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Free Goldendoodle Coloring Pages 🎨 For Oodles of Cuteness

Goldendoodles color our lives with happiness! And now you can discover some of that comical cuteness, joy, and exuberance in these all-new Goldendoodle coloring pages.

Picture of a happy red Goldendoodle and the same image as a Goldendoodle coloring page. Title reads: Coloring happiness free gift

Each coloring page below was designed to bring an extra smile and some dog-loving joy to your day.

We hope that they are little expressions of the love and laughter our dogs share with us.

Goldendoodle coloring pages

Why Goldendoodle coloring pages? Here at Happy-Go-Doodle®, we are Doodle dog obsessed.

Goldendoodles, mini Goldendoodles, Labradoodles, Aussiedoodles…we just can’t get enough of these sweet, intelligent dogs.

That’s why my Goldendoodle dog and I decided to put our hands and paws together to design these original, all-new printable Goldendoodle coloring pages to share with you.

Yes, they are free. Just download and print the coloring sheets instantly from your device.

So make yourself comfy, snuggle up with your pup, and unwind while you color these Goldendoodle pictures.

Or, if you’re looking for an activity that everyone in the family can enjoy, these cute Goldendoodle coloring pages may be just the ticket.

Completed coloring page of a Goldendoodle's face with the title: Goldendoodle Coloring Pages

There are plenty of different designs to choose from, so everyone can pick the ones they like the most.

How to download your free printable coloring page

It’s easy! To download each coloring sheet follow these 3 steps:

  1. Click the “Download/Print” button below each image to download the PDF of the printable coloring page.
  2. Print using your printer.
  3. Color and collect them all! It’s our way of saying “thank you” for loving dogs as much as they love us.

Finally, wondering what color to make your Goldendoodle? These adorable fluffy teddy bear dogs have coats of many colors. If you’d like, you can check out all the Goldendoodle colors before you begin.

So, without further “adoodle,” let’s begin!

A trio of teddy bears: Goldendoodle coloring page 🧸

If you’re drawn to the Goldendoodle’s teddy bear good looks, then this coloring page is for you! The teddy bear Goldendoodle sitting between these two stuffed teddy bears makes a trio of fluffy, cuddly cuteness.

Goldendoodle coloring page of a Goldendoodle sitting with two teddy bears


Teddy Bear Trio

Goldendoodle mom lettering coloring sheet

There are oodles of ways to color this whimsical Goldendoodle mom lettering page.

Goldendoodle coloring page with the message Golden Doodle Mom


Goldendoodle Mom

Ball dog coloring page 🎾

Do Goldendoodles play fetch? Our family’s dear Doodle dog is a ball-loving, non-stop retriever. This coloring page captures the happiness that fetching and retrieving balls brings so many Goldendoodles.

Coloring page of a Goldendoodle puppy retrieving a ball in backyard


Goldendoodle Playing Ball

“Out for a walk” Goldendoodle coloring page 🐾

Does the word “walk” put a spring in your pupper’s step? For our dear dogs, it really doesn’t matter where they go…as along the adventure includes us.

Goldendoodle coloring page of a Goldendoodle and moss-covered trees framing a two-story house in background


Goldendoodle Walkies

Goldendoodle in the garden 🌸 coloring page

The flowers are blooming. The leaves are popping on the trees. And our Goldendoodles are ready to get outdoors and explore. With so much outdoor foliage, this “Goldendoodle and garden days” coloring page is fun for anyone who loves coloring vibrant outdoor pictures.

Colouring page of a Goldendoodle girl dog standing in outdoor setting by trees and flowers


Goldendoodle in the Garden

Goldendoodle Obsessed coloring sheet

Next, here’s a truism for any Goldendoodle parent…

Goldendoodle coloring sheet that says, "Golden Doodle Obsessed"


Goldendoodle Obsessed

What can you do with your finished coloring page?

Once you’ve printed and colored your page, here are just a few ideas for displaying it to show off your love for Goldendoodles…

  • Take a photo of your coloring page next to your Goldendoodle and post on social media.
  • Display your coloring sheet on the fridge.
  • Frame your work of art in a Goldendoodle frame.
Goldendoodle's face in black and white to color


Cute Goldendoodle Face

Every shade of happy

Thank you for stopping by our little cozy online space for Doodle dog super fans.

We hope that our Goldendoodle coloring pages were just what you were looking for!

Before you go, if you’d like some cute captions to go with your coloring pages, please be sure to check out our mega list of dog puns and doggo lingo…we’re sure you’ll find a cute message that will make you say, “P’awww.” 😉

Tracey Fontana

Sunday 20th of November 2022

Love ❤️ it


Sunday 20th of November 2022

P'awww...thank you! 🐾

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