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21 Goldendoodle Gifts for the Doodle Obsessed: Your Ultimate Gift Guide

Do you love giving super-cute Goldendoodle gifts to the Doodle-loving friends and family members in your pack? But oh my Goldendoodle! Finding the perfect gift can be so ruff! If you’re dog tired of searching high and low to find the cute Goldendoodle stuff, we’ve gotcha covered!

close-up of adult Goldendoodle's face and title adorable goldendoodle gifts, image

Sniffing out adorable Goldendoodle merchandise doesn’t have to be so ruff!

Since we’ve been shopping online more, Happy-Go-Doodle Chloe and I decided to sniff out the best, cutest, and most doodle-icious Goldendoodle gifts we could find.

We challenged ourselves to find many of these gifts on Amazon (because last-minute shopping is a reality and Prime is a lifesaver) to create the ultimate list of Goldendoodle gifts for the doodle obsessed. Plus, we sorted and organized our entire idea list of Goldendoodle stuff into categories to make it easy to browse by theme.

This ultimate list of Goldendoodle gifts includes:

  • Goldendoodle home decor gifts
  • Personalized Goldendoodle gifts
  • Goldendoodle gifts for the traveler
  • Goldendoodle Christmas ornaments
  • Unique Goldendoodle gifts—pawfect for the hooman who has everything!

It’s also worth noting that many of the Goldendoodle gift items included in our list are handmade. If you’d like to help support artisans, just look for the artist’s palette 🎨 icon in the gift description.

21 Goldendoodle Gifts for the Doodle Obsessed

So if you’ve been doing zoomies around the Internet trying to track down stinkin’ cute, unique Goldendoodle gifts and merchandise for everyone on your gift list, you can stop the madness.

Snuggle up with your pup, get inspired with these gift ideas, and choose the best Goldendoodle gift for all types of Doodle lovers in your life. (And while you’re browsing, why not pick out a little something for yourself?).

Also, don’t forget the Doodle!! Check out Best Gifts for a Goldendoodle Christmas to find a little something for the dude in the family. Let’s go Goldendoodle crazy!

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Goldendoodle gifts: Decor for the home

There’s no place like home, especially if your dog is there to greet you with a waggy tail and wet licks. These Goldendoodle breed specific gifts for the home may inspire you to add a Goldendoodle touch to every room in the house!

1. Doodle Welcome Mat

Profess to the entire world, or at least everyone who comes to your front door, your love for Doodle dogs with this Home Is Where My Doodle Is doormat. (🎨 Designer and creator in Florida)

Welcome mat that says, "Home is Where My Doodle Is" in black type, photo

2. Doodle Mom Wine Glass

This Doodle Mom wine glass is perfectly paired with an image of a cute Goldendoodlle and the message “Doodle Mom.” It’s a unique gift for any Doodle dog lover. Made in USA.

Stemless wine glass with the words Doodle Mom and illustration of a Goldendoodle make a cute Goldendoodle gift for mom

3. Goldendoodle Wall Art

This wall art is the perfect match for the Goldendoodle-loving coffee drinker in your life. (Maybe that’s you!) The Goldendoodle hand-stretched canvas is created by Ryan Fowler, comes in a variety of sizes, and is made in the U.S.A. It may be the wall accent to complete your farmhouse-style coffee nook!

Hand-stretched canvas with two Goldendoodles balancing cups on noses, photo

4. Throw Pillow Personalized With Facts About Your Dog

Do you know someone who welcomed a new puppy into their pack this year? (Maybe that’s you!) We think this personalized pillow customized with facts about your puppy’s birthday or gotcha day is a novel way to mark your puppy’s arrival.

Couch pillow where spaces for personalization including dog's name, dog's age, and dog's weight
Personalizable pillow with the name, gotcha day, and weight

Yes, we found this pillow in the Amazon baby section, but we think it’s perfect to commemorate a fur baby’s arrival too! This particular home decor customized pillow cover can be personalized with your puppy’s name, birthday or dog gotcha day, and weight. (Of course, this is a decorative pillow and not intended as a pillow or plaything for your puppy.)

Goldendoodle gifts: Decor for the kitchen

These kitchen-themed gifts with a Goldendoodle motif are sure to stir up some gift-giving fun!

