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Best Gifts for a Goldendoodle Christmas (2024)

Does searching out the best gifts for a Goldendoodle Christmas leave your swirling like a Goldendoodle with a case of the zoomies? Then rest your weary paws for a moment. We’ve got you covered.

Here at Happy-Go-Doodle®, we’ve been making our list and checking it twice to find the best gifts for Goldendoodles and for their hoomans, too.

Goldendoodle dog in front of Christmas tree with a letter to Santa saying she has been a very good dog

You’ll find our tried-and-true favorite dog toys that have been Goldendoodle tested and dog mom approved. Plus, you’ll find some new gifts that are on our own Christmas wish list.

We’ve included gift ideas especially for Doodle dogs, new Goldendoodle puppies, Doodle dog moms and dads, and even ideas for stocking stuffers.

So ho-ho-ho let’s go-go-go!

Christmas gifts for the Goldendoodle Dog

If Santa Paws is coming to your house with a sack full of dog toys and smile-bringing gifts for your Doodle dog, this section is for you!

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Nina Ottosson Hide ‘n Slide Interactive Puzzle Toy

This hide-and-slide dog puzzle toy engages your Goldendoodle’s mind (yes, Goldendoodles are smart cookies) and offers plenty of canine cognitive enrichment.

Simply place kibble or treats in each hole, hide them using the swiveling sliders, and then encourage your pupper to use their “hunt and forage” skills to find the treats.

We’ve used this Nina Ottoson hide-and-slide puzzle toy for over a year, and it’s been the go-to enrichment toy for our Goldendoodle.

Goldendoodle lying with her fluffy face on green Nina Ottosson dog puzzle toy received as a Christmas gift

We often use it in place of a food bowl at morning mealtime because our pupper seems more interested in eating when we ask her to “find it.” It gives her a chance to use her nose to sniff out the food underneath the puzzle’s sliders.

Please note, if you have a puppy or your Goldendoodle is a chewer, it’s important to pick this toy up and put it away just as soon as your dog has found the treats. Chew-happy dogs may want to gnaw on the sliders.

Since the level 2 interactive puzzle (above) has been such a great boredom buster for our Goldendoodle, the Nina Ottosson Level 3 Puzzle Toy (below) is on our holiday shopping list.

Playology Squeak Chew Ball

This beef-scented ball is for heavy chewers and gets our paws up for combining squeaks, scents, and durable yet cushiony construction. If you’re not familiar with Playology, they embed all-natural scents into their toys so dogs can play using their sense of smell.

We purchased both the Playology squeaky chew ball and squeaky chew stick stick last Christmas—and they have both not only lasted but become some of our doggo’s faves.

Remy + Roo Holiday Bandana Set

Christmas is coming and your Doodle dog will look Golden in holiday bandanas from Remy + Roo—a small business inspired by the friendship between a Goldendoodle (Remy) and Poodle (Roo).

The quality fabric and the construction of these dog bandanas set them apart from other dog bandanas. The long ties make cute square knots that almost look like bows, so the bandana is adorable from front and back. We have the floral bandanas, and the Remy + Roo Holiday Bandana Set is on our holiday wish list.

Kong Flyer Dog Frisbee

This dog frisbee gets high paws for its soft-on-a-dog’s-mouth-yet-tough-enough-to-last material and construction. Unlike human frisbees that are made from hard plastic, the classic Kong flexible material is safer on teeth and gums.

A gift from Santa Paws 😉 a year ago, we’ve tossed this Kong Flyer to our Doodle dog in all kinds of weather from snow to sprinkles. (If you have a retriever-loving dog like we do, you already know that frisbee is a year-round backyard sport and not just for summer days.)

Adult Goldendoodle playing in snow with Christmas gift, a red Kong frisbee
Who says frisbee is for summer! Not this Dood! This frisbees seen endless fetch games through all four seasons.

This frisbee has been tossed, tugged, and slobbered on by our Goldendoodle who is a nonstop retrieving machine. Besides the dirt and smudges, it’s still like new.

Additionally, our frisbee sessions include two frisbees. So, while one is in flight, we can have the other ready for the next round. And that is why the West Paw Zogoflex dog frisbee is also on our Goldendoodle Christmas list.

West Paw Zogoflex Zisk

This dog frisbee is soft and flexible for a gentle-on-your-dog’s-teeth-and-gums catch. Additionally, the frisbee’s lip is a little taller. So, in a pinch, it can double as a water bowl for your dog.

After tossing the West Paw Zogoflex Zisk to your dog, you can also toss it in the dishwasher. While we’ve hand-washed ours, according to West Paw’s website, it is dishwasher safe.

Goldendoodle dog with head resting on her Goldendoodle Christmas gift, a West Paw dog frisbee

Zoo Snood Reindeer

Move over Rudolph. Your Goldendoodle will be the most famous (and cutest) reindeer of all in this adorable Zoo Snood reindeer snood. The soft knit “hoodie” is comfy for dogs and sure to make holiday guests smile when they meet your ReinDoodle.

