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155 Labradoodle Names You’ll Love ❤️ the Best

Since you’re here searching for a Labradoodle dog name, you must be embarking on the adventure of a lifetime with a lovable Labradoodle by your side. Congrats!

My Doodle dog and I get your joy and excitement. We also get the weightiness of trying to decide on a name that’s a perfect match for your Labradoodle’s cute looks and personality.

Choosing a name is probably at the top of your new puppy checklist, and one of the first decisions you’re making. We’re happy to help you in your search!

With the mega list below along with some naming tips, naming your Labradoodle can be one of the most fun decisions you’ll make.

So snuggle up with your new pup and let’s get started.

Cream Labradoodle's puppy face with a multi-colored banner that says, Labradoodle Names

How to choose a great name for your Labradoodle

First, you may be wondering how in the world to choose a great name for your Labradoodle. Which name fits your puppy’s personality? Appearance? Here are some tips on how to choose a name for your pupper.

Consider a two-syllable name for your Labradoodle.

Before you create a list of names, have you considered how many syllables a dog’s name should have? From my research on the science behind naming a dog, I found several experts who recommend giving dogs two-syllable names. Why?

Two syllable names allow for more inflection when spoken. That means your dog has more to hear when you’re speaking their name to them.

For example, imagine naming your Labradoodle a one-syllable name like “Tim.” The name is so short there’s not as much opportunity for inflection in your voice.

Whereas if you name your dog a two-syllable name like Bella, there’s plenty of opportunity for you to vary or even elongate the name. For more about the science behind naming your dog, check out Web MD’s article on puppy naming.

Choose a name that “speaks” to you as well as your Labradoodle too.

Next, you should only include names on your list that you positively connect to on emotional level. If the dog name you’re considering gives you a good feeling, your pup will pick up on your good vibes too. Having a name that you love just adds another layer of connection between you and your pupper.

Avoid names that sound like training commands.

Labradoodles are smart and will respond to their name over time, but why not give them every advantage by avoiding names that sound similar to common training commands?

It will be easier for your puppy to pick up on his or her name if you avoid those that also sound like basic training commands. For example, you may want to avoid a name like “Stacy,” which sounds similar to “Stay.”

By the way, most of the names on the list below, follow the above naming conventions.

Also, you’ll find our list of Labradoodle names organized for you, so it’s easy to navigate. Check out some or all the sections: boy names, girl names, cute names, names based on physical traits, and names based on common Labradoodle personality traits.

So without further “adoodle,” let’s get started.

Sleepy Labradoodle puppy with the title Boy Labradoodle Names in hand-drawn blue flag banner

Male Labradoodle names

Archie ~ Dog names that end in ie or y like “Archie,” tend to roll off the tongue and add another level of cuteness too.

Banjo ~ A name with a throwback feel.

Bandit ~ A classic dog name with a retro feel.

Baxter ~ Somehow just having an “x” in the name, gives this name originality.

Bernard ~ This name means “brave as a bear.”

Bruno ~ Bruno Mars fan?

Charlie ~ According to, Charlie is the 2nd most popular male dog name.

Chester ~ For your new bestie, how about the name Chester?

Cruz ~ An alternate spelling for the name “Cruise.”

Cody ~ A friendly name.

Gus-Gus ~ A fun, friendly name that’s fun to say.

Hobie ~ A unique name inspired by the Hobie surf shop. Could also be spelled “Hobi.”

Hunter ~ A fitting name for a dog who loves scouting outdoors (or even watching squirrels in the backyard).

Milo ~ An outdoorsy name inspired by the golden brown grain (plant) of the same name.

Max ~ One of the most popular male dog names.

Murphy ~ This name has a friendly ring to it.

Oli ~ With two vowels and only one consonant in this name, it is a fun name to say.

Pilot ~ For the dog who guides you on new adventures or leads the way.

Presley ~ Inspired by Elvis Presley.

Ranger ~ For the adventurous dog. One of the meanings behind the word “Ranger,” is “one who wanders.”

Ryder ~ A name that’s appealing for either boy or girl dogs.

Rufus ~ The name “Rufus” could be shortened to “Roo.”

Shadow ~ A classic dog name for the pupper who follows you everywhere.