We think this copper dog cookie cutter in the shape of a Goldendoodle is a unique gift idea for a Goldendoodle parent who enjoys baking treats for the hoomans…or for the puppers.

Copper Goldendoodle shaped cookie cutter, photo

Here are 3 ways to turn this cookie cutter into a clever gift idea for the Goldendoodle lover in your life:

  • Bake up a plate of cookies and attach the cookie cutter with a ribbon. This is a great solution when you need a hostess gift or “little something extra” for a special occasion.
  • Print out your favorite dog treat recipes on recipe cards, punch a hole in the upper left edge of the cards, and use a colorful ribbon to attach the Goldendoodle cookie cutter.
  • Using a red or green ribbon, tie cookie cutters onto a Goldendoodle-themed Christmas tree in place of ornaments. Then give them to guests, friends, or family when they stop by.

Personalization opens up so many fun ways to make a gift even more meaningful. It lets you add a special touch that says, “I know you!”

We love the farmhouse look of this personalized cookie jar. But rather than personalize it with a human’s name, switch it up and add your Goldendoodle’s name.

For example, there would be no confusion as to whose “cookies” (a.k.a. dog treats) these are if I personalized the message with my Goldendoodle dog’s name to make the message “CHLOE’S Freshly Baked Cookies…made with love.”

White cookie container with place for personalization in the message that says "Freshly Baked Cookies, photo

7. Vintage Style Goldendoodle Oven Mitt

And, with all this talk about baking, someone’s bound to need a vintage-style Goldendoodle oven mitt and hot pad!

Black Goldendoodle on green holiday fabric oven mit, photo

Goldendoodle gifts for the traveler

If you know a Goldendoodle parent who loves to go on dog-friendly adventures, this next collection of Goldendoodle gifts for travelers or adventurers is pawfect!

8. Vinyl Sticker

Your love for your Goldendoodle will travel everywhere you do with this “Doodle on Board” vinyl window dog decal sticker. According to the product description and bio, NickerStickers is an all-American company since 2005.

Vinyl Goldendoodle car decal that says Doodle on Board, photo

9. Goldendoodle Wall Hook for Leash, Keys

Before you head out on a grand adventure with your Goldendoodle, you’re going to need to be able to find your keys and your Goldendoodle dog’s leash. We think this Goldendoodle metal wall leash key hook is not only cute but also functional.

Black metal diecut-cut shaped wall key hook in the shape of a Goldendoodle

10. Personalized Organization Station

When we saw this rustic, farmhouse-style reclaimed barn wood coat rack and shelf, we immediately imagined it as an organization station for all the doggy adventure essentials—leashes, treats, poopy sacks, and more.

Plus, the letters on the reclaimed wood pieces can be personalized (up to nine characters)! (🎨 By AllBarnWood, reclaimed barn wood frames in Utah)

Reclaimed barn wood coat rack and shelf with word Explore on it, photo
Display is approximate.

“Explore” is a great message for adventure seekers, but we’ve added a few more ideas here for inspiration:

  • Personalize with your dog’s name.
  • Personalize with your dog’s breed.
  • Personalize with a mantra or dog-themed message such as “PUP STUFF” or “PAWSITIVE” or “OUR PACK.”

Goldendoodle gifts for mom (and dad)

11. Doodle Mom Mug

Sipping coffee is even more relaxing when your coffee is in a DOODLE MOM mug and your Goldendoodle is snuggled next to you. Plus, coffee mugs are an easy gift “container” to fill with goodies for the hooman or even dog treats for the pupper.

We chose this mug because it comes in three Goldendoodle color variations. Pick the one that most closely matches the coat color of your Doodle dog! (🎨By Katy Ryan Designs, hand-stamped jewelry & accessories in Ohio)

A coffee mug with a Goldendoodle's face and words Doodle Mom makes a fun Goldendoodle gift, photo

12. Personalized Charm Bracelet

If this isn’t charming! This customizable dog lover’s charm bracelet can be hand-stamped with your dog’s name and personalized with a dog charm (15 breeds to choose from). (🎨 By Linette’s Jewelry Chest, handmade jewelry in California)

A charm bracelet with lots of dog-themed charms, photo

13. Goldendoodle Tote Bag

If your Goldendoodle goes everywhere with you, then you probably need a Goldendoodle tote bag for all the dog treats, poopy sacks, and other doggy travel essentials. We found the Hippie and Hound Studios Goldendoodle tote bags to be smile-bringers, for sure. The whimsical artwork reflects the comical, happy-go-lucky personality of Doodle dogs.