Our family has purchased both the fox Zoo Snood and the polar bear Zoo Snood. We love the soft knit construction and how easy they are to put on. For us, these hoodies are a no-stress way to “dress up” for a special day or even a cold-weather walk. My Goldendoodle doesn’t even notice she’s wearing hers.

Red Goldendoodle wearing a Zoo Snood that looks like a fox

Hyper Pet Treat Lick Mat & Bowl Set

Need a boredom buster or happy distraction for your Goldendoodle?

This Hyper Pet treat lick mat and bowl extend treat time or mealtime because dogs must lick the food from the textured surface. Additionally, according to research, the repetitive act of licking is self-soothing or calming for dogs.

We’ve had a variety of lick mats in our home over the years. Our favorite way to use a lick mat is during Goldendoodle grooming sessions as a happy distraction. The bowl has been a new favorite because it wobbles as our dog licks it, which adds another layer of challenge to the licking.

Here’s a helpful hint for happiness: When using lick mats, always remember to supervise your pupper and pick up the mat or bowl just as soon as your dog is finished. Otherwise, your dog may decide to chew the textured material.

If you’re looking for a treat to use with the lick mat, the Merrick Oven Baked Paw’some Peanut Butter Cookie Dog Treat is a staple at our house.

We place just one of the limited-ingredient peanut butter cookies in the lick bowl along with about a tablespoon of water then mash up the cookie, which easily crumbles and turns into a “dough-like” consistency for spreading on the lick bowl.

Chuck-It Air! Fetch Ball

This fetch ball has a unique, “open weave” construction so air flows through it, which means dogs can breathe easier while running with the ball in mouth. Plus, it’s made from a flexible material for soft catches.

Golden doodle holding Chuck-it Breathe Right Fetch Ball in mouth as a dog Christmas gift

Chuck-It Air! Fetch balls have been part of our daily fetch routine for several years now. The one in the photo below was under the Christmas tree last year and has been tossed and retrieved through four seasons. My fetch-obsessed Goldendoodle loves that they are easy to grab.

On rainy indoor play days, the ball doubles as a treat dispenser toy. We’ve placed treats inside the ball so our pupper rolls it with her nose and works the treats out through the openings.

Gifts for the Goldendoodle Puppy

If this will be your Goldendoodle’s first Christmas, you’ll want to check these Goldendoodle puppy gift ideas out.

Kong Binkie Teething Toy

Adding a new puppy to your pack? Kong makes the cutest dog binky in both pink and blue. The pacifier-shaped Kong binkie toy is made from the classic natural rubber material KONG is known for, but in a gentler formula for growing puppies.

Also, Kong makes their classic-shaped dog toys in blue or pink for your newest furry family member and is designed for beginning chewers. Both the Blue or Pink Classic Kong Toy and the Kong Binky teething toy can be stuffed with a healthy puppy-safe snack to extend playtime.

Puppy’s First Christmas Personalized Ornament

Want to mark your puppy’s first Christmas with a special keepsake? This handmade puppy’s first Christmas ornament can be personalized with your Goldendoodle’s name and birth year.

Plus, you can choose between light maple or dark cherry wood, which ever more closely matches your Goldendoodle coat color.

The happy expression and jaunty look of this Goldendoodle ornament captures the happy-go-lucky personality of Goldendoodles. Plus, we appreciate that it is 100% handmade in Tennessee, according to the brand’s Amazon page.

Gifts for Goldendoodle Moms and Goldendoodle Dads

Will there be a little something under the tree signed “From the Goldendoodle” with a heart-shaped paw print? If so, here are some gift ideas for Goldendoodles to give their Doodle-obsessed family members.

Happy-Go-Doodle Hoodie

Know someone who is Goldendoodle obsessed? (Maybe that’s you!) This cozy sweatshirt featuring a Goldendoodle’s adorable fluffy face and upbeat message makes a great gift idea for birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or holidays. Or, make it your go-to hoodie for dog-friendly adventures to your favorite pet-friendly park, restaurant, or daily walks.

Light Pink hoodie "Oh My Goldendoodle" Dog Mom gift

Chris Christianson Big G Slicker Brush

If the dog mom (or head groomer in your home) doesn’t have this slicker brush yet, she’s missing out on an easier, gentler Goldendoodle brushing routine. The coral handled brush has angled pins designed to detangle and groom dense coats.

This brush works! That’s why it’s holds a spot in my at-home Goldendoodle grooming toolkit. The pins have spring and they seem to glide through my dog’s hair.

Plus, I’ve been using the same Chris Christianson Big G slicker brush for years now and it’s lasted. I groom my F1B Goldendoodle with the coral medium, which measures: 2 3/8″ x 3 3/4″ (head) and 7 3/8″ (body).

Heart symbol next to the coral Chris Christianson slicker brush on blue grooming table

For smaller, harder to get to spots under the belly, the Chris Christianson Baby G slicker brush is on this year’s wish list.

