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Moyen Goldendoodle: What Makes Them Special

Not as small as a mini. Not as large as a standard. But just between the two. That’s squarely where the moyen Goldendoodle sits! (When they’re not sitting on your lap, that is! 😉)

If you’re thinking “moyen” sounds like medium, you’re exactly right. Moyen Goldendoodle is the term some use to describe the medium Goldendoodle. Let’s break it down.

Moyen Goldendoodle with a red coat color and blue bandana sitting in grass

Meet the moyen Goldendoodle

To understand the moyen Goldendoodle, it’s helpful to have a quick review of the Goldendoodle’s heritage.

Goldendoodles are a crossbreed or hybrid between the Golden Retriever and the Poodle breeds. This Poodle-Retriever mix means Goldendoodles can range in size, color, and coat type.

It’s Poodle perfection that brings so much variety to the Goldendoodle mix. You see, the Poodle breed is one of the few purebred dogs that brings both size and coat color variation to their breed standard. Thanks largely to the Poodle breed then, Goldendoodles can be a variety of sizes too.

And that’s where the moyen Goldendoodle enters the picture. Most of the credit goes to the pawsome Poodle parents who bring us the moyen Goldendoodle. Why? It’s all in the meaning of “Moyen.”

Two Moyen (medium) Goldendoodles sitting in front of a dog-friendly restaurant. One is a red F1B Goldendoodle and one is a cream F1 Goldendoodle.

What does moyen mean?

The French word “moyen” in English means, “medium,” “average,” or “middle.” In regard to Goldendoodles and dogs breeds specifically, moyen means medium.

What is a moyen Goldendoodle?

The moyen Goldendoodle is a medium Goldendoodle. So a cross between a moyen Poodle and a Golden Retriever results in a moyen Goldendoodle or medium Goldendoodle. (More on the moyen Poodle in just a bit.)

Also, the term “moyen” may be used to refer to any Goldendoodle that’s medium in size regardless of the size of the puppy’s parents.

What size is a moyen Goldendoodle?

Since a Goldendoodle is a hybrid or crossbreed dog between the Poodle and Golden Retriever, there are several sizes of Goldendoodles. However, there is really no guarantee of a Goldendoodle puppy’s adult size.

One moyen Goldendoodle sitting in the grass playing with a toy and one red curly moyen Goldendoodle playing with a toy

Size comparison

According to the Goldendoodle Association of America’s breed sizing, the four sizes of Goldendoodles are petite, mini, medium, and standard.

The moyen Goldendoodle sits in between the miniature Goldendoodle and the standard Goldendoodle.

The miniature Goldendoodle weighs 26-35 pounds and stands 14″- 17″ shoulder to paw.

The standard Goldendoodle weighs over 50 pounds and stands 21+ inches from shoulder to paw.

The medium Goldendoodle weighs 36-50 pounds and is 17″ to 21″ shoulder to paw.

Cuteness ahead: Pics of two moyen Goldendoodles

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, check out these two comical Doods below. They are both medium-sized Goldendoodles who each have a moyen Poodle as a parent.

A curly red Goldendoodle and a cream wavy Goldendoodle sitting next to each other.

Our adult red Goldendoodle is considered a medium (a.k.a. moyen) Goldendoodle. She stands 21″ high from paw to shoulder and weighs 43 pounds. She is an F1B Goldendoodle.

In general terms, that means she’s 75% Poodle and 25% Golden Retriever. Her dad is a moyen Poodle. Her mom is an F1 Goldendoodle.

The adolescent Goldendoodle (pictured above) is also considered a medium (a.k.a. moyen Goldendoodle).

In the photos throughout this article, she’s not quite a year old. She stands 20″ high from paw to shoulder and weighs 39 pounds.

She is an F1 Goldendoodle. This means she is a first generation Goldendoodle. Her dad is a moyen Poodle. Her mom is a Golden Retriever.

Charting the growth of two Goldendoodles (moyen, medium)

If you’re considering bringing home a new Goldendoodle puppy or if you have a moyen Goldendoodle puppy, you may be wondering how quickly your puppy will grow.

