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9 Goldendoodle Ornaments That Are Ridiculously Cute

A Christmas without a Goldendoodle ornament hung on the tree? Oh. My. Goldendoodle. That would be ruff! We are all about spreading dog joy here at Happy-Go-Doodle®, and that includes making the holidays furry and bright! Christmas wouldn’t be complete without A Goldendoodle’s Night Before Christmas story to read, a Goldendoodle ornament for the Christmas tree, and a doggy stocking to hang by the fireplace.

Adult Goldendoodle's face with lighted Christmas tree in background ready for Christmas Goldendoodle ornaments, photo

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For our dog-themed holidays-at-home guide, we snuggled, shopped online (especially this year, it seemed wise), and found nine Goldendoodle ornaments and three dog Christmas stockings that look a-dood-able. We hope our curated collection makes it fun and easy to create a joy-filled holiday for your family and the Doodle that’s “Golden” in your life.

Fuzzy, furry, or felted Goldendoodle ornaments

Bring on the fluff! Goldendoodle ornaments that look as floofy as a Goldendoodle make us smile. We hope they make you smile too. We scoured Amazon and found three with flair. The fluffy Goldendoodle ornament by The Bridge Collection comes as a set of two. (This ornament is also available in brown for our brown Goldendoodles.) The Doodle dog with a red bow ornament by Chilly Dog captures the look of all that Doodle fluff! Finally, we couldn’t leave out the comical look of the hand-felted Gallerie II “Dog Bro” ornaments. While these ornaments have a more universal “dog look,” I think they capture the comical, clever personalities of Goldendoodle dogs too.

Cute ceramic Goldendoodle ornaments

Looking for a Goldendoodle ornament as cute as your Doodle dog? These endearing ceramic ornaments are from Caroline’s Treasures, a company based in Mobile, Alabama. We selected three to show here, but there are a variety to choose from. The white Goldendoodle on blue ceramic ornament and the white Goldendoodle on pink ornament are sweet. I think the brown Goldendoodle on blue ornament looks like Chloe, the COE (Celebrator Of Everything) here at Happy-Go-Doodle®.

Adult red Goldendoodle's face with a sprinkling of snow lacing the eyelashas and snout, photo
Chloe is the COE, Celebrator Of Everything!

Handcrafted wooden Goldendoodle ornaments with charm

These Goldendoodle ornaments captured our attention not only for their Goldendoodle cuteness, but also for their craftsmanship. The Dandy Design Goldendoodle ornament vintage truck and the Dandy Design Goldendoodle vintage RV combine Goldendoodle smiles and Americana charm. Plus, Dandy Designs is made in the USA by local artisans and crafts people in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Next, the Goldendoodle wooden ornament by Graphic Spaces is not only cute, but can be personalized with your dog’s name and the year date. This Goldendoodle ornament is made in the USA by a family in Tennessee.

Goldendoodle Christmas Stockings

Where will Santa leave a treat for your fur baby if there’s no dog Christmas stocking hanging by the fireplace? We rounded up three dog Christmas stockings that would make any puppy happy on Christmas morning. I think many puppers would love the message, “I’ve been a very good dog” that’s on the Monami dog paw stocking with buffalo plaid trim. The light blue Goldendoodle stocking from Caroline’s Treasures features a Goldendoodle in its design. Or, for sweet girl puppies, the pink Mon Ami Parisian puppy stocking is feminine and oh so oo-la-la!

For a Christmas that’s gone to the dogs

Ready for more ideas? Please check out our other blog posts on Goldendoodle gifts for the Doodle obsessed, dog snoods for chilly winter weather, and even our own line of apparel for dog lovers who want to live the dog-loving adventure.

Adult Goldendoodle dog wearing blue bandana in front of Christmas tree, photo
Mom’s been creating more than blog posts! Check out our coordinating bandanas and dog mom apparel!

Thank you for taking some of your valuable time to spend with us. We hope we’ve helped to capture the doggo “howliday” spirit of joy and love.

Doodle hugs and kisses from our fur family to yours this holiday!

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What will Santa 😉 put in your dog’s stocking this year?

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