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95 Best Golf Dog Names ⛳️ (With Descriptions)

Are you having a rough time finding the best dog golf names? Wishing you could find a name that’s way above par for your puppy? Maybe even a golf-themed name that’s your ace in the hole? Then we’re happy you’re here.

Golden doodle puppy sitting in front of National Golf Club

Choosing a name for your puppy is one of the most exciting decisions you’ll make for your doggo’s future, and may be at the top of your new puppy check list.

With over 90 golf-inspired dog names (along with meanings) on our list, you’re well on your way to making a choice that’s the best fit for your puppy.

Inspired by a touristy drive through August, Georgia (home of The Masters), my own dog and I started brainstorming a mega list of golf-related dog names—everything from names of golfing legends to golf courses to all the things that make golfers want to get out on the greens.

If you’re a golf enthusiast, this mega list of monikers is for you! Before you get started, here are a couple of tips:

Goldendoodle puppy standing by flag stick on golf course putting green
  1. Ace ~ The term used for the very rare feat of making a hole in one. If your dog is extraordinary, “Ace” may be the best golf-related dog name.
  2. Albatross ~ In golf, “albatross” is the term used when a player accomplishes the incredibly rare feat of scoring three under par for one hole. For the incredibly rare dog, Albatross may be a perfect dog golf name.
  3. Birdie ~ A score of one under par.
  4. Bogey ~ One over par.
  5. Bunker ~ A sand trap located on all parts of the golf course. Golfers try to avoid the bunkers.
  6. Caddie ~ The person who carries the golfer’s bag of clubs and advises the golfer. If your dog is your confidant, “Caddie” may be the best golf dog name.
  7. Chip ~ A short shot used when a golfer is close to the green.
  8. Chunk ~ When a golfer makes a big divet in the grass and the golf ball does not go as far as a result.
  9. Dimples ~ The small, perfectly spaced indentions on a golf ball.
  10. Duff ~ The term used for hitting the ground behind the ball instead of the ball.
  11. Duffer ~ A golfer who is not skilled at the game of golf.
  12. Divot ~ When golfers swing or play, they often leave a mark in the grass. This is called a “divot.”
  13. Dunes ~ Rolling hills style golf course.
  14. Eagle ~ Two under par.
  15. Fairway ~ The short grass along the path to the hole.
Red goldendoodle and cream color golden doodle puppy with golf club by putting green

16. Fluffy ~ When a golf ball is sitting up high in the rough so there is space between the ball and the ground.

17. Fore ~ A warning the golfer hollers when the ball is heading in the direction of other golfers or onlookers.

18. Green ~ The putting surface where the hole is located.

19. Gimme ~ A putt that is so close to the hole that it is essentially impossible to miss. Often the golfing partner gives the putt to the other golfer because it’s impossible to miss.

20. Hacker ~ Unskilled golfer.

21. Links ~ Another term for a golf course.

22. Mulligan ~ A term used by hackers or unskilled golfers who are playing for fun and “redo” a bad shot.

23. Par ~ The score an expert golfer would make for a given hole.

24. Putt ~ The shot used on the green to roll the ball into the hole.

25. Rough (Ruff 😉) ~ The tall grass on the edges of the fairway that makes hitting the golf ball more difficult.

26. Sandy ~ When the ball lands in the bunker, it’s sandy.

27. Scramble ~ A common format for a golf tournament.

28. Shank ~ When the golfer mistakenly hits the ball but not with the golf club’s face.

29. Slice ~ When a golfer hits the ball and it curves in the direction of the opposite hand that the golfer uses to play with.

Cream color goldendoodle puppy sitting on golf course

Dog names inspired by golf players

30. Annika ~ In honor of Annika Sörenstam, the GOAT with 72 LPGA wins and 17 European tour wins.

31. Arnold ~ Arnold is the first name of the legendary golfer, Arnold Palmer.

32. Arnie ~ The friendly moniker for Arnold Palmer.

33. Bear ~ A nod to Jack Nicklaus’ byname, The Golden Bear.

34. Ben ~ Inspired by Ben Crenshaw who won The Masters tournament in 1984 and 1995. Also, Crenshaw is nicknamed Gentle Ben.

35. Bobby ~ A nod to Bobby Jones known for his grand slam victory in all four major golf tournaments.

36. Bubba ~ A nod to Bubba Watson who won the Masters in 2012 and 2014.

37. Collin ~ Inspired by Doodle owner Collin Morikawa. Collin is the proud parent of a mini goldendoodle named Koa.

38. Daley ~ A nod to John Daley who is nicknamed “Long John” for being the first PGA tour golfer to average over 300 yards per drive over a season.

39. Dottie ~ A nod to Dottie Pepper—17 LPGA tour titles and lead walking reporter for CBS golf coverage

40. Ernie ~ In honor of Ernie Ells who has 76 professional golf career victories.

41. Faldo ~ One of the most successful Britain golfers, Nick Faldo has the nickname Sir Nick, probably because he received knighthood from Queen Elizabeth the II.

42. Freddy ~ Inspired by Freddy Couples, oldest person to make the Masters cut at 63 years, 6 months, 5 days, and winner of the Masters in 1992.

43. Hogan ~ In honor of Ben Hogan, an iconic golf player who won 9 of the 16 majors he played in.

44. Jack ~ A champion name inspired by Jack Nicklaus, the greatest golfer of all time with 73 PGA tour wins, 10 Champions Tour trophies, 115 worldwide wins.

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45. Koa ~ Inspired by Collin Morikawa’s adorable red goldendoodle Koa. This recent post from The Sun on Koa shows his Intsagram fame.

46. Mickey ~ In honor of Mickey Wright who holds 82 LPGA wins and 13 major titles.

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47. Nick ~ One of the most successful Britain golfers, Nick Faldo has the nickname Sir Nick, probably because he received knighthood from Queen Elizabeth the II.

