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New Goldendoodle Puppy? 7 Golden Lessons This Dog Mom Learned From Raising a Doodle

A Goldendoodle puppy is a furry ball of energy, smarts, and love. As one very doodle crazy dog mom (and someone who’s turned the corner from parenthood to “doodlehood”), I loved Happy-Go-Doodle Chloe’s puppy stage. Looking back on bringing up Chloe, I definitely learned some lessons about what worked for our Goldendoodle puppy and what didn’t.

goldendoodle puppy face
Chloe: cuddles and cuteness.

Here are seven things that I learned from my Goldendoodle puppy’s days:

Golden Nugget #1: “Fur Baby” is both an endearment and a truism.

Having raised our two kids and our kiddoodle, I think the term fur baby is both a term of endearment for our beloved dogs and a truism too. A Goldendoodle puppy brings:

  • late-night potty outings, schedule changes, and puppy zoomies.
  • daily conversations about “potty time” and “feeding schedules” and “teething.”
  • puppy toys scattered on the floor.
  • and most of all, little puppy paw prints of love imprinted on your heart.

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Chloe’s puppy days were golden.

Golden Nugget #2: Doodle puppies are golden. Find the “gold standard” of veterinary care for your little dood.

From potty training to feeding schedules to questions about teething, our veterinarian was a great resource. He took the time to answer questions and shared information on everything from piranha puppies (teething puppies) to loose-leash walking. Just like having a great pediatrician for our children, our veterinarian was (and still is today) one of our most trusted resources and partners.

Also, the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) sign on the door to our veterinarian’s practice was a reminder of the high quality of care that our vet delivers.

Are you familiar with AAHA? They are the gold standard of veterinary care. Vet practices who are AAHA-accredited have been evaluated on 900 requirements.

You can find an accredited vet in your area by using the AAHA vet locator.

Golden Nugget 3: School days aren’t just for hoomans.

Like many Goldendoodle puppies, Chloe had two speeds. She was either a little red fireball of energy or one pooped pup. Our family quickly learned that the sooner we could guide all that energy and intelligence, the better. We enrolled our Goldendoodle in “puppy school” as soon as our vet gave the thumbs up.

Puppy training was a great way for Chloe to:

  • socialize with other dogs and people
  • learn new skills and commands in class
  • practice those new skills at home
  • bond with her humans (and us with her)!

Golden Nugget #4: Puppy proofing the house pays off.

Like a toddler, Goldendoodle puppies explore with their mouths and are incredibly curious. Chloe had an affinity for our socks. (This seems to be a common Goldendoodle thing.) But our family had read the heart-wrenching stories of doodles who’d eaten socks and had to have surgery due to intestinal blockage.

Keeping our Goldendoodle puppy safe meant putting safety plugs into the electrical outlets, putting up child safety gates, keeping everything picked up including phone cords and socks, and watching Chloe like a hawk.

Additionally, we learned about the dangers of xylitol (a sugar substitute that is found in hundreds of foods and consumer products). If you’re bringing a new puppy home, please learn more about this potentially deadly toxin. I found this article by integrative veterinarian Dr. Julie Buzby helpful: Xylitol the Poison in Your Pantry.

Golden Nugget #5: There is a direct correlation between intake and output.

What goes in must come out! If our Goldendoodle puppy ate her puppy food, soon she’d have to poop. If she drank, soon she’d have to pee. It wasn’t quite as simple as that, but close. By keeping Chloe on a feeding schedule, potty training was easier. We reinforced her learning by saying “potty” in a happy voice each time we took her outside, repeating it when she was pottying, and giving plenty of verbal praise and a treat for her success.

Additionally, we watched for the signs of puppy potty behavior:

  • Was she sniffing the ground?
  • Did she suddenly stop playing or stop in her tracks?
  • Was she circling?
  • All are potty cues.

AND 2 things we tried with our Goldendoodle puppy that didn’t work

Golden Nugget #6: A Dog Mom sees a cozy dog bed. A Goldendoodle puppy sees a giant chew toy.

We bought our Goldendoodle puppy a dog bed because we thought she’d love a soft, cozy spot of her own. She did love it, That cushy dog bed was the chew toy of our doodle puppy’s biggest dreams. She pulled at the seams and drug it around with her mouth. Needless to say, the dog bed quickly went into a closet.

Golden Nugget #7: Climb every mountain…or wire pen.

We had invested in a sturdy wire exercise pen and sat it in the living room. We had envisioned “Puppy” (her name until we could choose a Goldendoodle name that was perfect) playing in her “playpen” while we made dinner or ran to the kitchen. Within the first day, Chloe took the word “exercise” in “exercise pen” literally and scaled the pen’s vertical side like an expert mountain climber scales Pikes Peak.

The exercise pen made a great garage sale item. For Chloe, the coziest place for her when she needed a safe spot was her crate. sweet. crate.

Doodle puppies are comics…and energizer bunnies…and lap sitters…and smarties……and muppets…and golden. From puppy days to adulthood, Happy-Go-Doodle Chloe has filled our home with joy.

Do you have tips on caring for a Goldendoodle puppy?

We’d love to hear! Please comment below.

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red goldendoodle puppy face and title New Goldendoodle Puppy? 7 Tips


Saturday 4th of January 2020

Love my 5 month golden doodle but not the puppy phase so much😉


Monday 13th of January 2020

LOL! Yes, in addition to my bestie Goldendoodle Chloe, I'm a slightly harried (or hairy-ed ;) ) but happy puppy sitter to a little Labrador Retriever who is the sweetest little...velociraptor on the planet!

Linda Hurst

Sunday 3rd of March 2019

Charlie wasn't much different. Jeff's inlaws just adopted not one but two miniature schnauzers! Wow, double trouble!!!! They are about 4 months old. Goldendoodle babies are just adorableness!


Wednesday 20th of March 2019

Oh, my goldendoodle! Two fur babies at once! That's a busy household! Thanks such much for stopping by! Chloe sends lots of doodle kisses to Charlie!

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