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125+ Fluffy Dog Names You’ll Swoon Over 😍

Are you searching for fluffy dog names for your fur baby? Fuzzy dog names that describe your little mop of a pup? A moniker that fits your puppy’s furry, fluffy, shaggy, moppy coat and adorable looks?

Then welcome to our pack! We’ve rounded up over 125 fluffy dog names (along with meanings or idea starters), so you’re sure to find the name that’s a perfect fit for your puppy.

Fluffy red dog snuggled in grass with the  title "Fluffy", photo

Names for your fluffy, floofy, fuzzy, or shaggy dog

As the mom of a fluffy dog who could be mistaken for one of the Muppets, I have to admit that I have a soft spot for fluffy dogs.

I love coming up with nicknames for my own fur baby, and decided to brainstorm a mega list of dog names inspired by all things fluffy.

In the alphabetized lists below you’ll find names inspired by everything from cloud names to fluffy foods to famous dogs.

Also, while these dog names are great for fluffy dogs, you’ll also find they are adorable for shaggy and long-haired dogs, too.

So let the naming fun begin!

By the way, choosing a name is just the beginning of all the decisions you’ll be making for your puppy. Be sure to check out our new puppy checklist for all the other puppy-related things you’re searching for.

Fluffy dog names

  1. Acacia ~ A soft, yellow flower that’s fluffy.
  2. Angora ~ Inspired by the very soft, downy-coated Angora rabbit.
  3. Aria ~ Means air.
  4. Bear ~ A name based on the shaggy-haired brown bear or fluffy white polar bear.
  5. Bo Bo ~ Just sounds fluffy!
  6. Buffy ~ Because it rhymes with “fluffy.”
  7. Cheesecake ~ For the puppy who’s as fluffy and sweet as cheesecake.
  8. Clover ~ Plant with a round, fluffy flower.
  9. Cotton ~ Alternate spelling: Coton. Perfect for a fluffy, white doggo.
  10. Cottontail – Version of Cotton.
  11. Snow Crystal ~ Inspired by snow crystals which form “puff balls” that float down from clouds.
  12. Cubby or Cubi ~ Cute form of bear “cub” for a puppy with teddy bear fluffiness.
  13. Cuddles ~ Inspired by what you want to do when you see your fluffy doggo.
  14. Cumulus ~ A fluffy cloud formation that looks like cotton balls.
  15. Cutie ~ Just because it’s what you’re going to be thinking every time you look at your pupper.
  16. Dahlia ~ A round, fluffy flower.
  17. Floofer ~ An endearing term for dogs, and also makes a good name.
  18. Floofy ~ For doggos who are both poofy and fluffy.
  19. Fluffy ~ A descriptive name that’s even cuter when pronounced as “Fluuuffeeee” 😍.
  20. Flurry ~ Perfect for the fluffy dog who is also a flurry of activity and energy.
  21. Fur Baby ~ Especially cute for small dogs.
  22. Furby ~ A toy popular in the 80s that is cute and resembles a fluffy critter.
  23. Fuzzy Wuzzy ~ Descriptive and yet cute!
  24. Fuwafuwa ~ Japanese word to describe marshmallows or cute, fluffy foods.
  25. Giggles ~ Great choice for the fluffy puppy who is full of silliness.
  26. Lambie ~ Alternate spelling: Lammie. Inspired by a fluffy lamb.
  27. Leo ~ For the furry pupper who looks like a lion.
  28. Magic ~ Because all that fluff feels magical when you hold your floofy puppy.
  29. Merino ~ Breed of sheep with fine, soft wool.
  30. Moon Pie ~ Snack with marshmallow filling.
  31. Moppy ~ For the hairy dog who could be mistaken for a mop.
  32. Muffin ~ A sweet, fluffy bakery item.
  33. Muppet ~ Because fluffy dogs look like the classic Jim Henson characters.
Close up of white dog's face and the fluffy dog name of Muppet, photo

34.Pancake ~ For the puppy who’s fluffy, warm, and oh-so-sweet!

