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59 Funny Goldendoodle Names as Comical as Your Doodle Dog

Move over dog names like Charlie, Bella, and Luna. Make room for funny Goldendoodle names for the comical Doodle dogs who make us laugh out loud.

If you’re looking for a name for your Goldendoodle puppy or even ideas for your Goldendoodle’s Instagram account, this mega list of funny Goldendoodle monikers is for you!

Medium Goldendoodle's catching a ball that says "laugh", photo

Thank you for visiting Happy-Go-Doodle in your quest to find a funny name that fits your Doodle dog. We’ve rounded up a massive list of witty, smile-bringing, and just plain funny Goldendoodle names that reflect the comical personalities, silly good looks, and funny antics of Goldendoodles.

You’ll find punny Goldendoodle names, witty twists on popular celebrity names, funny mini Goldendoodle dog names, and more.

And if you need inspiration for funny Instagram captions or dog Instagram handles for your Goldendoodle’s Instagram account, you’re a lucky dog! Our list of funny Goldendoodle names doubles as Instagram dog names or Instagram captions.

Plus, we’ve included 20+ ideas for turning your dog’s name into a unique Instagram handle too.

But, if after checking out this list, you decide you’re looking for other types of Goldendoodle names, please go to our ultimate list of 500+ Goldendoodle names for the best, cutest, most unique, and even the most “hooman” names.

silly cream-colored goldendoodle wearing goggles, photo

So without further a-doodle, please enjoy these silly, goofy, and just plain funny Goldendoodle names.

Funny Goldendoodle names that play off the word “Doodle”

  • Snickerdoodle or Snicker the Doodle
  • Winnie the Doodle —Inspired by Winnie-the-Pooh
  • Noodles
  • Chick -n- Doodle — Great for a pair of Goldendoodles
  • Mac -n- Cheese — Another great option for a Goldendoodle duo
  • Toodle Lou
  • Foodie the Doodie— For the counter surfing Goldendoodle
  • Strudel the Doodle
  • Kit N. Cadoodle (or Kit and Cadoodle) — Inspired by the phrase “kit and caboodle”
  • Caboodle— Version of the name above. We all know Goldendoodles are “the whole kit and caboodle.”
  • Zip A. D. Doodle or Zip a-dee-doodle
  • Google the Doodle
  • Broody the Doody
  • Rudy the Doody
  • Trudy the Doody
  • Huey the Doody
Two dogs wearing goggles sitting on a porch

Funny Goldendoodle dog names based on celebrities, movie characters, cartoon characters, and famous people

  • Prince Hairy & Megan Barkle
  • Bruno
  • Chewbacca
  • Hairy Styles
  • Daniel Ruffcliffe
  • Hairy PAWter
  • Elmo
  • Rowlf— Comical dog from The Muppets
  • Cool & the Dood
  • Einstein
  • Odie— Garfield’s dog’s name is Odie
Goldendoodle puppy in yard making funny face

Names inspired by comedians and the Goldendoodle’s comical personality

  • Jerry Seinfur
  • Woofy Allen
  • Will Fur-rel
  • Reese WOOFerspoon
  • Chevy Chase (With a name like “Chase,” it’s a natural for Goldendoodles on squirrel patrol)
  • Carol Barkett
  • Lucille Ball — For a ball-loving, comedic dog
  • Carrot Top— Great for a red Goldendoodle dog
  • Rodney Doodlefield
  • Groucho Barks
funny goldendoodle with stick in mouth and title "groucho barks"

Funny Goldendoodle names inspired by the Goldendoodle’s appearance

  • Tater Tot
  • Goldi Locks
  • Goofy
  • Nugget
  • Curly
smiling goldendoodle puppy lying in grass, photo

Other funny Goldendoodle names

  • Cutesy Poo —Term of endearment that means “embarrassingly cute”
  • Makraka — Hawaiian for “funny”
  • Graciosa or Gracioso — Spanish for “funny”
  • Malarky — Means “nonsense” and is a fun-to-say word used in phrases like “full of malarky”
  • Donnybrook or Donny Brook— Inspired by the word “donnybrook” which means “a melee” or “a riot”

Funny names for mini Goldendoodles

  • Little Lou-Lou
  • Mini Marshmallow
  • Minnie
  • Little Caesar
  • Cheerio
  • Nugget
  • PeeWee
  • Chicklet
  • Winnie the mini Goldendoodle
  • Vinnie the mini Dood
  • Mini Cooper
Goldendoodle puppy under blanket

Goldendoodle names for Instagram

Finally, if you’re creating an Instagram account for your Goldendoodle puppy, it’s very likely that your dog’s name may have already been used and is not available as an @ handle. Here’s a list of ways you can turn your dog’s name into a name for Instagram. (Remember, the max character count for an Instagram name is 30 characters.)

  • That Doodle ____ @thatdoodleyourdogsname
  • ____ The Dood @yourdogsnamethedood
  • Mini Dood _____ @minidoodyourdogs name
  • ____ Doodle @yourdogsnamedoodle
  • _____ Doodle Bear @yourdogsnamedoodlebear
  • The Adventures of ____ @theadventuresofyourdogsname
  • ______’s Squad @yourdogsnamesquad
  • ______’s Crew @yourdogsnamecrew
  • Captain _____ @captainyourdogsname
  • Oodly _____ @oodlyyourdogsname
  • _______’s Antics @yourdogsname’santics

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What name are you considering for your Goldendood?

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Karen Breton

Friday 22nd of January 2021

Our first Doodle was named "Howdy Doodle". Cute to people who remember Howdy Doody.


Friday 22nd of January 2021

That is adorable! What a clever name! I'll bet Howdy Doody brought you many smiles. Thanks for sharing with us.

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