48. Nicklaus ~ The greatest of all time, Jack Nicklaus.

49. Norman ~ A nod to Greg Norman, amazing professional golfer turned entrepreneur.

50. Palmer ~ A nod to the legendary golfer, Arnold Palmer.

51. Patty ~ In honor of Patty Berg, who holds the all-time record for most major wins (15) of any female golfer.

52. Pepper ~ A nod to Dottie Pepper who holds 17 LPGA tour titles.

53. Phil ~ Inspired by three-time Masters winner, Phil Mickelson. Mickelson is also nicknamed Lefty.

54. Player ~ A nod to Gary Player, the only non-American to win the “grand slam of golf,” which is the Masters, U.S. Open, British Open, and the PGA.

55. Ricky (Fowler) ~ This amazing pro golfer is know for wearing orange on tournament days. If you dog has a red or orange coat color, this name may be perfect for you. (For more names for red or rust colored dogs, check out mega last of red dog names.)

56. Rory ~ A nod to current pro golfer Rory McIlrory who is known for being one of three golfers to have won four majors by age 23.

57. Sergio ~ Sergio Garcia, Spanish professional golfer who won The Masters in 2017 and 36 tournaments worldwide.

58. Tiger ~ A perfect dog golf name if you’d like to name your dog after the famous Tiger Woods who has 82 career PGA wins.

59. Vijay ~ In honor or Vijay Singh who holds one Masters title and two PGA Championships.

60. Watson ~ American golf pro known for his powerful drives.

61. Woods ~ Another round of golf claps for Tiger Woods.

A apricot colored Golendoodle puppy and a red Golden doodle dog sitting in grass in front of Augusta National Golf Course

Golf-related dog names by golf courses

62. Augusta ~ Iconic golf course where the masters is held every year in Augusta, Georgia.

63. Cabot ~ A golf course in Nova Scotia, Canada.

64. Carnoustie ~ If you’re searching for a unique golf dog name, have you considered Carnoustie? This golf club is located in British Columbia.

65. Cypress ~ A dog golf name with a nod to the Cypress Beach Golf Club in California—a golf course that winds its way through cypress, sand dunes, and coast line.

66. Dornoch ~ Royal Dornach Golf Club in Scotland.

67. Kingston ~ A nod to Kingston Health Golf Club in Australia.

68. Merion ~ Looking for a golf name for a clever little dog? The name “Merion” might be for you. Located in Pennsylvania, Merion Golf Course is known as a clever little course with twisting greens.

69. Muirfield ~ This name is inspired by the course that Jack built, Muirfield Village Golf Course in Ohio.

70. Oakmont ~ A course in Pennsylvania created by a father-son team.

71. Olympic ~ Does your dog have the heart and soul of a champion? How about this name based on the Olympic Golf Club.

72. Pinehurst ~ A nod to the Pinehurst Golf Course in North Carolina.

73. Pebble ~ A dog golf name inspired by the famous Pebble Beach Golf course in California.

74. Royal ~ Inspired by two famous golf courses, Royal County Down in Northern Ireland and Royal Melbourne in Australia.

75. Shinne ~ Inspired by Shinnecock Hills Golf Club on Long Island, New York.

76. St Andrews ~ A nod to the Old Course at St. Andrews known by many as the “home of golf.”

77. Sunningdale (Sunny) ~ If your dog has a sunny disposition, how about trying out the name Sunningdale or Sunny, for short? This name is inspired by the golf club located approximately 30 miles from London, England.

78. Torrey ~ If you like dog names that end in Y, then Torrey may be the best fit for your golfin’ pupper. This name is inspired by Torrey Pines Golf Course, which overlooks the Pacific Ocean in California.

79. Winged Foot ~ Fast puppy? How about trying out the name Winged Foot? This golf-themed dog name is inspired by Winged Foot Golf Club, which is about a 45-minute drive from Times Square in NYC.

Red goldendoodle sitting by golf bag and golf clubs on golf course

Golf dog names inspired by golf brands and equipment

80. Callaway (Callie) ~ A brand of golf clubs.

81. Chipper ~ An unofficial name used for a club used to chip the ball onto the green.

82. Driver ~ The #1 wood used for golf balls placed on a Tee.

83. Iron ~ The shorter shafted series of clubs.

84. Putter ~ A golf club used for short putts where you are rolling the ball into the hole.

85. Ping ~ A brand of golf clubs.

86. Tee ~ The wood or plastic base you set the golf ball on to start a new hole from the tee box.

87. Titlelist ~ A brand of golf clubs and golf equipment.

88. Taylor ~ Inspired by Taylor Made, a brand of golf clubs and equipment.

89. Wedge ~ A high-lofted iron club used for approach shots.

Puppy in golf cart with list of dog golf names like Caddy and Pebble

Other golf dog names

90. Gilmore ~ Inspired by the popular comedy golf movie, Happy Gilmore.

91. Happy ~ Inspired by the popular comedy golf movie, Happy Gilmore.

92. Knickers ~ Golf pants that end just below the knee.

93. Masters ~ A nod to The Masters, the granddaddy of men’s golf tournaments.

94. Spikes ~ The tread on golf shoes used for traction.

95. Ryder ~ The Ryder Cup.

Entrance to The Augusta National Golf Course, Magnolia Lane

We hope you found a golf name that’s a winner for your puppy

Thanks for stopping by We hope we’ve helped you find the perfect name for your little golf pro! Whether you choose a name like Arnie, Tiger, or Dimples, your puppy will love hearing his or her name when it’s said by you.

Finally, if you’re ready for more helpful tips and ideas, please sign up for our latest pupdates! We’d love to have you as a part of our pack.

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