Every Goldendoodle puppy is unique. For our two puppies, this is what growth during the first year looked like…

8 weeks8.56 lbs
16 weeks25.4 lbs
6 months24.6 lbs
12 months40 lbs
Adulthood43 lbs
10 weeks9 lbs
3 months (14 weeks)12.9 lbs
4 months (18 weeks) 17.6 lbs
5 months (22 weeks) 22.4 lbs
6 months (26 weeks)26.4 lbs
7 months (30 weeks)32 lbs
10 months39 lbs
An adolescent moyen Goldendoodle standing in front of a growth chart

Traits of a moyen Goldendoodle

With a better idea of the moyen Goldendoodle’s size, you may be wondering about other characteristics of Goldendoodles including temperament, activity level, and exercise requirements.


A well-bred Goldendoodle is typically smart, eager to please you, and a rather comical family dog. They enjoy mental stimulation including dog enrichment activities, toys, and games.

With your time, attention, and positive parenting, typically Goldendoodles of all sizes want to fit in with the family and are eager to please you.

Activity level

No matter the size, Goldendoodles require exercise for their overall health and happiness.

Does this mean you need to be able to run a marathon or scale a mountain? Not at all.

But daily walks, a game or two, some outdoor time or a sniffari, plus some mental enrichment, are in order.

These dogs are active and smart—not couch potatoes. Giving your Goldendoodle a job, participating in agility training or scent work, playing games together, or even learning tricks, will help your dog thrive.

As with most Goldendoodles, our two love being part of the pack (they’re our shadows). They both love exploring the world with us, playing games like tug and fetch, daily walks, and some puzzle games.

A cream-colored adolescent moyen  Goldendoodle sitting in front of a growth chart.

Grooming and care

The amount of grooming varies based on whether your Goldendoodle has a straight, a wavy, or a curly coat. However, all Goldendoodles require frequent grooming.

Since Goldendoodles tend to be lower shedding dogs, the coat needs to be brushed to rid loose hairs that can get tangled and turn into mats.

It’s particularly important to watch for and manage your pupper’s coat during the Goldendoodle puppy coat transition. During this time, a puppy “blows his or her puppy coat” as the adult coat comes in.

As this happens, it’s easy for mats to form quickly.

As a Goldendoodle mom with 10 years of “Doodlehood” experience, I’ve found that grooming is a great bonding activity.


If you’re contemplating what it’s like to lift a Goldendoodle this size into a car or carry him or her in your arms, here are a few points of comparison.

Can you tote a 3-year-old child on your hip? Then that’s about the size of a moyen Goldendoodle.

Or maybe you’ve picked up a large bag of dog food? That’s about the size of a moyen Goldendoodle. (The average weight of a large bag of dog kibble is 33 pounds).

A Goldendoodle this size most likely will…

  • Be big enough to counter surf
  • Be too big to travel with you in-cabin on an airplane. (Most dogs must be under 20 pounds to fly in-cabin with you.)
  • Be within most weight limits for staying at dog-friendly hotels.

If your living arrangements require that a dog be under a specific weight, a breed that has more consistency in size may be a better choice for you. Since Goldendoodles are a crossbreed, size isn’t as predictable as a purebred dog.

A red adult moyen, also called medium, Goldendoodle standing outside. The title says, "guess my size." She is 21" high paw to shoulder
This adult Goldendoodle stands 21″ tall from paw to withers

What is a moyen Poodle?

Before we wrap up, you may want a quick summary of the moyen Poodle.

A moyen Poodle is another name for a medium Poodle. This size of Poodle is in between a standard Poodle and a miniature Poodle.

Interestingly, this size is not recognized by the American Kennel Club. This is not because they’re not a purebred Poodle—they are—but because the American Kennel Club recognizes three sizes: Toy, Miniature, and Standard.

The moyen Poodle is recognized outside of the United States as a fourth size in some places like Continental European kennel clubs and the FCI (Fédération Cynologique International).

Are moyen Poodles an AKC standard?

Since the AKC considers Poodles as one breed of dog with three varieties (toy, miniature, standard), there is not a moyen specifically. Moyen Poodles most likely may fit within the standard Poodle variety.

Wrap up

One apricot colored Moyen Goldendoodle puppy and one red Moyen Goldendoodle adult dog sitting together in a chair

We hope you’ve discovered information about the moyen Goldendoodle that helps you along your journey into Doodlehood. Not as small as a mini and not as large as a standard, the moyen (medium) may be just right for you.

No matter what size Goldendoodle becomes part of your pack, with your love, time, and attention, your Doodle will take up a giant space in your heart.

Thank you for stopping by our little corner of the world called

Doodle kisses & tail wags!

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