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Best Dog Nail Clippers for Goldendoodles 🐾 Hands Down

Overwhelmed by the hundreds of dog nail clippers to choose from?

Or maybe your dog nail trimmers are tossed in the back of a junk drawer because they were a flop.

Say no more. My Goldendoodle pack and I are here to help.

As a Goldendoodle mom with 10 years of experience grooming our family’s Goldendoodles, I’ve tried a few styles of dog nail trimmers. Most didn’t cut it. Literally.

But then I tried the gold standard of dog nail clippers. (They came highly recommended to me by a veterinarian and friend.)

The nail clippers—along with learning proper dog nail trimming techniques—were a game changer for me.

Close-up photo of dog nail clippers trimming the black nail on a cream-colored Goldendoodle's front paw

I hope that by sharing my own experience, I can save you some time in your own search. And maybe save you from accumulating a collection of “didn’t cut it” nail trimmers.

Red goldendoodle lying in leaves next to Millers Forge dog nail trimmers

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Best dog nail clippers for Goldendoodles

Short on time? Let’s cut to the chase. These are the ones:

Millers Forge Dog Nail Clippers — These stainless steel clippers cut like a knife through warm butter. Yes, they snip through Goldendoodle nails that smoothly. Other products tout fancy features like nail guards and glow lights, but in my opinion, that stuff is more hype than help. When it comes to nail trimming, the best tool for the job doesn’t have to be gadgety. It just has to work. Cleanly. Effortlessly. Quickly. And without smashing or crushing the nail.

Easy to hold in your hand. Uncomplicated. Clean, sharp cuts. That’s why the Millers Forge nail trimmers are the best dog nail clippers for Goldendoodles.

Hands down.

Want the nitty gritty? Read on…

Orange handled Millers Forge dog nail clippers lying in a woodsy setting

We’re your go-to team for Goldendoodle nail trimming at home

After taking an online course on how clip your dog’s nails at home, I’ve been the master nail trimmer for our pack for five years now.

I learned nail trimming on our senior Goldendoodle who is still the most apprehensive in our pack. Then I added trimming a lovable Labrador Retriever’s nails. And now I’ve been trimming Goldendoodle puppy nails.

Dog mom's hands gripping the Millers Forge dog nail clippers and trimming a Goldendoodle puppy's nail

That’s why I hope you’ll think of us (the Doods and me) as your guides for discovering the best dog nail clippers that will make nail trims easier for your dog and for you, too.

Why Goldendoodles benefit from dog nail trims

First, let’s nail the “why” behind trimming dog nails.

For us hoomans, we may clip and paint our toenails so they look great in summer sandals. However, for our dogs, nail trims aren’t just for adornment.

Dog toenails serve an important purpose.

A dog uses their nails to grip the ground for much needed traction action.

And, for our energetic Doodle dogs, that traction is helpful for all those fetch games and tug games they so enjoy.

Keeping the nails trimmed means dogs can get the grip they need. Plus, well-cared for nails have less chance of splitting.

Dog paw with freshly trimmed nails cradled in the dog owner's hand

How I found the best dog nail clippers for Goldendoodles

Years ago, I’d tried unsuccessfully to trim my Goldendoodle’s black nails.

Yes, I had a pile of dog nail clippers in my junk drawer. I hate to admit it but, at one point in time, I believed the marketing gimmicks.

Then, my friend and associate, integrative veterinarian Dr. Julie Buzby, developed a comprehensive online course designed for DIY dog moms like me to learn how to trim dog nails using the best tools and easy nail trimming techniques.

Goledndoodle dog peeking over computer screen showing the dog nail triiming online course

I had the honor of creating her course website content, editing the online videos, and launching the online nail trimming course.

Through the process and through taking the course, not only did I learn how to trim nails properly (even how to cut black nails), I learned why she recommended Millers Forge to all her clients and to DIY dog parents like me.

Needless to say, I tried the nail trimmers and I haven’t switched.

Best dog nail trimmers for Goldendoodles reviewed

The Millers Forge dog nail clippers have been in my grooming toolkit ever since.

That’s been five years that I’ve been using them. Yes, the same pair. (See the photo below showing a dusting of nail shavings on them and the words “Stainless Millers Forge Italy” etched near the blade.)

Close-up photo of the Millers Forge dog nail clippers trimming a puppy's dark nail. On the clippers, you can read the words Stainless Millers Forge Itally

My personal pick for the best clippers for at-home nail trims: Millers Forge Dog Nail Clippers

That’s why the Millers Forge Dog nail clippers are my personal pick as the best nail clippers for Goldendoodles. As I’ve mentioned, they meet my own “Golden” standards for our family’s Doodle dogs.

These dog nail trimmers are the ones that I’ve been using (and loving) for over five years now.

Note: There are other Millers Forge nail trimmers available on Amazon. I’m specifically singing the praises of the orange-handled ones.