Shiloh ~ Inspired by the 1996 dog movie of the same name.

Theo ~ Short for Theodore.

Tommy ~ A version of Thomas.

Toby ~ This name has a friendly feel.

Winston ~ This name has a dignified feel.

Wrigley ~ A charming name that goes well with “wiggly.”

Zack ~ The start letter “Z” give this name extra zing.

Female Labradoodle names

Brown and white parti Labradoodle puppy sleeping on brown floor with title Labradoodle Names Girl on a pink hand-drawn banner

Abby ~ A cute name that’s often used in place of Abigail.

Bella ~ According to, Bella is the #1 most popular female name.

Callie ~ Could also be spelled “Kali” or “Calli.”

Daisy ~ A popular female dog name and also a darling flower with white petals and a yellow center.

Ellie ~ As a human name, Ellie is often short for Ellen. Like many human names, Ellie has become a popular name for dogs.

Emma ~ Alternatively, you could name your dog Emmie.

Gabby ~ Short form of Gabriel.

Hazel ~ This name has a retro feel and is a great old-fashioned name for girl dogs.

Lady ~ A classic girl dog name for the little Lady Labradoodle.

Lexie ~ A shorter, cute form of Alexis.

Lola ~ With the long “o” vowel sound and two repeated “L” consonants, this name rolls off of the tongue.

Luna ~ Means “moon” in Latin.

Maggie ~ A short, friendly name that originated from the girl’s name Margaret.

Mia ~ This is one of many dog names that start with M that are gaining in popularity.

Phoebe ~ Are you a fan of the “Friends” TV series? This could be the perfect name for your friendly, funny Labradoodle.

Polly ~ A sweet name for a sweet pup.

Stella ~ A short form of Estella.

Willow ~ One of many nature-inspired dog names perfect for outdoor enthusiasts.

Cute Labradoodle names

Cream Labradoodle puppy sitting on couch with colorful banner that says, Cute Labradoodle Names

Angel ~ For the Labradoodle who’s an angel in your life.

Biscuit ~ A classic dog name and cute for a cream-colored dog the color of a biscuit.

Buddy ~ This name sums up how your new furry friend will be your best pal—your buddy for life.

Bunny ~ White Labradoodle? Maybe Bunny is the best name.

Cookie ~ A sweet name for a sweet puppy.

Comet ~ If your little puppy streaks across the yard like a comet streaks across the sky, you might want to consider Comet as a clever name for your zippy puppy.

Clover ~ If your Labradoodle is the 4-leaf clover of your life, this may be the perfect dog name.

Hughie ~ Just a cute, friendly name!

Marley ~ Inspired by the sweet dog in the classic movie, Marley and Me.

Pooky ~ Inspired by the Garfield cartoon character’s teddy bear named Pooky.

Ralphie ~ Adding the “ie” to Ralph gives this name a very friendly sound.

Sophie ~ Alternative to Sophia.

Waffles ~ Sweet name for a golden brown Labradoodle.

Zoe ~ The start letter “Z” adds an extra layer of cuteness.

Labradoodle dog names based on hair color

Names for chocolate Labradoodles, brown Labradoodles, or caramel Labradoodles

Brownie ~ For the sweet treat of a Doodle in your life.

Choco ~ Short for Chocolate.

Coco ~ A fitting name for any chocolate, brown, or brown and white dog.

Hershey ~ A popular brand of chocolate.

Bruno ~ Derived from “brun” meaning “brown.”

Maple ~ Is your Doodle dog the color of warm maple syrup? How about Maple as a name?

Mocha ~ Inspired by the coffee drink called a “Mocha,” which is coffee with chocolate. A fitting name for chocolate Labradoodles and one of many popular coffee dog names you’ll love a latte. 😉 BTW? Fan of word play? Check out my mega list of dog puns so cute you’ll laugh or maybe even grrrroan.

Graham ~ Inspired by the graham cracker snacks, and a fitting name for Doodles with a warm, tawny coat color.

Oreo ~ A fitting name for parti-colored Doodles that are brown and white.

Nala ~ Inspired by Nala from the classic movie, The Lion King.

Penny ~ A fitting name for a Doodle pup with a coat the color of a copper penny.

