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Red goldendoodle dog with blue dog bandana lying on graww with tennis balls between dog's paws and balls each have one word laugh love joy

Our Yellow Ball of Happiness Promise

The Fetch Joy® life represents living happier—hand in paw with your dog. 

Like Chloe with her favorite yellow ball after a rousing game of fetch, we try our best to bring that same “yellow ball of happiness moment” to everything we do. And we hope that you and your doggo discover more smiles, go on more journeys, and uncover the best experiences that come from exploring the world, or even your backyard, together. Our belief is that by sharing the big and little moments you can both live happier, laughier, and more joyful times…together.


Whether you’re purchasing a gift for a dog lover, yourself, or for a doggo, we tuck as much happiness into each item as “paw-ssible” 🙂

If you purchased an item from is not right for you, we offer a 30-day, money-back guarantee. Please contact us for authorization before returning your item.  Click here for our return policy.

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