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Goldendoodle Energy Level: 15 Activities for a Calmer Dog

What’s your Goldendoodle’s energy level? Does your Goldendoodle look up at you with those big blinky eyes waiting for you to go play? Drop a ball by your feet ready for fetch? Do zoomies around your home?

Oh. My. Goldendoodle! Goldendoodles are overflowing with enthusiasm! Let’s spill the tea on the energy level of our happy Goldendoodles, and come up with ideas to calm the comical Doodle dog.

Energetic Goldendoodle playing fetch with a blue dog toy, photo

And by the way, as the mom of a Goldendoodle who’s my furry bestie, I’ve learned some lessons about what works and what doesn’t. And I’ve done my homework on these funny Goldendoodle dogs with a comical, loving personality.

By the end of this article, you’ll have the nitty-gritty along with my real-life experiences on what it’s like to provide the companionship, attention, jobs, and activities Goldendoodles need to be happy and calm.

Why do Goldendoodles have so much energy?

First, why are Goldendoodles often described as energetic? To understand where Goldendoodles get their enthusiasm and zest for life, let’s look at the parent breeds—the Poodle and the Golden Retriever.

The parent breeds are exuberant and playful

The Goldendoodle is called a “hybrid” or a “designer dog” because it’s a cross between the Golden Retriever and the Poodle. (BTW…I think calling them “Muppet pups” or “laugh factories” is much more descriptive than “hybrid” or “designer.”) So let’s get a quick overview of these two parent breeds for clues to the Goldendoodle’s energy level.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) describes the Golden Retriever breed as “exuberant,” “serious workers,” and “needing plenty of exercise.” Also, the Golden Retriever is part of the AKC’s “sporting” breed group. So, these are our first clues to the Goldendoodle’s energy level.

So, what about the Poodle heritage? The AKC describes the standard Poodle breed as “active,” “very smart,” “playful,” and “athletic.” More clues, for sure.

While every Goldendoodle is different (and there are several types of Goldendoodles), the Poodle and Golden Retriever heritage tends to bring an exuberant love for working, playing, thinking, and athleticism to the Goldendoodle family.

High energy, happy Goldendoodle playing in the snow, photo

A Goldendoodle’s energy level changes with age

Secondly, it’s logical that Goldendoodle puppies have higher energy levels than their adult or senior Goldendoodle counterparts.

I like to compare their energy to our own maturing as hoomans. As kids, our energy came in short bursts with much-needed naps in between.

And, much like kids, a Goldendoodle puppy may be super active and then take a nap. The puppy days may be likened to having an Energizer bunny in the house—go-go-go and then out of batteries. (By the way, if you’re in the middle of your Goldendoodle’s puppy stage, take heart! Have faith! Hold on! It will get easier!)

As we hoomans mature, our energy tapers off. However, that doesn’t mean as adults we don’t still wake up with a need to expend some energy for our own good health and happiness.

It’s a similar pattern for our adorable Doodles. As Goldendoodles mature, they become calmer and their energy level changes. But, like us, they still need to expend energy for their own health and happiness.

From puppy energy levels to adult energy levels: My experience as a dog mom

So what does all this look like? Here’s a peek into my experience as a crazy-for-Goldendoodles kinda mom.

As a puppy, my medium Goldendoodle had super high energy. And by energy, I mean banking-off-the-side-of-the-living-room-wall-and-using-the-couch-as-a-ramp style of Doodle zoomies.

I have to confess: I was a harried dog mom.

Our family called our Goldendoodle puppy “Little Two Speed.” She was either sleeping soundly or romping rather wildly.

But around the age of one, she started maturing.

Now, as an adult Goldendoodle, she’s a-dood-able! She still has some puppy playfulness, loves to play fetch, goes for walks, and hangs out. And she’s gentle and calm, too. Happy to sit by our chairs at a dog-friendly restaurant, go for walks on the beach, or snuggle beside us on the couch.

In other words, the love, companionship, and joy are so-so-so worth managing the puppy stage!

F1B Goldendoodle standing by a hiking trail, photo

Activity level and energy level go hand-in-hand

Finally, like any dog who is intelligent and active, if Goldendoodles don’t get an adequate amount of exercise (both physical and mental), they are smart enough to devise their own methods of satisfying their curiosity.

A Goldendoodle who hasn’t had a chance to exert some energy, enjoy some mental stimulation, or satisfy natural instincts to play, run, investigate, or chase, will have an excess amount of energy. Which brings us to…

What’s the downside if a Goldendoodle doesn’t get adequate playtime?

