A Personalized Dog Book and Giveaway? Oh, how a-DOG-able!

Red goldendoodle dog wearing blue personalized dog bandana and lying on green grass with I See Me personalized dog book titled If My Dog Could Talk and dog placemat with dog's name and title Oh, how a dog able and subtitle A new personalized book set starring your dog

A personalized book that’s both a “twinning” image of your dog and a heartwarming story

“May you always know the pure love of a furry friend.” As I read the quote on the dedication page of this personalized book, my heart melted. Through a simple message, If My Dog Could Talk had already spoken volumes to me. It was a perfect wish for every dog lover…and one that I wanted to share with my readers. If it resonates with you, please enter the giveaway for a chance to win one If My Dog Could Talk gift set from I See Me®! Books. Details of the giveaway are at the end of this review. 

I See Me Personalized children's book, personalized dog bandana, and personalized dog placemat on table with flower bush in background
If My Dog Could Talk features your dog as the main character in this happy and heartwarming story.

What if our dogs could talk?

If you’re a dog lover, you’ve probably wondered what your dog was thinking. So have I! (Read: “Happy Talk: The Emotional Bond Between Dog and Pet Parent.” ) Now I See Me® Personalized Children’s Books has answered this question with a charming story written from the point of view of your dog. 

What’s included in the If My Dog Could Talk gift set?

In one word…cuteness! The personalized set includes:

  • 8.5″x 8.5″ If My Dog Could Talk hardcover book featuring your dog’s name, likeness, and the names of up to four dog lovers. Through clever design and storytelling, personalized details are sprinkled throughout the book and seamlessly woven into the story and illustrations.
  • Dog placemat with your dog’s name printed along the edge of the mat.
  • Embroidered dog bandana that comes in two sizes. (We chose size large for Chloe. She’s wearing it in all the pics.)

Red goldendoodle dog wearing personalized blue bandana and sitting next to a personalized dog placemat and I See Me personalized children's storybook with the title If My Dog Could Talk on the cover of the book

What’s the premise of the story? 

If My Dog Could Talk by Maia Haag, illustrated by Haag Design, is a delightful, waggy-tailed tale that celebrates the loving bond between dogs and their human pals. The main character of the book is none other than your dog. Through lyrical verse, a positive message, charming images and personalization, the book is a lasting keepsake for anyone who loves dogs. 

If My Dog Could Talk personalized book with red dog on cover. Book is sitting on table with green leaves and pink flowers around it
Your dog’s name, dog’s likeness, and names of special people are featured throughout the book. (Cute dog tag, huh!)


Red goldendoodle dog eating out of dog bowl sitting on a personalized dog placemat from I See Me books
The personalized placemat coordinates with Chloe’s food bowl! What a happy surprise!
Red goldendoodle dog wearing a blue personalized dog bandana with dog's name and a pawprint
Chloe’s name and a paw print are embroidered on the bandana.

How does it work? 

Creating a book and gift set starring Chloe was easy on iseeme.com. The website’s step-by-step navigation asked me for a few details including…

  • dog’s name
  • dog lovers’ names (up to four)
  • dog style and color.
  • Plus, I could upload two photos! (One shown on the dedication page and one shown in the back of the book.)

It was fun to select the dog that looked the most like Chloe. (There were 12 dog styles to choose from.) Here are a few examples…

Three dog styles from the I See Me personalized children's book If My Dog Could Talk
There are nine more cutie pups with just as much personality!

I selected a color that matched Chloe’s fur. (There were five colors to choose from.) Then a preview of the completed book popped up on screen. Here’s how Chloe’s preview page appeared…

I See Me personalized book cover and dog image to show how to personalize the book
To create Happy-Go-Doodle Chloe’s look-a-like, we chose Dog #7 in golden.


In less than two weeks, the gift set came in the mail. The book, dog bandana, and dog placemat were all neatly and securely packaged in a sturdy box.

Personalized children's storybook, dog bandana and dog placemat shown in shipping opened box with I See Me Personalized Children's Book logo securing the packaging

Since kiddoodle Chloe is COE (Celebrator of Everything!) at Happy-Go-Doodle, we decided it was time to take a break and have some fun with Chloe’s cute book and gift set. Chloe’s muppet paws danced as I put on her new bandana (a.k.a. handkerchief of happiness). I grabbed some treats for both of us and we headed to the backyard for an impromptu picnic!

I See Me Personalized book leaning against a picnic basket sitting on a quilt on green grass
Together times are more fun with your dog.
Red goldendoodle dog licking her chops and wearing a blue dog bandana while sitting beside a picnic basket and personalized dog book and frosted dog treats
Treat time!

