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“JOY” and 25 More Feel Good Words That Dogs Teach Us

red goldendoodle's face photo

Have you looked into your dog’s eyes and felt pure love looking back at you? I don’t think there are enough feel-good words to describe the love reflected in a dog’s eyes. Our furry family members are gifts of positivity, companionship, loyalty, love, and laughter.

Joy and other feel-good words our dogs remind us of every day

After a game of fetch with my loveable Goldendoodle, I tried to capture some of the uplifting, feel-good “words” (unspoken but just as heartfelt and meaningful) that dogs share with us daily through their loyalty, companionship, tail wags, and live-in-the-moment attitude. If you need a dog-loving break and some feel-good words of inspiration, you’ve come to the right place.

Relax and let Happy-Go-Doodle bring a positive emotional feeling of joy to your day through the following story, quotes, and list of feel-good words.

25 feel-good words and messages that dogs teach us about what matters most: 


Red golden doodle's face with feel-good words about bliss

Bliss:  When the coffee is brewing and your dog’s snuggled beside you. ~ Jenise and Happy-Go-Doodle


Photo of red goldendoodle dog and feel-good word about adventure

Adventures: Who cares where you’re going as long as you’re going together? ~ Jenise and Happy-Go-Doodle



Photo close-up red golden doodle face with tongue out and  feel-good word

Silly: Silly doodle kisses coming at you!



Photo of red goldendoodle dog looking up and feel-good word: just be

Just Be: When those puppy dog eyes look up at you and your “to-dos” become your “to-don’ts.” ~ Jenise and Happy-Go-Doodle


Close-up Red goldendoodle dog digging in snow for stick, inspirational quote on discover on blue backaground

Discover: Discover your very favorite loves in life, chase after them, and hold on tight. ~ Jenise and Happy-Go-Doodle



Red goldendoodle dog snuggled in white blanket with title cozy saturdays

Cozy: Saturdays are made for cozying up with our cutie pies. ~ Jenise and Happy-Go-Doodle



Photo Red goldendoodle dog with feel-good word "together"

Together: Sleepy eyes and nighttime sighs. ~ Jenise and Happy-Go-Doodle



Red goldendoodle dog with smiling face and muddy paws on deck and happy quote about dancing, blue sidebar

Dance: Dance in the rain. Muddy paws are happy paws. ~ Jenise and Happy-Go-Doodle


9.  GRIN…

Close-up red goldendoodle dog with tongue out licking nose and words about grinning

Grin: again and again and again.


Photo red goldendoodle face snuggled on couch and feel-good word snuggle

Snuggle: When those eyes look up at you and you know what rainy days are for. ~ Jenise and Happy-Go-Doodle


11. SMILE…

Close-up of red goldendoodle with smiley face, teeth show;' quote about smile

Smiles: So much happy in one little look.


12. PLAY…

Red goldendoodle playing in snow with blue ball and quote about play written by j. carl

Play: Paws whirl…snow swirls…ball drops…POUNCE! ~ Jenise and Happy-Go-Doodle


13. LAUGH…

Red goldendoodle dog lying in snow with frost on face and smile quote

Laughter: When the weather so cold that even frost-faced smiles are freezy. And you laugh anyway. ~ Jenise and Happy-Go-Doodle




 Happy red golden doodle's face and quote about friend, coffee by j.carl

Friend: When the coffee is brewing and one look says it all. ~ Jenise and Happy-Go-Doodle

15. JOY…


Red goldendoodle dog with stick in open mouth and running in snow with quote about joy

Pure joy is in simple things.

~ Jenise and Happy-Go-Doodle


Red goldendoodle dog on vintage quilt with quote about contentment on blue background

Contentment: When it’s cold outside but your little legwarmer is beside you.

~ Jenise and Happy-Go-Doodle

17. LOVE…

Close-up red goldendoodle dog looking with love quote in blue sidebar

Love: With a ball dog like Chloe by my side, there will never be a shortage of fetch games and feel-good moments.  And, like all dogs, she will return with much more than a yellow ball.

26 feel-good words that dogs teach us

 1. Adventure14. Hugs
 2. Be Cozy15. Journey
 3. Bliss16. Joy
 4. Contentment17. Just be
 5. Dance18. Laugh
 6. Delight19. Lovable
 7. Discover20. Love
 8. Energized21. Notice nature
 9. Enjoy22. Play
10. Friends23. Silly
11. Fun24. Smiles
12. Grin25. Snuggle
13. Grow26. Together
red goldendoodle dog and list of feel-good words

What feel-good words describe your dog?

Please share them below.

Red goldendoodle dog looking up with tiny snowflakes on nose, friendly expression, and word share

The feel-good moment that inspired this post…

With the speed of a gazelle and the coordination of a cute but lumbering moose, Happy-Go-Doodle Chloe ran. White snow swirled around her muppet paws as she bounded down the stretch at top speed to return her most prized possession—a yellow tennis ball—to me. Fetch was a game we’d played hundreds of times…and maybe a hundred times in one day. But there was always a silly moment, a new discovery, or a funny feat that sparked joy in each game.

After dropping the ball just beyond my reach, Chloe looked up at me with a comical, quizzical expression…her tousled mop of red hair still flying everywhere. I laughed and spoke the word she was waiting for.  “Fetch.”

“Dog” is the ultimate feel-good word

Since Chloe joined our family, we’d taught her many words. “Fetch” has always been her favorite. But, as dog lovers know, our canine companions have an unspoken language that they teach us daily. (I like to imagine that they’re born already having completed their degree from Dogs Love U.) And ultimately, they show us that “dog” is the ultimate feel-good word.

Doodle kisses and tail wags!

Happy-Go-Doodle Chloe and her sidekick


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