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10 Funny Things Only Goldendoodle Lovers Understand

Oh, good Goldendoodle! With so much personality and fluff it’s practically impossible not to smile at the silly, comical, goofy, funny Goldendoodle! But what makes Doodle parents so Goldendoodle crazy? What things do Goldendoodle lovers know to be true? We’re happy you’re here to find out! Thank you for stopping by for some Goldendoodle goofiness.

10 Things Goldendoodle Lovers Know

As the mom of a Goldendoodle, it’s hard to describe how much love, joy, and humor are wrapped up in these friendly dogs that could be described as happy humans wearing fluffy coats. Their merry Muppet faces, fluffy Grinch feet, and funny Goldendoodle antics mean that smiles are always in store!

So here’s to our funny Goldendoodle dogs! And here is a lighthearted look at 10 things only Goldendoodle moms and dads know to be funny…and true.

10 funny things Goldendoodle parents know

1. Goldendoodle lovers know how much their dogs resemble crispy fried chicken.

Photo of Goldendoodle dog with curly red hair that resembles friend chicken crispies next to a photo of friend chicken

2. Goldendoodles make the funniest micromanagers at the paw-ffice.

Have you ever had a coworker at the office who watches your every move? Goldendoodles are the world’s most-loved and merriest micromanagers. Every workplace could be happier with a hound around. Seriously, you can’t help but smile with a Goldendoodle puppy breathing over your shoulder while you work, or when you find yourself sharing your computer keyboard with a cute Doodle snoot.

Funny Goldendoodle with snoot on computer keyboard, photo
Goldendoodles make the best (and funniest) coworkers!

3. Goldendoodles will never refuse to have a ball with you.

Translation: You’re going to need a a bucket of tennis balls and a good throwing arm because these pups are always up for having a ball!

Happy Goldendoodle in the middle of a yard scattered with tennis balls, photo

4. With a Goldendoodle you’ll always have a job…

…flipping over a fluffy ear.

Goldendoodle ear flipped back, photo

5. Goldendoodles are sprinkled with sweetness like…

Top of a Goldendoodle's head with snowflakes on it juxtaposed against a funnel cake sprinkled with powdered sugar, funny photo

6. With a Goldendoodle you’ll always have a toothbrushing buddy…

Goldendoodle with funny expression at parent brushes dog's teeth, photo

(Yes, brushing your Goldendoodle’s teeth each night can be fun! For all the details, please read my tips on how to brush your dog’s teeth.)

7. Goldendoodles not only follow you into the bathroom…

…they’ll keep an eye on your every move too.

Funny Goldendoodle peeking around the corner and looking down, photo

8. Goldendoodle lovers know that squirrel watching is way more fun than bird watching.

If you’ve ever found yourself saying, “Squirrel!” just to see your Goldendoodle race to the window and stand on squirrel duty, you’re a true Goldendoodle lover.

Adult Goldendoodle dog looking attentively out the window for a squirrel, photo

9. Goldendoodle parents know how to whip up a Doodle look-a-like using dog hair clippings.

These “mini me” masterpieces of micro fur dot the pages of Goldendoodle parents’ Instagrams. Here is one of my own funny Goldendoodle “hair crafts”…

Smiling Goldendoodle next to a twinning Santa made from Goldendoodle hair clippings, photo

10. Goldendoodle parents know a Goldendoodle…is the teddy bear that you never outgrow.

Girl hugging a Goldendoodle with a funny smile on its face, photo

Finally, whether you snuggle up with ’em, sleep with ’em, or tell ’em all your secrets, Goldendoodles are truly the cuddliest teddy bears that you’ll never, ever outgrow.

Goldendoodle lover? Be part of our pack and get in on all the Goldendoodle goofiness and fun!

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F1b Goldendoodle Face and title 10 things only doodle moms understand, photo

What funny thing does your dog do?

Please comment below. We’d love to hear!

Linda Hurst

Tuesday 11th of August 2020

Everybody loves a Doodle that's why we're in love with you!!!!


Thursday 13th of August 2020

P'awwww, thank you! You're so sweet! We love you (and Scotties) toooo!

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