Praline ~ A sweet, ooey-gooey confection for a sweetie of a puppy.

Pancake ~ Does your Labradoodle have a golden brown coat a soft as a pancake? This may be the ideal name.

Punkin ~ A term of endearment that’s a good match for an apricot or red Labradoodle

Truffle ~ The sound of this name has a ruffly feel much like the waves and ruffles of a Doodle dog’s coat.

Names for apricot and red-colored Labradoodles

Amber ~ A color that’s a warm, golden hue.

Apple ~ Because your Labradoodle is sure to be the apple of your eye.

Autumn ~ A perfect name for the Labradoodle who’s coat color blends in with the warm reds and browns of a cool autumn day.

Cinna ~ Inspired by the warm, rich color of cinnamon.

Claret ~ “Claret” is a deep, rich shade of red and a perfect match for a dog with a red coat.

Clifford ~ Of course, you could name your red dog after the famous “big red dog” from children’s books.

Crimson ~ “Crimson” is a brighter shade of red and one of many red dog names that are “red-icously” adorable.

Red Labraddodle sitting in green grass with colorful banner and the Labradoodle name "Ruby" written on it

Coral ~ A soft color in the red family, this name could be perfect for a dog with an apricot coat color.

Pumpkin ~ A sweet term of endearment.

Copper ~ A cute name for a dog with a coat the color of a shiny, copper penny.

Freckles ~ This name could be fitting for a multi-colored Labradoodle.

Garnet ~ Gem of a red dog? Try Garnet.

Ginger ~ A “snappy” name for the sweet “Ginger” snap cookie in your life.

Merlot ~ Merlot is a red, fruity wine with hints of vanilla, clove, and mocha.

Penny ~ Is your puppy’s coat the color of a shiny copper penny? This could be the perfect dog name.

Ruby ~ A ruby is a deep, red, lustrous gem stone. A fitting name for a gem of a red dog.

Rosa ~ Means “rose.”

Rosy ~ For the pupper who looks like a rose bud.

Roja ~ Means “red.”

Rusty ~ Many dogs with the name “Rusty” have red or brownish-red coat colors.

Tigger ~ Inspired by Tigger the Tiger. For that bouncy, pouncy puppy who is fun, fun, fun, fun, fun!

Peaches ~ A sweet name for a lighter coat colored Labradoodle or one with an apricot coat color.

Punkin ~ A descriptive name for a puppy who’s your li’l punkin.

Names for cream-colored Labradoodles

Cashew ~ A cute name for a pupper who is the creamy, rich color of a toasted cashew nut.

Nilla ~ Short for “vanilla” or the crispy, golden brown nilla wafer cookie.

Lily ~ One of many flower names for dogs, “Lily” is a popular flower that often symbolizes love.

Opal ~ A delicate, milky white gemstone, and a fitting name for a white or cream Labradoodle.

Name for black Labradoodles

Onyx ~ A gemstone that’s all black or black with colored layers. Could be a fitting name for a black Labradoodle.

Greyson ~ A human name for dogs that also alludes to your dog’s gray or charcoal coat color.

Pepper ~ A classic dog name and a great fit for a black or black and white Labradoodle.

Shadow ~ A classic dog name for a pupper who’s your shadow.

Labradoodle dog names based on your dog’s appearance

Apricot Labradoodle puppy's face with the Labradoodle name "Teddi" in a colorful banner

Names for fluffy Labradoodle dogs with a teddy bear appearance

Bear ~ Especially fitting for Labradoodles that look like a brown or black bear or even a polar bear.

Chewbacca ~ One of many Star Wars names for dogs. If your young “PAWdawan” looks like Chewbacca from Star Wars, this may be the ideal dog name. Also, it can be shortened to “Chewy.”

Teddy ~ For the pupper with teddy bear good looks.

Theo ~ Short for Theodore.

Fozzy ~ Inspired by The Muppet character, Fozzy Bear.

Fluffy ~ A classic dog name—and one of many fluffy dog names—fitting for a Labradoodle with a floofy coat.

Harry ~ A nod to Harry Styles. Plus, fitting for dogs with lots of floof.

Cubby ~ For the pupper who looks like a teddy bear.

