowers point their large yellow blossoms toward the sun. Could be shortened to “Sunny” as a nickname. Especially good for your dog with a sunny disposition.

Large Sunflower among many with the word "Sunflower" written in casual script, photo

Ribbons ~ Inspired by Red Ribbons, a species of wildflower found in California.

Uki Uki ~ Hawaiian lily.

Flower names for girl dogs 🌸

Alyssum ~ Inspired by the flower commonly called Sweet Alyssum. This is a delicate flower and a sweet name for a delicate dog.

Armeria ~ Inspired by the Armeria Maritima flower, which is also known as sea thrift. Could be perfect for the sea-loving puppy.

Anise ~ Inspired by Anise Hyssop, a flowering herb that attracts bees and butterflies. Great for the butterfly-loving puppy.

Bluebell ~ A wildflower that blooms in the spring.

Calla Lilly ~ This flower is a popular choice for many weddings. If you’re looking for a first AND middle name for your dog, this flower has both.

Camellia ~ A pretty flower that symbolizes love.

Daisy ~ A wildflower. 🌼

Three bright yellow flowers with the word Daisy written below them as inspiration for a flower dog name, photo

Fuchsia ~ Bright and colorful, the petals on this flower look like upside-down lanterns.

Ginger ~ Shortened form of the Hawaiian flower called Crape Ginger.

Holly ~ Inspired by the Hollyhock flower, which is a classic flower in cottage gardens.

Iris ~ A colorful flower.

Jacob ~ Inspired by Jacob’s Ladder, which has leaves and leaflets likened to a ladder. Perfect for the climber puppy?

Jasmine ~ A sweet, white flower known for its beautiful fragrance.

Lavender ~ Known for its brilliant purple color and soft green leaves.

Llima ~ Known as the island flower of Oahu. The blossom is a melon color.

Lily ~ A beautiful, popular plant with trumpet-shaped flowers.

Lilly of the Valley ~ A smell, delicate, bell-shaped flower.

Magnolia ~ A shrub with beautiful flowers often associated with springtime. Perfect for the puppy who’s born in the spring.

Marigold ~ A flower the color of sunshine. Could be spelled “Mary Gold” for a creative twist.

Mojave ~ Inspired by the Mojave Sage, which has blue flowers and is found in the Mojave desert.

Petunia ~ A very popular flower with white, pink, or purple color.

Queen Anne ~ Inspired by Queen Anne’s Lace, which has a lacy appearance.

Rosa ~ The genus (category) of flowers called roses. Latin for Rose.

Grouping of vivid pink roses on a bush with the word Rose, photo

Rose ~ 🌹

Rose Champagne ~ A type of rose. Great choice if you’re searching for a first and middle name for your puppy.

Rosalie ~ Not a flower in and of itself, this name is inspired by the many types of roses.

Rosemary ~ Herb with a sweet flavor. This could be separated into two words for a first and middle name—Rose Mary.

Sage ~ A perennial flower. Also an herb.

Sharon ~ From the flower called the Rose of Sharon, which attracts butterflies and birds.

Susan ~ Inspired by the Black-Eyed Susan, a yellow or orange coneflower with a black center.

An outdoor scene with yellow black-eyed susan flowers in the foreground and a lake in the background along with the type, Black-Eyed Susan Wildflower, photo

Veronica ~ Short for Veronica Alpina, a small, purple flower growing in the Alps.

Virginia ~ From the flower called the Virginia Bluebell, a beautiful blue “bell-shaped” flower.

Viola ~ Some of the first flowers to bloom in the spring.

Violet ~ Many violets have heart-shaped leaves, which makes this name have special meaning.

Flower names for boy dogs 🌼

Alfalfa ~ Alfalfa fields are common in the countryside. This flower name could be shortened to Alfi.

Blaze ~ Inspired by the blazing star, a wildflower with bright purple flowers.

Bud ~ The word used to describe the flower before it opens.

Button ~ Short for Bachelor’s Button,.

Dandy ~ Short form of dandelion

Happy fluffy red dog lying among a field of yellow dandelions and the name "Dandy" written in script as an idea for a flower dog name, photo

Dandy Lion ~ Inspired by the dandelion, this version is for the pet parent looking for a clever first and middle dog name.

Dill or Dilly ~ Inspired by the herb, which has small, yellow flowers.

Dutch ~ A name inspired by the native wildflower common in part of the United States, Dutchman’s Breeches.

Duster ~ Inspired by the Desert Fairy Duster, a shrub with a pink flower found in some deserts.

Dusty ~ Short for Dusty Miller, a silver and frosty foliage with yellow flowers.

Edelweiss ~ A mountain flower found in high altitudes. Also known as a “snow flower” for its white color.

Flannel ~ Inspired by the Flannel Flower, a flower that has a soft feel and is native to Australia and New Zealand.

Heath ~ Inspired by the Alpine Heath, an evergreen shrub with flowers.

Jonquil ~ A spring flower that’s bright yellow or white and yellow.

Johnny Jump Up ~ Yes, this is the name of a flower! Also, known as Jack-Jump-Up-and-Kiss-Me. Could be appropriate for the lovable, jumpy puppy.

Lupine ~ For the gray or silver-haired puppy, this may be a fitting name. The leaves of the blue mountain lupine have soft, silver hairs.

Lotus ~ Beautiful, bright, and delicate flower often seen floating on water.

Posy ~ Another word for flower.

Rain ~ Rain Lily.

Close up of a melon-colored tulip against a blue sky, photo

Red Rover ~ Gorgeous mum with large flowers in vibrant red.

Stargazer ~ Inspired by the flower called Lily Stargazer.

Sweet William ~ A sweet, showy flower that attracts hummingbirds.

Tiger ~ From the Tiger Flower.

Zinnea ~ A cheerful, bright flower.

We hope we’ve inspired you and helped you find the perfect flower name for your sweet pup. If you’re ready for all the good news about dogs, please sign up to receive our latest pupdates! We’d love to have you as part of our pack.

What are your favorite flower names for dogs?

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