35. Peony ~ Flowering plant with larger, fluffy blossoms.

36. Pillow ~ Because your fluffy pupper will be your favorite cuddly pillow.

37. Pom Pom ~ Just sounds fluffy!

38. Powder Puff ~ For little dogs who look like a powder puff—a soft material used to apply make-up.

39. Puchi puchi ~ Japanese word to describe things that are springy or lumpy.

40. Silky ~ For the dog who has a long, silky coat.

41. Simba ~ Means “lion.” Perfect for dogs with fluffy “manes.”

42. Snuggle Bear ~ For a fluffy puppy who is extra snuggly.

43. Snuggles ~ Because fluffy dogs are often snuggly dogs.

44. Sparkles ~ 💖

45. Sweetums ~ Inspired by the Muppet character of the same name.

46. Swiffie ~ A descriptive name for a swift and fluffy pup.

47. Teddy ~ A classic name for a puppy resembling a teddy bear.

48. The Floof ~ Version of “Floofy,” but with a little more ‘tude.

49. Velvet ~ Supremely soft material. Perfect for a velvety soft pupper.

50. Woolsey ~ Inspired by the fluffy, wool coat of a sheep.

White puppy with tong sticking out

White fluffy dog names

51. Angel ~ 😇

52. Bubbles ~ Floaty. Shimmery. Bubbles.

53. Bunny ~ Another cute, fluffy animal.

54. Chiffon ~ Character in Disney’s movie, Shaggy Dog.

55. Cloud or Cloudy ~ Inspired by fluffy, white clouds.

56. Cotton ~ For a creative spelling, try Coton.

57. Cotton Candy ~ Light as air and oh-so-sweet.

58. Cream Pie ~ Scrumptious.

59. Creampuff ~ This sweet, fluffy dessert makes a cute name for sweet puppers.

60. Cumulous ~ A type of fluffy, billowy cloud.

61. Frosting ~ If your dog is the sweet icing to your life, “Frosting” may be the ideal name.

62. Marshmallow ~ See image below to see why this name may be the perfect fit…

Fluffy behind of a fluffy white and cream puppy with the name "Toasted Marshmallow", photo

63. Meringue ~ Inspired by the dessert that’s so sweet and fluffy it melts in your mouth.

64. Panda ~ Black and white cute bear.

65. Plushie ~ Soft to the touch.

66. Popcorn ~ 🍿

67. Snowball ~ A great name for white puppies who are balls of fluff.

68. Sophia or Sophie ~ Inspired by the softness of fluffy dogs, “So-soft-sophie.”

69. Snowy ~ A weather-related name for white dogs.

70. Snuggle Bunny ~ Inspires sweet saying like, “You’re my little Snuggle Bunny.”

71. Souffle ~ Has a fluffy texture! Rhymes with “Hooray!”

72. Sugar ~ Because fluffy puppies are sweet as this!

73. Wampa ~ White, furry creature from Star Wars movie.

74. Yeti ~ White, furry creature from Himalayan folklore.

Light fluffy snow and the name, snow, photo

Brown fluffy dog names

75. Ewok ~ Name of the small, furry bipeds that look like teddy bears in Star Wars movies.

76. Grizz ~ Short for grizzly bear.

77. Mousse ~ Inspired by the fluffy, sweet dessert—chocolate mousse.

78. Oreo ~ Inspired by the cookie that’s double stuffed with fluff. Perfect for the brown and white fluffy dog.

79. Pooky ~ Inspired by Garfield’s brown teddy bear named Pooky.

80. Rowlf ~ Character from The Muppets.

81. Sam Sheepdog ~ Shaggy dog who guarded sheep in Looney Tunes cartoons.

82. Waffles ~ Inspired by the Belgian waffle, which is light, fluffy, sweet, and golden brown.

83. Winnie ~ A grand name for a fluffy dog who’s a willy, nilly, silly old Bear.

84. Wookie ~ Shaggy giants from Star Wars movie.

85. Wicket ~ Brave (and shaggy-haired) Ewok scout from Star Wars movie.

Close-up of bright pink rose and the name "'Bloom" photo

Fluffy dog names: female

86. Bloom ~ Inspired by the fluffiness of a flower blooming.

87. Chiffon ~ A fabric that’s flowing and flouncy with a magical luster. If your pupper’s fluff flounces in the breeze, this may be the perfect name.