Also, some nail clippers have a built-in guard, which in theory, sounds good. Right?

However, the guard gives a false sense of security, which may mean you could hit your dog’s quick and cause unnecessary pain for your dog and stress for you.

Furthermore, there are other orange-handled nail clippers available on Amazon.

Red Goldendoodle dog sniffing the orange-handled Millers Forge dog nail clippers

They look very similar to the Millers Forge stainless steel dog nail clipper.

I use and love the Millers Forge brand made with German stainless steel and made in Italy.

Dog mom using the Millers Forge nail clippers to trim the tip of the dog's toenail

They’ve made nail trimming less stressful for my own dogs because they snip cleanly and quickly, so there’s less pressure on the dog’s nail.

Dog mom gently holding a small puppy's paw which reveal a black puppy nail


Next, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of Millers Forge nail clippers. From my experience, the pros include:

Sharp blade makes clean cuts

The stainless steel blades cut smoothly and cleanly. This makes it easier to make tiny, sliver cuts.

Comfortable to use

The nonslip handle is easy to grip and not cumbersome in the hand.

Heavy duty

Doesn’t crush or squash the nail, unlike other clippers.

Locks shut

A simple clip locks the nail clippers shut so the handles are together for easy storage.


Cost less than the average cost of one professional nail trim by a groomer or veterinarian.


I’ve had the same pair of Millers Forge nail clippers for five years and they still cut like the day I got them out of the package.


As mentioned, I’m not a fan of gadgets that get in the way. Also, I’ve always been concerned about using a dremel for fear that my fluffy dog’s fur would get caught in the fast-spinning rotary tool. That’s why Millers Forge gets the win in my book as simple, easy to use, and uncomplicated.

Millers Forge dog nail clippers with orange handle lying among the fall leaves


Through no fault of the manufacturer, shopping online for these nail clippers isn’t easy. There are several other “lookalike” products with the classic orange handle. Buyer beware. I trust and use the Millers Forge trimmers.

Millers Forge product features

  • Millers Forge dog nail trimmers have been around for a long time—over 40 years
  • Style: Pliers style clippers with spring-loaded action
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Country of origin: Made in Italy
  • Prep: No prep. Cuts cleanly, consistently, comfortably, and effortlessly out of the box
  • Often a choice of vets and groomers
  • Sizes: Comes in two different sizes for all sizes of dogs. I use the size large and have used them for both a 10-pound Goldendoodle puppy’s nails and an 80-pound Labrador Retriever’s nails. However, Millers Forge does make and recommend a size small for dogs less than 20 pounds.

Millers Forge Stainless Steel Nail Dog Nail Clipper – Small

Premium Millers Forge Dog Nail Clipper – Large

Dog getting nails trimmed with Millers Forge nail clippers

Additional tools to include in your Goldendoodle “toodlekit” 😉

Now that you have intel on my pick for the best dog nail trimmers for Goldendoodle grooming, are you inspired to tackle dog nail trims at home? In addition to dog nail clippers, here are three more “tools” I recommend including in your nail trimming “toodlekit” for your Goldendoodle.

Styptic Powder

If you’re trimming your dog’s nails at home, you’re going to want to have styptic powder on hand just in case you accidentally clip the quick. The quick is the blood and nerve supply in your dog’s nail.

Styptic powder is a powder that you press into the dog’s nail to help stop the bleeding if you’ve accidentally hit the quick.

Dr. Buzby’s Nail Trimming Master Course

Unsure how to trim your dog’s nails correctly and without hitting the quick and hurting your dog?

I recommend Dr. Buzby’s online dog nail trimming master course. (Full disclosure, as mentioned above, I was part of the team who launched the course.)

The course, combined with the proper tools, gave me a huge confidence boost when it comes to dog nail trimming.

Dog's paw with sliver of toenail getting trimmed with dog nail clippers

High-value treats

High-value treats—those that your dog’ goes nuts over—help set the tone for a happier dog nail trim. Sometime I give our puppers frozen yogurt dog treats. Also, as you can see in the photo below, I’ve used a lick mat spread with peanut butter. (Make sure your peanut butter is xylitol free).

Green dog lick mat with peanut butter  (xylitol-free) spread on it as a happy distraction to use during the dog nail trim

Summary: Why Millers Forge is our top pick

Happy-Go-Doodle® gives four paws up to the Millers Forge dog nail clippers. We’ve used them for about five years now, and we’re sold on them.

The Millers Forge dog nail trimmers are simple and easy to use. They feel comfortable in the hand. Best of all, they cut the nail cleanly.

Thank you so much for stopping by our little corner of the world called We hope that we’ve helped you get all the details on one of the most popular dog nail trimmers.

These are my go-to dog nail clippers. Hands down.

And they are our Goldendoodle’s choice too. Paws up. 🐾

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.