If a Goldendoodle doesn’t have a chance expend some energy, he or she will naturally find an outlet.

This may look like undesirable behavior (i.e. chewing shoes) to us hoomans. But I’ve learned to think of it as my dog’s way of saying, “I’m bored. Let’s do something together!”

And since my Goldendoodle can’t talk, it’s my job to not only observe her behavior, but also create a routine for her that gives her a job, gives her mental stimulation, and gives her the appropriate amount of physical exercise.

Best of all, this means more bonding time for us!

Goldendoodle walking on beach, photo

How do I keep my Goldendoodle entertained?

What are some ways to keep your Goldendoodle from getting bored, and bond with him or her too? After a rousing game of playing fetch together (my dog’s favorite boredom buster), my Goldendoodle settled at my feet while I created this list of ideas.

Red Goldendoodle wearing a dog life vest getting energy levels out by swimming, photo

15 boredom busters for active Goldendoodles

  1. Enjoy a daily walk.
  2. Play games and activities together. If you’re searching for more ways to keep your dog entertained, check out my mega list of 29 things to do with your dog and list of 14 games to play with dogs.
  3. Join a canine sports group such as a dog agility club.
  4. Take your Goldendoodle on a sniffari. A sniffari is a sniffing walk where the goal is not to get to the destination, but to enjoy all the sights, sounds, and, sniffs along the way.
  5. Take a dog obedience class together with your Goldendoodle.
  6. Practice obedience training or basic commands at home. Even asking for a sit or stay before doggy meals engages a dog’s mind.
  7. Teach your dog a new trick. Or, start with basic obedience commands and teach your puppy to sit, stay, come.
  8. Introduce your Goldendoodle to the water. (Remember to put a doggie life vest on your furry pal.)
  9. Try out puzzle toys like the Nina Ottosson Hide ‘n Slide toy. It’s one of our favorites.
  10. Teach your dog how to play fetch.
  11. Include your Goldendoodle in family outings that are dog-friendly.
  12. Visit a dog-friendly store with your Goldendoodle. (If your Goldendoodle is a new puppy, wait until he or she has had vaccinations.)
  13. Consider completing the AKC’s Canine Good Citizen program, which teaches the basics of good manners and good citizenship. You and your dog can even earn a Canine Good Citizen award. (Want to learn more? Go to the AKC’s page: What is Canine Good Citizen.)
  14. Consider getting your dog certified as a therapy dog and becoming a therapy dog team.
  15. Stimulate your Goldendoodle’s mind with a variety of dog enrichment toys, games, and activities. Also, by providing your dog with a variety of dog toys you can enjoy more times together, which increases the bond the two of you share.

While we’re on the subject of dog toys, you may be wondering…

So, do Goldendoodles like to play with toys?

Like most dogs, Goldendoodles enjoy toys that engage their brains, give them a job to do, or allow them to use their senses. In fact, toys are a very important part of keeping your dog mentally stimulated and physically active.

Energetic Goldendoodle retrieving a frisbee, photo

To determine what toys your Doodle dog will enjoy, observe what he or she enjoys doing naturally.

Does your dog love to run or bring your things? Your dog may enjoy playing fetch. Does your dog chew on your shoelaces? A chew toy may be the answer.

Trying out multiple types of toys (fetch, puzzles, chew toys, etc.), will help you determine which one your dog likes best. Also, you don’t need a plethora of toys. Try keeping a few out for your dog, and keep a few put away. Then rotate them periodically.

What kinds of toys do Goldendoodles like?

As mentioned above, Goldendoodles are a cross between the Golden Retriever and the Poodle (two smart dog breeds). With the Golden Retriever’s retrieving instinct and the Poodle’s athleticism, Goldendoodles tend to be natural retrievers and enjoy fetch, frisbee, and playing ball. Additionally, puzzle toys help provide cognitive enrichment. Since no two Goldendoodles are alike, try a few different types of toys and see which satisfy their personal play behaviors.

For our list of types of dog toys Goldendoodles like, check out best toys for Goldendoodles. Also, in choosing toys, I avoid hard toys because they can hurt my Goldendoodle’s teeth.

Life is better with a Goldendoodle

Finally, with your time, attention, love, and patience, Goldendoodles make a wonderful addition to the family. The more you pour into them, the more they will give back to you—becoming more than a family pet, they’ll be a family member. Sharing time with your Doodle dog is “Golden.”

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