88. Chenille ~ Soft, warm fabric.

89. Cupcake ~ 🧁

Fluffy, small white dog and the name Cupcake, photo

90. Daisy ~ Inspired by the confident, fluffy Shih-Tzu in The Secret Life of Pets 2.

91. Gidget ~ The cute, white Pomeranian wearing a pink bow in The Secret Life of Pets.

92. Keialani ~ Hawaiian word meaning “sky” and “heavenly.”

93. Lacy ~ Especially descriptive for white dogs with long hair that flows like lace.

94. Lovey or Lovi or Love ~You can’t go wrong with a name that describes how you feel about your furry pal.

95. Organza ~ Inspired by the billowy, swirly fabric—for the dog who has billowy, fluffy hair!

96. Ruffles ~ Inspired by the ruffly frills of lace. Perfect for the fluffy pup with fashion sense.

97. Sweetie ~ Inspired by the “Awwww, Sweetie” feeling you get when you see your fluffy pupper.

98. Tutu ~ Inspired by the flouncy, fluffy Ballet skirt. “Tutu” comes from French language and means “bottom.”

99. Winn-Dixie ~ Cute shaggy dog in Because of Winn Dixie.

Quizzical face of a fluffy red puppy and thd name "Ruffles," photo

Fluffy dog names: male

100. Ari ~ Alternate spelling: Airy.

101. Captain Fluffnstuff ~ Both fun and descriptive.

102. Chewbacca ~ Fictional Star Wars character with shaggy hair who is affectionately called “Chewie” for short.

103. Cotton Puff ~ For a puppy who looks like a cotton ball.

104. Duke ~ A large, brown, shaggy, lovable dog in The Secret Life of Pets.

105. Einstein ~ Fluffy dog in the movie, Back to the Future.

106. Elmo ~ Fluffy, red Sesame Street character.

107. Footstool ~ A fluffy dog from Disney’s Beauty & the Beast.

108. Fozzie or Fozzie Bear ~ Fluffy, brown character from The Muppets.

109. Fuzzy ~ For the truly fuzzy wuzzy puppy.

110. Harry ~ Hairy pup? Why not go with this name for a little word play.

111. Hairy Styles ~ A moniker for the fluffy pup who’s also a Harry Styles fan.

112. Hairy Pawter ~ A funny twist on Harry Potter. Perfect for all the fans of this movie character.

113. Honeybuns ~ For the puppy that’s sweet from head to feet—and buns!

114. Huggy ~ 🤗

115. Hugs ~ 🤗 🤗

116. Mac Flurry ~ Inspired by the fluffy ice cream dessert from McDonald’s.

117. Max ~ Prince Edward’s playful, fluffy dog in Disney’s The Little Mermaid.

118. Milo ~ Inspired by the fluffy plant.

119. Pipsqueak ~ For the little fluffy puppy.

120. Plushie ~ For the pupper who is so fluffy it could be mistaken for a plush toy.

121. Prince Hairy ~ For a hairy pupper who you treat like royalty 👑

122. Puffball ~ When a dandelion turns fluffy and white, it’s called a “Puffball.”

123. Poofy ~ Embrace the poof with this name.

124. Scruffy ~ For the puppy that looks like they just go out of bed.

125. Shaggy ~ A classic name for a long-haired dog.

126. Stormy ~ For the puppy that looks to have just been through a storm.

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