Rubyloo The Original Doggy Travel Bag

Looking for the perfect gift for the dog mom who loves dog-friendly adventures? (Maybe that you!) This doggy travel bag makes packing for a weekend getaway or even a cross-country road trip with your furry bestie a breeze.

There are so many handy compartments to organize your dog’s toys, bandanas, leashes, and treats. Plus, there are two BPA-free collapsible bowls for food/water and two lined food containers. This is one of my favorite dog travel finds for 2023!

Happy dog sitting next to the Rubyloo dog travel bag with 2 bowls, 2 dog food containers, and 1 travel bag

Goldendoodle Mom Stemless Wine Glass

Talking about your Goldendoodle’s latest antics over a glass of wine with friends just got cuter with this Goldendoodle Mom stemless wine glass featuring what else—a cute Goldendoodle. Plus, this glass is dishwasher safe and made in USA.

Wild One Treat Pouch

Treats. Potty bags. Cell phone. Keys. What do you do with it all when you’re ready to head out the door with your pupper? Give the Goldendoodle parent in your life the gift of fashion and organization with this cross body bag.

Plus, if you are debating between a cross body or around-the-waist style, there’s no need to choose because the carrying strap adjusts for both options.

Matching Dog Collar and Dog Mom Friendship Bracelet

Looking for a gift for both the dog mom and pupper? This matching dog collar and dog mom friendship bracelet is a unique gift. Not only are they fashion-forward, but also they are an expression of the unbreakable bond between dogs and their hoomans.

Doodle Dad 16 oz. Pint Glass

This will be the go-to beverage holder for the dog dad who’s the proud parent of a Doodle dog.

This 16-ounce pint glass makes our nice list because it’s made in the U.S.A. by a company that’s small-business owned, according to the Amazon description.

Flying Pig Stainless Steel Dog Grooming Table

Whether you are the complete do-it-yourself Goldendoodle groomer or simply need a sturdy place to brush your Goldendoodle between professional grooms, a dog grooming table makes the task easier.

As someone who’s learned (and loves) grooming at home, I’ve used this Flying Pig dog grooming table for several years now and have been so happy that I made the purchase. With so much Goldendoodle fluff to manage, I’ve learned that having the right tools for the job makes it easier and more fun.

Gifts for the Goldendoodle Familly

Doodle Dogs & Other Mixed Breeds Family Puzzle

Know someone who’s obsessed with all types of Doodle dogs?

This 500-piece Doodle dogs family puzzle features Doodle dogs and mixed breeds including Goldendoodles, Labradoodles, and Bernedoodles.

Did You Feed the Dog Reminder

“Did you feed the dog?” “Who fed the dog?” “I fed the dog.” “But I’d already fed the dog.”

If this sounds like a typical day at your home, then this Did You Feed the Dog Daily Reminder is a practical gift and a problem solver. Plus, you won’t have to worry about overfeeding.

West Paw Big Sky Dog Throw Blanket

Give the gift of a snuggly place for your Goldendoodle to cuddle up with this cozy Big Sky dog throw blanket from West Paw.

There are several colors to choose from, but the holiday red and gray would be especially attractive underneath the Christmas tree.

Last-minute stocking stuffers

Finally, there are the stocking stuffers. In addition to dog treats and toys, you could include these useful gifts for Goldendoodle lovers.

Millers Forge Orange Handle Dog Nail Trimmers

Start the new year off on the right paw by committing to learn to trim your dog’s nails. These Millers Forge dog nail trimmers (orange handle) are my go-to nail trimmers because they cut through dog toenails like a knife through butter.

Dog Toothbrush and Toothpaste Kit

Toothbrushing has seriously made a huge difference in my Goldendoodle’s dental health! I started brushing her teeth after getting the news that she had the dental health of a senior dog when she was just two-years-old.

After a professional dental cleaning to get her back on track, my veterinarian recommended added toothbrushing to her daily routine.

I took his wise words to heart, introduced daily toothbrushing using a dog toothbrush and toothpaste, and it’s made a huge difference!

Goldendoodle with tongue out trying to lick dog toothbrush

Not only has my veterinarian remarked on what a change it made in our Doodle dog’s dental health, we’ve saved hundreds of dollars on professional cleanings.

Furry Christmas to all!

Thank you for taking time out of your day to visit our cozy little corner online. We hope you’ve found some Goldendoodle gifts ideas that inspired you! Most of all, we hope you and your pupper have many merry moments together during the holidays and every day.

mia o

Thursday 16th of March 2023

my dog loves every toy thanks to that chewing thing my dog can stop chewing my pillows!!


Sunday 2nd of April 2023

So true! Our Goldendoodle pupper loved to chew the corners of our couch pillows too! Redirecting with a chew toy has made all the difference! Thank your for stopping by and leaving a comment! Tail wags and paw waves to you and your pupper! 🐾

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