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Petmate Unleashes A Dog Contest Worth Barking About

A Dog Contest from Petmate® Worth Barking About

Red dog with blue bandana sitting in leather chair announcing dog contest and title Did you hear? Petmate needs a CFO Chief Four-Legged Officer

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Petmate® Unleashes Unique Search for CFO (Chief Four-Legged Officer)

Does your dog need a new job? Up until now, I was pretty sure that my loyal pal, Happy-Go-Doodle Chloe, was highly satisfied with her daily dose of fetch games and belly rubs as incentive for being chief cuddle bug, certified sidekick, executive furry family member, loyal person walker, and continuous improvement comedian for our family. Work-life balance seemed pretty good for her. You know, she could sleep in on weekends, take long naps during the day, and she got extra belly rub breaks daily as bonus compensation.

However, when I mentioned to her that the friendly team at Petmate® is unleashing a massive job search for their new CFO (Chief Four-Legged Officer), her tail went into overtime wags and her ears perked up! Yup! She was ready to chase down the paw-ticulars of this new “job” like a goldendoodle playing fetch!

Your dog’s ears will perk up too when hearing about all the extra perks described in Petmate®’s CFO “job” description.

We think it’s a dog contest worth barking about, so we’re shouting the news from the “wooftops!”  Check it out:

Petmate®’s CFO (Chief Four-Legged Officer) “Job” Description

  • Seeking loyal, smart, enthusiastic canine to help lead team in the development of more new toys for pets and their families.
  • Applicants should be able to work well with others, love toys (and other dog products), and enjoy a good belly rub.
  • Open to all canine applicants big, small, three-legged or less/more, hairy, hairless and everything in between. (Petmate is an equal canine opportunity employer.)
  • For a complete job description (and dog contest entry form), go to Petmate CFO Search.

Petmate®’s CFO “Bonefits” package:

The top dog “hired” as the first-ever Petmate CFO will receive:

  • $5,000 in take-home pay
  • $2,000 MSRP worth of pet products
  • featured placement on
  • Plus, Petmate® will donate an additional $5,000 to the CFO’s favorite animal rescue program!

Here’s how you can help your dog “apply” for a chance to be the first-ever Chief Four-Legged Officer for Petmate®:

  • From now through July 27, 2018, Petmate® will be searching for the perfect canine-idate for the job!
  • Canine-idates can “apply” at
  • The new CFO will be announced in conjunction with National Dog Day, August 26th.
  • The hashtag is #PetmateCFOSearch.
  • Also, you can check out Petmate® on YouTube for more information.

Sample entry form…

Sample Entry Form for Petmate's dog contest

What does Petmate®’s human team have to say about the search for the perfect CFO job canine-idate?

We’ve always relied on consumer insights to develop the smart solutions & products that fulfill the many different needs of pet families,” says Petmate’s vp of mktg & prod dev “Now we’re putting a true top dog in charge. Click To Tweet

And this…

Petmate unleashes CFO (Chief Four-Legged Officer) search! The ideal candidate works well with others, is passionate about play, and enjoys a good belly rub or back scratch. Click To Tweet

Who will be Petmate’s top dog and enjoy all the perks of being a CFO? If your four-legged family member is seeking a fun-filled, furry-filled, toy-filled dream job where she or he can receive new toys to play with, “work” from home, and top it off with a donation to their favorite charity, then you won’t want to pass up this canine career opportunity!

Put your hands and paws to the keyboard soon! The last day to “apply” for this dream job is July 27, 2018!

Chief Snuggle Buddy? Officer of Comedy? Head Toy Analyst? What’s your dog’s job title in your home?

We’d love to hear! Please comment below.

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Monday 17th of September 2018

This would've been something that my cousin Makenzie, a Yellow Lab, would've drooled all over for a chance at it. I wonder who the lucky dog is that got the CFO position? Surely, Chloe Doodle was one of Petmate's top candidates! Winks.


Monday 24th of September 2018

Thanks, sweet Valentine! It was such a fun contest organized by Petmate!

caren gittleman

Thursday 19th of July 2018

thanks for sharing this! We are gonna check it out!


Thursday 19th of July 2018

You're very welcome! Dakota would make an adorable CFO! Not only a Chief Four-Legged Officer, but a Chief Furry Officer, too! Good luck and have fun. Thank you! Tail wags! Take care!

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