Leo ~ If teddy bear fluff isn’t your thing, how about a more regal name like Leo, which means lion.

Muppet ~ For the fluffy, comical pupper who looks like a Muppet.

Rowlfy ~ Inspired by the Muppet character, Rowlf the Dog.

Ruffles ~ For cutie pie puppers with a wavy or curly coat that looks more ruffly than straight.

Winnie ~ Inspired by Winnie the Pooh.

Labradoodle dog names based on your dog’s personality…

White Labraoodle's happy face and a banner with the Labradoodle dog name "HERO" on it

Buddy ~ After all, a Labradoodle is bound to be a best Buddy.

Brightlee ~ Smart pupper? How about the name “Brightlee” or “Bright Lee”?

Captain ~ For the Labradoodle who’s ready to lead you on new adventures.

Champ ~ For the dog who is the champion in your life.

Chipper ~ A bouncy name for the ultra upbeat, happy pup.

Happy ~ A classic name fitting for every Labradoodle’s personality.

Jovi ~ Inspired by the word “jovial” which means cheerful and friendly.

Harmony ~ Because you and your pupper will live in perfect harmony.

Hero ~ For the new hero in your life.

Kiki ~ From the name Keiko, which means “happiness.”

Peppy ~ For the Doodle dog who has boundless energy.

Rosy ~ Because everything’s rosy with a Labradoodle.

Rowdy ~ A descriptive name for a puppy that’s a little rowdy.

Scout ~ Do you plan to scout out adventures together with your new little Dood? Scout may be a fitting name.

Sparky ~ A classic name and fitting for the spunky dog.

Suni or Sunny ~ If your dog is the sunshine of your life, “Suni” may be the name for you.

Wiggles ~ A descriptive name for most new puppies.

Labradoodle names based on your dog’s size

Mini Labradoodle dog names

Baby ~ Small dog? Maybe Baby?

Buttons ~ Not only does this name reference small size, but your lovable Labradoodle is likely “cute as a button” too.

Peanut ~ “Peanut” is often used as a term of endearment. (“You’re my little peanut.”)

Nugget ~ A name for a pint-sized pup, and also fitting if you feel like you struck gold with your new pupper.

Scooter ~ Has a cute and friendly ring to it.

Tiny ~ For that little tiny tot of a pupper.

Taddy or Tadpole ~ For the itty bitty dog who may be a water-loving dog too.

Tater or Tater Tot ~ Golden brown pupper? How about “Tater” or “Tater Tot?”

Names for large Labradoodle dogs

Moose ~ For the lovable, oversized Labradoodle.

Tiny ~ An unexpected name for a puppy who will grow up to become an oversized lapsitter.

Boomer ~ For a Labradoodle who is larger than life.

Dog names that start with “L” and go well with “Labradoodle”

If you’re bringing a Labradoodle into your pack (or debating between a Labradoodle vs Goldendoodle), you may also be creating an Instagram handle for your little pupper. The following dog names that start with the letter “L” sound good when paired “Labradoodle” and could also double as your puppy’s social media handle.

Lacy ~ Labradoodle Lacy

Leo ~ Laidback Leo the Labradoodle

Lola ~ Lola the lovable Labradoodle

Lover ~ Lover Labradoodle

Lucky ~ Your Lucky Labradoodle

Leonardo ~ Leonardo D’Labradoodle

Leopold ~ Sir Leopold Labradoodle

Liberty ~ Miss Liberty Labradoodle

Lou Lou ~ That Labradoodle Lou Lou

Lulu ~ Lulu of a Doodle

Happy naming!

Thank you for stopping by We hope we’ve helped you on your journey to finding a name that is as perfect as your lovable Labradoodle. And if you’re looking for more names to consider for your pup, check out my mega list of Goldendoodle boy names you’ll fall in love with. Plus, don’t miss my mega list of Goldendoodle girl names that are cute, unique, and a-dood-able! Happy naming! ❤️


Thursday 6th of April 2023

I love all these cute dog names I ended up naming my 2 new brown labradoodles peaches and captain but I was thinking of Lola and honey until I found this websit.


Friday 7th of April 2023

Thanks so much for stopping by! Peaches and Captain sound like such sweet puppers! I'm glad you found the perfect names for them.🐾

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