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Goldendoodle Eyelashes: All About Those Stunningly Beautiful Lashes

If the “eyes” have it, the eyelashes may have something to do with it, especially Goldendoodle eyelashes. Many types of Goldendoodle dogs, like the red Goldendoodle in the photo below, are known for having long, luscious lashes that frame their loving, soulful eyes.

Close-up of Red Goldendoodle's long eyelashes, photo
Photo credit: Alyssa Berns Photography

If you’re fascinated with all things Goldendoodle—right down to every single eyelash—we’re happy you’re here. Let’s gaze into some glorious Goldendoodle eyes and discover what it is about their lashes.

Here are five frequently asked questions about Goldendoodle eyelashes.

5 frequently asked questions about Goldendoodle eyelashes

1. Do dogs have eyelashes? Do Goldendoodles have eyelashes?

Yes, like humans, dogs have eyelashes to protect their eyes from small particles like dust and debris. 

When a dog’s playing in the dirt, sniffing the grass, or even just hanging out, their eyelashes are working overtime to keep little specks from entering the eyes.

Interestingly, (and as explained by VCA Hospitals), unlike humans, dogs only have upper eyelashes and do not have lower eyelashes.

Close up of Goldendoodle's eye and long eyelashes, photo
Photo credit: Alyssa Berns Photography

2. Do all Goldendoodles have long eyelashes?

No, not all Goldendoodles have long eyelashes. My bestie Chloe (who is soon going to be a senior Goldendoodle and has sprinkles of white hair starting to frame her face) has lovely lashes gracing her alert, oval eyes. However, her eyelashes are not long at all. 

If you look closely at the photo below, you can see my medium Goldendoodle has short, red eyelashes gracefully outlining her eyes.

Her eyelashes have never been long and do not require any special care such as combing or trimming.

Close-up of senior Goldendoodle with graying eyebrows and red eye lashes, photo

However, she does have eyebrows that add so much expression to her face. She definitely can give me those “puppy dog eyes.”

In the photo of Chloe below, you can see her red eyelashes. (I think the eyelid almost looks she’s wearing eye liner.)

The lashes line the eyelid right next to the eyes and her eyebrows are cinnamon-and-sugar red.

Close-up of Red F1b Goldendoodle's eyes with short eyelashes, photo

So why do some Goldendoodles have short lashes and others have long flowing lashes that could almost sweep the floor? Where do these stunningly long lashes come from? 

3. Why do some Goldendoodles have long eyelashes? 

Since Goldendoodles are a cross between the Poodle and the Golden Retriever breeds, you never quite know what traits you’re going to get. That goes for eyelashes too.

While Chloe doesn’t have long lashes, her friend Ruby, an F1 Goldendoodle, has luscious, long flowing eyelashes.

Look closely at the photo below and you can see how they frame her gorgeous brown eyes and flow gracefully down the edge of her eyelids.

Dramatic photo of adult Goldendoodle's face, photo
Photo credit: Alyssa Berns Photography

Ruby’s mom shared that her Goldendoodle’s eyelashes are almost three inches long. She loves Ruby’s lashes and, while she does trim and groom Ruby at home, she leaves the eyelashes long.

So where does the long length come from? I did some research on the Goldendoodle’s parent breeds for clues about Goldendoodle eyelashes.

From what I could find out, the Poodle is the breed that brings long eyelashes (and many other wonderful traits) to the Goldendoodle family.

Since Poodles tend to have long hair, the Poodle breed tends to have long eyelashes. Also, the rule of thumb is this: dog breeds that have long hair also have long eyelashes.

Sideview of dog's face and long eye lashes, photo
Photo credit: Alyssa Berns Photography

4. Can I trim my Goldendoodle’s eyelashes?

If your Goldendoodle has long lashes, you may be asking: “As part of my Goldendoodle grooming routine, should I cut the eyelashes?” 

The answer to this question comes down to your Goldendoodle, what’s most comfortable for her or him, and your preference.

Long eyelashes swooping to the side of a Goldendoodle's eye, photo
Photo credit: Alyssa Berns Photography

If you take your Goldendoodle to a professional groomer, you can ask them about your Goldendoodle’s long lashes. Unless the lashes are obstructing your dog’s vision, trimming isn’t a necessity.

Also, a professional groomer with a steady hand may be your best bet if your Goldendoodle’s eyelashes do need a trim.

If you’re wondering whether your Goldendoodle’s eyelashes will grow back if trimmed, they will. Like the rest of your Doodle’s coat, eyelashes grow too.

While Chloe’s eyelashes are short and don’t need trimmed, I do enjoy grooming her at home and trimming the hair around her face in a Goldendoodle teddy bear cut.

Adult red Goldendoodle with a teddy bear haircut sitting on armchair, photo

Since we’re on the subject of Doodle care, it’s smart to periodically inspect your dog’s eyes and eyelashes as a safety measure. (You’re probably already getting the morning “crusties” out of the corners of your dog’s eyes, so why not do a quick visual check of the eyelashes/eyes too? 😉 )

5. When it comes to Goldendoodle eyelashes, what should you watch for?

As I was researching dog eyelashes, I came across a medical condition you may not have heard about. According to the UFAW (Universities Federation of Animal Welfare) resource , Poodles are more prone to distichiasis, a common condition where extra eyelashes grow in abnormal places.

Next, according to Veterinary Partners (a client education website dedicated to the most accurate online pet health information), Golden Retrievers are also on the list of breeds more prone to this common condition. (BTW…Veterinary Partners listed the Miniature Poodle too.)

Sadly, abnormal eyelashes could irritate the eye, be painful, and may cause corneal damage.

Distichiasis is thought to be a genetic condition. Since the Poodle and Golden Retriever are the parent breeds of the Goldendoodle, I wanted to pass this information along to you.

If you notice anything unusual about your Goldendoodle’s eyelashes, give your vet a call.

Veterinarians are amazing professionals who care deeply for our dear dogs. Your Doodle dog will be happy you did, and you can rest at ease knowing that you’re giving your Dood the best care possible.

Close-up of senior Goldendoodle's eyelashes and eye brows, photo

Before we wrap up our investigation into the Goldendoodle’s lovely lashes, you may be wondering…

Which dog has the longest eyelashes on record?

While this honor does not go to the Goldendoodle, it does go to another Poodle mix!

An Australian Labradoodle holds the Guinness World record for the longest canine eyelashes. The eyelashes are over six and a half inches long!

Curious? You can see the photo of the longest eyelashes on a dog on the Guinness World Record website.

Thank you for stopping by for all things Goldendoodle.

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