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30+ Happy Birthday Dog Memes for BarkDay Smiles

Ready for a dog birthday meme to brighten your day or make a birthday more wonder-fur? Here at Happy-Go-Doodle®, we believe that birthdays are a day for celebrating, spoiling, laughing, living in the moment, and enjoying life!

Birthday dog memes from one very happy dog to brighten your barkday

These happy birthday dog memes are just the beginning of the smiles that are in store for dog moms, dog dads, and any dog lover who loves celebrating special days and even little everyday moments with their canine companions.

dog saying happy birthday and smiley dog with balloons and title happy barkday

In celebration of our dog’s birthday, this year we donned our birthday thinking hats and created a mega list of happy birthday memes.

You’ll find 30+ cute and funny birthday memes for dog lovers filled with birthday smiles, derpy dog faces, and funny messages from one very happy birthday dog.

We hope you enjoy these wholesome, funny dog memes as much as we enjoyed creating them for you. (And, if you’re looking for more feel-good birthday messages, we’ve got you covered. Please check out our companion article: 40 Fun Birthday Quotes From One Very Happy Dog.)

So please sit, stay, and catch some smiles and happy birthday wishes right here delivered to you with tail-waggy happiness from Happy-Go-Doodle Chloe. Who’s Chloe? She’s both CFO (Chief Fun Officer ) and CEO (Celebrator of Everything) around the “pawffice” and she’s always ready to retrieve happiness and cuteness for you!

Happy Barkday!

Dog memes about birthday gifts that are sure to bring a smile

Let’s get this birthday pawty started with some dog memes about gift giving.

Red goldendoodle going poop with funny dog birthday meme "I know you don't like mussy crap for your birthday"

Happy Birthday. That’s. I know you don’t like mushy crap on your birthday.

happy birthday dog meme of two dogs

Remind the hoomans about the “7 in dog years” thing. I guarantee you’ll get more presents.

funny dog birthday meme with funny photo of goldendoodle in baby pool

Mom got me a giant water bowl for my birthday. I hope the little hoomans didn’t pee in it.

funny dog birthday meme with photo of goldendoodle dog face and joke about present

I was going to fetch you a birthday gift. But then I said, “Oh, fur-get about it!”

Dog dressing as postman with birthday meme "Now delivering birthday smiles"

Now delivering birthday smiles.

Treat yourself to these happy dog memes about birthday cake

Did someone say treats? These birthday dog memes are inspired by yummy doggy birthday cakes, puppy treats, and sweetness.

funny dog birthday meme of goldendoodle's tongue and caption place all cake crumbs here


dog birthday meme with photo of dog carrying giant stick and caption about treating yourself

Treat yourself to all the birthday fun you can fetch!

funny goldendoodle dog's face photo with birthday meme place all birthday treats here


dog happy birthday meme with goldendoodle funny photo

Would you like me to fetch some sticks to put on your birthday cake?

happy birthday meme funny dog face photo

I sorry I ate your birthday cake. But I left you a present in the yard.

funny dog birthday meme with funny dog face photo

Birthday cake: $10. Birthday gift: $20. CHEESY smiles? Priceless.

(Love goofy, smiley dog humor? Check out our mega list of smiling dog memes.)

Funny birthday memes for the dog’s birthday pawty

No birthday would be complete without some fun pawty games. Enjoy these dog birthday memes about birthday games and activities.

Funny dog meme of dog's face with frisbee and the words, "We'll have fun, fun, fun tll my daddy takes the frisbee away"

And we’ll have fun, fun, fun till my daddy takes the frisbee away! (Frisbee? I thought we were playing keep away!)

Yellow Labrador Retriever dog with head submerged in pool of water with dog meme "Mom, I don't think that's an apple"

Mom, I don’t think that’s an apple.

And a meme that’s perfect for after the birthday celebration…

dog birthday meme says party till your pooped and goldendoodle lying on deck photo

Party till you’re pooped.

How does a fun-loving birthday dog say “Happy Birthday?”

So you’ve got the presents, games, snacks, now you need the perfect happy birthday message. Sure, you can always say, “Happy Birthday!” It’s a classic birthday wish. But maybe you want to perk up the birthday wish a bit. This next group of birthday memes are birthday wishes, compliments, and smile-bringing messages from the dog.

Puppy dog peeking through chair with dog birthday meme "just peeking in on your biirfday"

Just peeking in on your birfday.

Red and white dogs laying on floor looking up with birthday meme "Have the bestie birthday ever"

Have the bestie birthday ever!

White dog sleeping with smile on it's face and birthday meme "May your birthday be this"

May your birthday be this!

happy birthday dog meme of smiley dog face in photo with caption how happy this happy

How Happy? This happy!

yellow labrador lying on  his back with birthday meme "ready for my birthday belly rubs"

Ready for my birthday belly rubs.

Puppy dog with head under chair and dog birthday meme "Ruff Birthday"

Ruff Birthday?

cute dog birthday meme with goldendoodle dog photo

Dog make birthdays even more wonder-ful!

Cream colored goldendoodle with funny birthday dog meme "Ruff Birthday"

Ruff birthday?

Smiley dog face and title happy birthday dood happy birthday meme photo

Happy birthday, Dood.

Puppy dog lying on back playing with dog leash and birthday dog meme "unleash the fun"

Unleash the fun!

photo of cute goldendoodle dog birthday meme says stay happy


Puppy with little paws up and dog birthday meme "Have a pawsome birthday"

Have a pawsome birthday!

Belated birthday dog memes

Missed the birthday? If your birthday wish is a little late, these belated birthday dog memes are for you.

Funny dog face looking bashful and the message sorry I missed your birthday

I sorry I missed your birthday.

Goldendoodle puppy with nose close to camera and happy birthday meme "Bday Boop"

Bday boop!

 Caption Happy Birthday, Dog Lover and smiley Goldendoodle dog photo

Happy Birthday, Dog Lover! We hope we’ve made your barkday brighter!

Are you celebrating a birthday today? We’re sending you smiley, happy thoughts your way!

A few happy facts about birthdays, dog memes, and fur babies

We wish you and your dog many, many happy moments celebrating birthdays, special days, and every day together.

Which dog birthday meme made you smile?

We’d love to hear. Please comment below.

Doodle kisses!

Happy-Go-Doodle Chloe and her sidekick, Jenise

Editor’s note: This post was originally published May 2, 2019. It has been updated to include a new collection of happy birthday dog memes.

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Linda & Charlie Hurst

Thursday 9th of May 2019

Which is our favorite? How do you choose! All so cute! Happy birthday Chloe Girl!


Friday 10th of May 2019

P'awww, thanks so much for the birthday message, Linda and Charlie! We're so happy you stopped by and that like our messages too! Doodle kisses!

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