We had a  spontaneous celebration and the book was oh so A-DOR-ABLE! Most of all, it was a joyful reminder to appreciate the pure love and happiness furry friends share with us. Chloe and I hope you’ll take a happiness break and enjoy the love of your furry friend. Without saying a word, our canine companions speak volumes…and fill a place in our hearts that lasts forever.

Red goldendoodle dog sitting on blanket with personalized book with her name and image and text says review and giveawayWhat do you think makes
the If Dogs Could Talk gift set unique?

We’d love to hear. Please comment below.

More reasons to smile: I See Me® gives back 

I See Me® is partnering with animal nonprofits across the nation this fall and winter. This month (September) they are teaming with the Humane Rescue Alliance. At checkout, use the code RESCUE at iseeme.com. You will save 10% off your purchase and a portion of the proceeds goes to help a dog in need. 


I See Me personalized gift set giveaway with image of If Dogs Could Talk Book, personalized bandana and personalized dog placemat

We are excited to announce an aDOGable giveaway! I See Me® Personalized Children’s Books has generously offered to give one If My Dog Could Talk! gift set (1 book, 1 dog bandana, 1 dog placemat) to one randomly drawn winner. To enter for a chance to win, follow the easy instructions in the giveaway form below. Good luck!

U.S. only, must be 18 or older, ends October 2 at 11:59 p.m. CT. By entering below you agree to the Official Rules.

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107 thoughts on “A Personalized Dog Book and Giveaway? Oh, how a-DOG-able!

  1. Hi Chloe,

    What a Pawsome Giveaway, great gift for the fur parents! Congratulations on your book Chloe, it’s sure to make the Bones and Nobles best seller list!

    Purrs n kisses, 🐱🐶🐾


    1. Awww…thank you! Yes, it’s going to be a fun giveaway! I think it would make an a-dog-able gift for dog lovers of all ages! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. This looks like a great book. I would love to have one for my pups. Thanks for the chance.

    1. You’re welcome! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Would love to read to my children. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.

    1. You’re welcome! Thank you for stopping by our blog!

  4. This is the cutest, sweetest thing ever!

    1. Thanks, Linda!

  5. OMD! I want one of these books soooo badly! Thanks for holding a giveaway.

    1. You’re welcome! So happy to hear that you like this personalized dog book! Bentley and Pierre would BOTH make such adorable main characters! Thank you for stopping by!

  6. This looks so darn cute! We have a dog named Chloe, so its funny that is how this book is personalized!

    1. Thank you! What fun to hear that we both have Chloe dogs!

  7. I would love a book for my big dog Chevy.

    1. Chevy is such a cute name for a dog! Thanks for stopping by!

  8. Thanks for sharing your review . I’ve recently heard of I See Me Personalized Dog books. I like how you explained how your dog’s image is personalized/chosen and how everything comes together. Chloe looks adorable in her bandana. Nice review.

    1. Thanks so much! Happy to hear that our review was interesting to you. Chloe loves wearing bandanas. Whenever I get ready to put one on her, she gets excited. It’s her signal that a fun adventure is ahead!

  9. Oh I love this idea and what a great giveaway, shame we don’t live in the U :o( Love the bandana and dog placemat too.Perfect little book for kids and adults alike :o)

    1. Thank you! Yes, I think dog lovers of all ages will enjoy this dog book and gift set. Thanks for stopping by and joining us on our adventures!

  10. Awesome giveaway! I would love to have the bandana for my chihuahua. Thanks for the opportunity to win

    1. Happy to read that you like the giveaway! The bandana comes in two sizes, so one would be sized just right for your cutie chihuahua. Thanks for stopping by!

  11. What a splendid review and I love how easy it looks to set up and get your own book organised. Sometimes manufacturers forget that not everyone is a tech wizard – these people have made the job super easy though!!

    1. Thanks! Yes, the I See Me® website is easy to navigate and being able to immediately view the cover and inside pages with your personalized information, takes the guesswork out of it. Glad you enjoyed our review!

  12. This is so adorable and sweet!

    1. Why, thank you!

  13. This sounds like such a cute book. I love all the personalized books they come out with. Makes the story so much more special.

    1. Yes, personalization makes it special and more meaningful. I was impressed with the way Chloe’s name and names of family members were integrated into the design. Happy you enjoyed our review!

  14. What a wonderful idea! All dogs talk to us…this has to be fun for adults and children alike.

  15. This really is too cute. I know many dog lovers that would love this.

    1. Thanks! Yes, it’s such a cute story and choosing a dog illustration that looks like your own dog makes it unique. Glad you enjoyed our post!

  16. First, the treat time photo of Chloe is just adorable! What perfect timing to catch her tongue out. Second, personalized gift sets are always fun to give to someone who hasn’t seen them before. The level of awe is higher and it’s fun to watch that person flip through the book and keep oohing and ahhing each time they notice a personalized detail. The gift becomes an experience in itself, which is pretty unique and special.

