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If Dogs Made Candy Hearts: 29 Funny Dog Valentines

If dogs made candy hearts, what would they say? Our smile-bringing, sock-stealing, canine sidekicks bring us so much love, we decided to stir up a little Valentine’s day dog humor and find out! This Valentine’s Day we’re getting the 4-1-1 on what our dogs would say if they were in charge of making candy conversation hearts.

Red Goldendoodle's face and message in heart shapes: If Dogs Made Candy Hearts, smile-bringing messages, photo

We’re pretty sure that even on a “ruff” day at the Candy Heart Making Pawffice, the candy heart messages our dogs would make would be funny side up. Sure, you might hear a “mutt”er here or maybe an occasional “What da h*ck.” But that’s it. Then they’d be back to stirring up tail-waggy happiness, dropping slobbery balls at our feet, or maybe plotting against the squirrels.

Most of all, if our dogs made candy hearts, their sweet messages would be filled with love. Because our dogs just want us to know how much they love us. #unconditionally. #alldayeveryday.

Each heart would be filled with love, affection, and non-stop smiles. Because that’s just what dogs are.

So, while we couldn’t get all the dogs together to make candy hearts for you, Happy-Go-Doodle Chloe, my red Goldendoodle dog and COE (Celebrator Of Everything) here at Happy-Go-Doodle put her paws to the keyboard this Valentine’s Day and created her very own candy hearts and messages for you. (With some cameo appearances from her pal, Little Bear too.)

Happy-Go-Doodle brings you…If Dogs Made Candy Hearts

Red Goldendoodle dog's face and message on pink heart saying: heart (and sock stealer), photo

I’m Your Little HEART (and sock) stealer. ❤️

Good at Cuddles

I Love My Hooman

FUR is my gift

Red Goldendoodle and yellow Labrador Retriever and funny message, Bork! We're not up to anything, Mom! photo

Bork! We’re not up to anything mom! BORK! BORK! 💚

I licked this candy heart just for you, Mom…

Dudes got nothing on dogs. We dogs love your morning breath.

Yellow Lab puppy with sweet face and Valentine's meme that says, I love you so much I tinkled, photo

I love you SOOOOO much…I tinkled. A little. Tinkle. Tinkle.

Oh, fluff it! 💜 Let’s have a snack!

My tail thumps…Just…For…You.

Woof U Be Mine?

Puppy's back legs showing from under a chair and funny meme, When you're not here my tail stops thumping, photo

When you’re not here, my tail stops thumping…

Does your dog love you? H*CK YES!

Red Goldendoodle with squished orange ball and a meme says, " love you more than my squishy ball, photo

I ❤️ you more than my squishy ball.

Will drop ball at your feet. 5. Thousand. Hundred. Times.

Do dogs love you? PUP YEAH!

I LUV MY CHEWY…but I love you more. ❤️

Labrador with long tongue hanging out and funny message, May I please lick your face? photo

May I please lick your face? pleasepleaseplease


A tail is being thumped for you.

Adult Goldendoodle's nose and message, Boop Please, photo

BOOP Please.

Is your dog your bestie? H*ECK YES!

you r nice. my stick is nice. you r nice as a stick.


My puppy chin is made for scritches and that’s just what you’ll do.

Labrador puppy with waggy tail and message on candy heart about tail doing whirlies

I love you so much. My tail keeps doin’ da whirlies.


Funny Goldendoodle face with tongue out and meme says, you are my favorite treat, photo

You are my fav.or.ite. treat. (You & peanut butter.)

I love you more than my favoritest. Slobberiest. Tennis ball.

Labrador lying with belly up and Valentine's day message says, "My Belly Here For Scritches" photo

My belly here for scritches. More please.

A loving reminder for my hooman: YOU are a good boy too! You are. Yes, you are!

Close-up of Goldendoodle face on couch and candy heart says, available for couch cuddles, photo

Available for couch cuddles. 24/7.

photo of dog looking sad and message says miss you, photo

When you’re not here. I missyoumissyoumissyoumissyoumissyou…

I don’t know why hoomans buy confetti. I sprinkle my own furfetti all over the house. And it’s all-natural.

Dog with paws crossed and message says, my paws are crossed for you, photo

My paws are always crossed for you.

Happy Valentine’s to to you from all the puppers who love you. Unconditionally 🐾❤️🐾

Tail wags,

Happy-Go-Doodle Chloe 🐾 & her sidekick, Jenise ❤️

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