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Patrick is Mahomie! Goldendoodle Revels in Mahomie Mania & KC Chiefs Super Bowl Win

photo dog dressed as patrick mahomie and title my little mahomie

Patrick is Mahomie! Goldendoodle “suits up” for a Chiefs Super Bowl win

Are you ready for some football…smiles and happy memories? If you watched Super Bowl LIV and thought, “Patrick is Mahomie” then join the pack! Along with thousands of hoomans, our comical Goldendoodle sported the Mahomie style on Super Bowl Sunday. Our goal? To add some fun and trophy-winning smiles to your day.

Suiting up for the big game: Mini Mahomie style

Happy-Go-Doodle Chloe “suited up” for the big game on Super Bowl Sunday. Since Kansas City’s dreams of going to the Super Bowl were 50 years in the making (mind you, that’s about 350 in dog years ;), the curly-mopped, red Goldendoodle was up for the fun and excitement!

In the spirit of dog love and sharing joy with others, please enjoy this dog’s eye view from the 2020 Kansas City Chief’s Super Bowl game.

The pregame countdown

Goldendoodle Chloe could sense the excitement that swirled like Super Bowl confetti around the entire Kansas City area as everyone anticipated the big game on Sunday afternoon between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers. In preparation, Chloe joined in the “Mahomie mania” by suiting up for the big game in her #15 Mahomes Chiefs shirt and headband…

photos goldendoodle dog wearing mahomie shirt with #15
Since her entire family treats her like the chief of the family, it was only fitting that Goldendoodle Chloe suit up for the Super Bowl…Mahomie style.

Her natural curls and bandana made instant Mahomie hair and it blew gently in the wind as she sniffed out a victory and anticipated the big day.

photo goldendoodle dog wearing mahomes shirt

Taking the field…

While the OG Mahomes warmed up on the field, mini-Mahomes put on her game face. (Granted, with all her fluff, it’s hard to look too tough 😉

goldendoodle dog wearing mahomie shirt and title game day game face


Finally, kickoff! During the first half of the game, emotions were high. But Goldendoodle Chloe rallied her hoomans, kept her “pawsitive” outlook, and delivered game-winning humor with her comical looks. (For more Doodle humor, please read her massive list of dog puns, 75 Dog Puns, Memes, and Doggo Lingo So Cute You’ll Say “P’awww.”)

photo goldendoodle dog wearing patrick mahomes #15 shirt and title go chiefs

Halftime? Snacktime!

While the hoomans watched the halftime show, mini-Mahome Chloe took the opportunity to do a little counter surfing. And drool over all the Super Bowl snacks…

goldendoodle dog wearing mahomes bandana

High fives and colorful confetti flies!

Finally, as the last seconds ticked off the game clock and the scoreboard showed a 31-20 Chiefs victory, Chloe shared in a celebration dance…

goldendoodle dog wearing mahomie shirt and dancing

…and some high fives with her pack.

photo dog dressed as patrick is my mahomie and high fiving

Kansas City fans celebrate

Neighbors cheered. Horns honked. Fireworks lit up the Kansas City sky. Many exuberant Chiefs fans thronged to local sporting goods stores to be the first to purchase official NFL Super Bowl Champion shirts and gear.

As the evening wound down, the feeling of happiness swirled in the Kansas City air like confetti.* Happiness for players who always believed and never lost faith. Happiness for a young man who lead a team with unwavering determination. Happiness for a coach who brought a team and a community joy.

As our four-legged team player closed her eyes (her Mahomie hair tickling the cheek of her hooman), maybe she dreamt of squirrels or sticks…or sweet Super Bowl dreams fulfilled.

dog sleeping on owners shoulder and title sweet super bowl dreams

Postgame dog-loving highlights:

While Chloe brings joy to our own dog-loving, football-loving family, we are not unique in our conviction that dogs are family. Just take a look at social media. You’ll find Instagram profiles filled with pics of dogs participating in everything from football games to marriage proposals. This rings true for many Chiefs football players too. In addition to dogs as family members, here are just a couple of other heartwarming ways that some dog-loving Kansas City Chiefs football players are making an impact on pet-friendly Kansas City

  • Kansas City Chiefs player Derrick Nnadi celebrated his Chiefs Super Bowl win by announcing that he would pay adoption fees at the Kansas City Pet Project, a KC animal shelter. To learn more, please read ESPN’s article, Chiefs’ Derrick Nnadi picks up adoption fee for 91 dogs at shelter.
  • Kansas City Chiefs players posed with their dogs (or shelter dogs) for a 2020 KC Chiefs calendar. According to Companion Project Pet Insurance’s website, all proceeds from the calendar benefit Kansas City-area animal shelters and 15 and Mahomies. (According to the same website, the calendar has sold out online.)

Thanks for sharing a smile with Happy-Go-Doodle Chloe through her “day in a mini Mahomie’s life” and story of the Kansas City Chief’s Super Bowl win. We hope that we added some dog-loving smiles to your day.

*Fun Super Bowl Celebration Fact: The blizzard of confetti that fell on players and fans after the Chiefs’ Super Bowl victory wasn’t just colorful paper. The confetti was printed with positive messages that were Tweets from fans! For more about this magical moment, read Fox 4 Kansas City’s story: White confetti that fell during Super Bowl celebration contained Chiefs’ fan tweets.

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Tuesday 11th of February 2020

Chloe, you're so cute and adorable!


Sunday 16th of February 2020

P'awwww, thanks!


Friday 7th of February 2020

These pics are so cute. Thanks for sharing them.


Sunday 16th of February 2020

Fur sure! Thank you for stopping by and celebrating Mahomie Mania with us!

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