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Best Folding Dog Gate (2024)

Are you in a doggy tailspin trying to figure out which folding dog gate is the best for your pupper? Do you have scroll overwhelm from endless searching through all the different options trying to figure out which dog gate is the best?

If these scenarios sound familiar, I can relate! As a dog parent, I’ve been there. I’ve searched through all the options like my pupper searches out that lone dog treat under the couch.

Best folding dog gate: Tested through real-life use

Before our new Goldendoodle puppy joined our pack, finding a folding dog gate that was both decorative and sturdy was at the top of our new puppy checklist.

I diligently sorted through all the options and found the folding dog gate that works best for both of our little floofers—our new puppy and our adult dog. Our family has been using two folding wood dog gates for over six months now, and they don’t disappoint.

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Spoiler alert: In a hurry? Here is our top pick.

🐾 Pawland Unfolding Freestanding Dog Gate — This freestanding folding gate is versatile, attractive, and sturdy. We bought one and then purchased a second one because it not only protected our puppy, but also is stylish and fits with out home decor.

All the images in this article are of the two white dog gates that we purchased, and they are now staples in our home that has a farmhouse style.

So, if you’re ready to get my insider tips on folding wood dog gates, let’s get started.

Puppy sitting in front of freestanding folding dog gate

At Happy-Go-doodle®, my goal is to make every moment with our dogs more joyful and happy. Plus, my motto for our puppers is, “Safety first and happiness will follow.”

That’s why I was determined to find a dog gate that would help me keep the puppers out of all the things that are so tempting to them—from socks in the laundry hamper to the snacks on the kitchen counter.

Plus, I was also looking for a decorative dog gate that would make my life easier, could provide a cozy space to separate our puppy from our adult dog if needed, and would protect and complement the look of our home.

For a complete list of supplies for your puppy you can visit our Goldendoodle Supplies store.

Why dogs benefit from dog gates in the home

First, I need to mention that there are many types of dogs gates—retractable gates, hardware mounted gates, folding dog gates, dog gates for stairs, etc. I was specifically looking for a sturdy folding dog gate that didn’t need mounted to the wall.

After looking at the other types of gates, I saw that versatility was one of the primary benefits of freestanding dog gates. What I’ve learned over six months of using them, is that they’re even more versatile than I realized.

As our new puppy grew, the uses for the gates changed too. (More on that at the end of this article.)

Second, bringing home a new puppy is a joyful time, but no matter how much puppy proofing is in place, keeping those little curiosity seekers in a safe space (and not roaming every crevice of the home) is a huge help and a great safety measure.

According to the Pet Poison Helpline’s article on 10 pet poison increases, between 2020 and 2021 pet poisoning increased across many categories. Here are just a few examples: yeast 222% increase, brewed coffee 207% increase, and bread dough 202% increase.

Puppy sitting on floor with toy in front of a  white folding dog gate

Why a wooden dog gate? The benefits you may not have thought about

With the benefits of dog gates in mind, for our pack, these folding dog gates had the added benefit of versatility. They can be used in many ways and many places. Plus, they fold up easily for storage.

What features I was looking for in a tri-fold dog gate for my Goldendoodle

Here’s the criteria I used when researching and selecting the best foldable dog gate:

  • Sturdy – I didn’t want anything that would fall over every time we walked by
  • Decorative – The freestanding dog gates tend to be more decorative or attractive than other dog gates (i.e. retractable gates)—some even lean a bit more toward a farmhouse decor style
  • Quality – Would the gate last over time? I wanted a solution that would not only get us through puppyhood, but also could be used for many years
  • Available online – I’m a pretty last-minute shopper, so I wanted the convenience of online buying
  • White – Yes, color was a factor in my purchase decision. Surely, I could find something that would look attractive in our home and still be useful.
  • Easy to use – I didn’t really want to assemble a gate or put holes in our walls
Cream colored puppy dog standing  in front of a freestanding doggy gate that is  blocking the hallway

From the list of criteria above and from my research, the Pawland Unfolding Dog Gate was the stand out, so I decided to buy one and try it. Our family was so happy with it that we bought a second one so that we could use them in multiple places (or even side by side). Honestly, it’s been one of the best and most versatile solutions that we’ve found. In addition to separating rooms or hallways, we’ve used it for everything from guarding the Christmas tree to keeping the dog toys and balls from rolling under furniture.