Canvas tote bag with illustration of a comical, happy Golden doodle

14. Goldendoodle Pajama Bottoms

Do you know someone who eats, sleeps, and dreams about Goldendoodles? Then these comfy pajama bottoms may be the perfect answer for the Goldendoodle parent who thinks Doodles are dreamy.

Blue pajama bottoms with a repeat patten of Goldendoodle dogs, photo

15. Goldendoodle Gifts for Dad

Don’t forget dad! In fact, do you give gifts that are from the dog? This DOODLE DAD glass could be the perfect answer to the question, “What could Rover give Dad for his birthday?” (🎨 By Sip & Celebrate, creative drinkware for life’s best occasions in California)

A pint glass that says "Doodle Dad" makes a great Goldendoodle gift for dads, photo

Goldendoodle gifts for the holidays

No Christmas would be complete without a Goldendoodle ornament to hang on the Christmas tree. We’ve selected two that capture the doggo “howliday” spirit of joy and love.

16. Goldendoodle Adventures Ornament

Are you part of the RV-ing craze? Know someone who is? If a Goldendoodle parent you know loves to take to the road, this Goldendoodle camping Christmas ornament may be the ideal gift and keepsake. This fun-loving Goldendoodle looks like a happy camper who’s ready for a holiday adventure in his vintage, 50s-style trailer. (Created and made by hand in New Mexico, U.S.A.)

A Christmas ornament of a vintage-style trailer with a Goldendoodle looking out the window, photo

17. Goldendoodle Love Ornament

This classic Goldendoodle metal ornament expresses the unconditional love that our furry friends share with their pack. It’s a lasting gift that’s both meaningful and heartfelt. Made in the USA. (🎨 By The Wooden Hare, laser cut wood, acrylic, and metal in Illinois)

Looking for more Doodle ornaments? Check out these 9 Goldendoodle ornaments the are ridiculously cute.

A Christmas ornament of a metal diecut Goldendoodle dog with heart-shape, photo

Goldendoodle gifts for the Doodle parent who has everything

If you’re searching for gift ideas for a Doodle dog parent who has everything or who is hard to shop for, check out these unique ideas.

18. Socks With Your Dog’s Face on Them

Tee hee! These socks personalized with a photo of your dog are almost as comical as our Goldendoodles! And, yes, that’s right. You can personalize the socks with a photo of your dog’s face.

Blue sock with dog faces make a great Goldendoodle gift you can personalize with your own dog's image

19. Leggings With Your Dog’s Face on Them

If personalized socks aren’t quite enough fun, maybe you need to go all out and get these novel personalized photo leggings. Just add a smiley photo of your Goldendoodle and you’ll feel surrounded by your doggo’s love!

Navy leggings with dog faces printed in a repeat pattern, photo

20. Embark DNA Test

If you know dog parents who just can’t learn enough about their Goldendoodle pal, then the embark Dog DNA Test may be the gift that will surprise and delight. The results of this test reveal a dog’s breed make up (by percentage), how to prevent possible health problems, and dog traits and characteristics.

embark Dog DNA Test kit

21. Goldendoodle Campfire Mug

Cozying up by the fire with your Doodle dog and a cup of cocoa is more fun with this Goldendoodle campfire mug. We chose this mug because you can choose from two different Goldendoodle coat colors: brown and cream.

Campfire Mug Goldendoodle gift with a cream Goldendoodle's face as the design

Wrapped up in love

Before you go, if you’re searching for a free gift idea, check our Goldendoodle coloring page of free printables for oodles of Doodle cuteness.

That wraps up our list of 21 Goldendoodle gifts for Doodle dog enthusiasts! We hope we’ve helped you wrap up some of your shopping. Thank you for stopping by, and thank you for loving dogs as much as they love us.

Doodle wags and Doodle kisses!

adult red goldendoodle's face and title 21 adorable goldendoodle gifts, photo

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