    1. Awww…thank you! Capturing pics of Chloe is always a highlight of creating a post! And I agree with you about the benefits of personalization. The book becomes a gift giving experience…and a shared memory between the gift giver and recipient. Thanks for stopping by! Tail wags and take care.

  17. Your doggie is so cute! I love your blog, thank you so much!

    1. Awww…Happy-Go-Doodle Chloe blushing through her mop of furry floof! Thank you for joining us on our adventures!

  18. That is cute, I imagine it would be a favorite book for kids! I love the picnic theme and your photos!

    1. Thank you!

  19. i recently saw something similar to this and thought this was so cute. i would love one of my girls.

    1. Thank you! Happy to hear that you like it!

  20. I love this idea so much. I know there a couple of companies making personalized books, but I think this is the only one that also includes a gift set. What a perfect gift for pet lovers of all ages!

    Chloe looks very cute in her bandana!

    1. Thank you! Yes, the bandana and placemat in addition to the book make it a unique gift…a book for the little “hooman” and a bandana and placemat for their furry friend!

  21. Such a fun idea! I would love to have one of these for my niece and nephew.
    Thanks for sharing this opportunity!

  22. The kids will love this! What a novel idea. Hoping!

    1. Thank you!

  23. Super cute! We have a rescue named Stormy that my daughter loves.

    1. Awww…I’ll bet Stormy and your daughter have many fun adventures together. Thank you!

  24. These books are such a cute idea! There are so many families with young children that could use this as a way to interest their children in reading. I would have LOVED a book like this for my dog when I was growing up.

    1. Thanks, Robin! Yes, this would be a great book to read aloud to kids and their furry friend. Thanks for stopping by!

  25. I love this idea. Anything that will encourage children to read is great with me.

    1. Thanks!

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  27. These are such a cute idea! I think my kiddos would love them!

    1. Yes, it’s a fun book for kiddos. Seeing their names in print in the book (along with their dog’s name), adds to the joy of reading! Thanks for stopping by Happy-Go-Doodle’s blog!

  28. This is SUCH a cute idea!! I know my niece and nephew would love this.

    1. Yes, it would be fun to give If My Dog Could Talk to a niece or nephew! Kids enjoy hearing their names in read aloud stories…and goldendoodle Chloe perks her ears up when she hears her name read aloud in this book, too! Thanks for stopping by on our Happy-Go-Doodle adventures!

  29. This book sounds sweet. Thanks for the chance.

    1. You’re welcome! Thank you for stopping by Happy-Go-Doodle!

  30. such a great idea,,kids love there dogs and to combine the two is great

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  32. Great giveaway!!

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  33. Cute book. I love the bandana. Thank you so much for sharing this. God Bless

  34. My granddaughter would love this.

    1. I think that kids will enjoy hearing and seeing their name on each page of the book…and their dog’s name too!

  35. This is adorable! I have gotten these books for my granddaughter but to have one for my sweet dog would be great!

    1. Thank you! Yes, having a book that looks like your very own dog is unique!

  36. I want this so bad. My grandkids would love reading about our dog.

    1. Yes, it would be such a special story to share with grandkids. Plus, you can personalize the book with up to four dog lovers’ names, so grandkids can be part of the story, too! Thank you for stopping by Happy-Go-Doodle.

  37. awww this looks so adorable.. Thanks so much for the chance 🙂

    1. You’re welcome!

  38. I absolutely love this idea! What a great book it would be for all of us who love our dogs!

    1. Thanks, Laurie!

  39. I just came across your blog, and I noticed that you personally respond to everyone’s comments! That is amazing and wonderful. I believe I will be following you!

    1. Hi Liz! We’re so happy that you found our blog! Goldendoodle Chloe and I are the hands and paws behind Happy-Go-Doodle. Through our blog and social media, we hope to share as much joy with others as Chloe shares with everyone she meets. We’re happy to read that you’ll be following along on our adventures! Thank you. Tail wags. Take care.

  40. aww this is so cute. my boys and our pets (they’d have to share) would love this

    1. Thank you! Since you can add both your pet’s name and up to four dog lovers’ names, sharing’s made easy. 🙂

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    1. You’re so welcome! Thank you for following along with us on Happy-Go-Doodle adventures!

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    1. You’re welcome! Thank you for joining us on our adventures!

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    1. Happy to do it!

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  46. I love the illustrations in The Happy Go Doodle dog book!

    1. They are adorable! The book was illustrated by Susan Batori and designed by Haag Design, Inc.

  47. Cute! I love that dog and this giveaway!

    1. Thanks! There are 12 different dog “styles” to choose from, so you can pick the one that looks the most like your dog!

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