My personal pick for the best folding dog gate: Pawland Unfolding Freestanding Dog Gate

Pawland Extra-Wide, 3-Panel Dog Gate

Unfolding dog gate specs

Size31.2″ tall
Weight16 lbs (3 panel), 20 lbs (4 panel)
MaterialWood and Metal
ColorsWhite, Espresso
# of panels3 panel or 4 panel
StyleAccordion style, freestanding
Sizes2 sizes to choose from (3 panel or 4 panel )


Versatile – The versatility of this dog gate was one of the biggest and best surprises. With a little creativity, we came up with all sorts uses for the gate in addition to the typical uses as a doorway or room barrier. (More on all the ways we use the dog gates below.)

Attractive – While this white dog gate doesn’t have the weathered look of true farmhouse design, it does have the black metal lines and curved top that makes it fit with farmhouse decor. If you’re curious, the black wire bars on the one that we bought measure 2.25 inches wide.

Sturdy – This foldable dog gate is made of wood and strong steel wire.

Accordion style, designed to stand freely – The accordion style can be configured in a variety of ways, and freestanding means it doesn’t mark up the paint on the walls.

No assembly required – No drilling, no tools needed, no latches or hooks, this gate comes already assembled and ready to use.

Creative uses – Since the metal hinges swing both directions, you can configure the panels in a number of ways. For example, you can create a U shape or Z shape with the 3-panel gate and a square with the 4-panel gate.

Easy storage and portable – Folds down to 3″ wide for easy storage in a closet.

Extra details – We appreciated the curved design and overall look of the gate. Also, the detail of the rubber pads on the bottom of the panels meant that the gates don’t scratch the floors.

Great value for the money – It’s easy to spend some bucks on something flimsy, or you can choose to spend a little more and get a dog gate that’s lasting.

Puppy sitting on a wood floor with puppy toys with a folding doggy gate that's 3 panels in the background


Indoor use only — If you’re looking for gate that you can use outdoors, this gate is probably not your match. The wood material will not endure wet, rainy weather.

Not as easy to enter/exit as door-style gates —If you’re using this gate in a hallway, you will have to swing one panel open or closed. However, it does slide easily and quietly on hardwood or smooth floors.

May not be for pushy puppies — Escape artist in your pack? Your puppy could nose or push the gate open and sneak through it.

Happy-Go-Doodle’s Favorite Duo: The 3-panel gate plus the “feet”

For extra stability, we recommend and we purchased the matching Pawland support feet.

They are easy to slip on and off the bottom of the dog gate frame. In my search, the support feet are not included with most foldable dog gates. This is true for the Pawland gate that we purchased.

Tips and ideas for using your foldable dog gate

1. Ball stopper

Have you ever had you best friend sit and stare at you or even bark until you get on your hands and knees to fetch their long lost toy from under the TV stand? This gate may be your solution.

As you can see in the photo below, we’ve used the dog gate to keep our puppers’ favorite balls from rolling under the furniture.

2 dogs sitting in front of farmhouse style dog gate that's folded around the furniture

2. Hallway barrier

P’awww. What’s a pupper to do when she can’t romp down the hallway and fetch a sock or shoe from the bedroom?

The tri-panel gate used as a hallway barrier keeps our doggos in the family room where we can keep an eye on them.

Puppy lying in front of  a foldable dog gate.

3. Room divider

We have two excellent helpers ready to try their furry best at counter surfing in the kitchen. We use the white tri-fold gate to guard the food in the kitchen from our counter surfing puppers.

2 dogs sitting behind a farmhouse style dog gate that's 3 panels and foldable

4. Christmas tree protector

Does your pupper sneak under the Christmas tree faster than you can say Jolly Old Saint Nick? We used our tri-fold gate to “guard” our Christmas tree.

White wooden foldable dog gate that is 3 panels in front of Christmas tree.

5. Furniture protector

Has your puppy found a piece of furniture that they want to chew? Teething puppies may seek out a piece of furniture, a wooden leg of a chair, or other item that satisfies their normal need to chew.

In addition to redirecting our puppy to chew on a dog-safe puppy toy, we’ve actually completely enclosed a piece of furniture in the dog gate to prevent our puppy from leaving puppy teeth marks.


Now that you have the inside story on folded dog gates, I hope you’re one step closer to finding the best one that works for your family.

While there are many other styles of gates—retractable, hardware mounted, metal, etc.— folding gates have many unique benefits. If I hadn’t been so pleasantly surprised by the ones we purchased, I would never have written this article.

Thanks for stopping by our cozy little corner of the world to gather some information in your decision making process. And thank you for loving dogs as much as they love us.

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