My Dog is My Best Friend: 10 Signs You & Your Dog Are Besties [Quiz]

My Dog Is My Best Friend: But Just How “Bestie” Are You?

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If you’ve ever found yourself saying, “My dog is my best friend,” welcome to the club! Our dogs are our besties, our fur babies, our companions, and our family members. In fact, in a recent study from Rover. com, a typical dog owner not only describes their dog as a “best friend” but also aspires to be Fido’s best friend too. There’s just nothing like the unconditional love of a dog.

So whether your bestie is a Westie, your butt’s parked by your mutt, or you’d do anything for your Goldendoodle, most likely you and your canine companion are best buds and share a bond of unconditional love for each other.

But just how “bestie” are you? Is your dog your furry best friend? Based on the latest studies from and reading the latest surveys on the benefits of pets for millennials and baby boomers, we created a list of 10 signs that your dog is your best friend. Check it out and see how many get a “that’s me!” or “I do that too!” response from you. Then take the fun quiz below to check your “best buds” level.

10 Signs that Your Dog Is Your Best Friend

  1. You’ve celebrated your dog’s birthday.

  2. You’ve taken your dog with on a date.

  3. You leave the TV on for your dog to watch while you’re away.

  4. You plan your vacation based on where you can take your dog.

  5. You’ve turned down plans because your dog wasn’t invited.

  6. You have daily conversations with your dog and enjoy talking to your dog.

  7. You use terms of endearment and doggolingo like “fur baby,” “doggo,” and “pupper” to describe your dog.

  8. You’ve left work early because your dog needs to go potty.

  9.  You have many nicknames for your dog. (And, if you’re looking for dog names, check out these lists: old-fashioned girl puppy names, old-fashioned boy puppy names, Goldendoodle dog names.)

  10. You have more pictures of your dog on your phone than your significant other.

Now, check your bestie level by taking this quiz:

Finally, make every moment count with your furry best friend

We hope our not-so-serious quiz for dog lovers brought a smile, a laugh, or a WOOF! Give your pupper lots of belly rubs and enjoy every moment with your bestie! And, if you love all things dog, you may like some of Happy-Go-Doodle’s most popular posts:

Are you and your dog besties?

We’d love to hear! Please comment below!

2 thoughts on “My Dog is My Best Friend: 10 Signs You & Your Dog Are Besties [Quiz]

  1. As you already know, Chloe Doodle doggie, there is Bessie the Basset Hound in my household. But since I am a pussycat, Mom took your quiz. She says there has always been a doggie in her life, ever since she was a baby. I know she luvs Bessie and luved the doggie’s that came before Bessie, but I know deep down Mom is really a cat purrson. Just sayin’. Dad, on the otherpaw, well I’m still working on him. Tee hee hee. Winks. Purr purr purr.

    1. P’awww, thanks for taking my quiz! It sounds like your mom has lots of room in her heart for furry loves of all kinds! Doodle kisses!

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