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Amazon Prime Day: Dog Deals You’ll Love ❤️ Dates Revealed for 2022

Amazon Prime Day 2022 is just around the corner. The online retailer finally announced that the official dates for Prime Day 2022 will be July 12 and 13. (That’s a Tuesday and Wednesday.) My dog and I are keeping watch 👀 for the best deals.

Of course, Prime Day is known as a time for snagging deals on the latest tech gadgets and electronics for us hoomans. But what about our dear dogs? We can’t leave them out. After all, their snuggles and smiles are priceless.

Dog running with a ball in mouth. The title of the photo reads, "Prime Days here we come" in reference to Amazon Prime Day

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Sniffing out the best Prime Day dog deals

So, sniffing out the best Prime Day dog deals for dog lovers and sharing them here with you just makes sense….or cents. 😉

For 2022, my Prime Day wish list is all about spoiling my dog with some doggie enrichment toys, pampering products, treats, essentials, and may even a comfy dog bed, too. The end goal? Snagging the products that help my dog have a happier life. If that sounds like you, welcome to our pack! My dog and I are happy you’re here.

Like puppers retrieving their favorite fetch balls, we’re going to be tracking down the best Amazon Prime Day deals for dog lovers.

Prime day deals are on the way. We’re fetching the latest pupdates

Before you read on about Prime Day specifics, please bookmark this page. We’ll be adding our curated picks here, and may be able to save you from the overwhelming scroll on Amazon to find the gems.

We’ll do our furry best to sort through all the dog stuff for you and put the best doggy discoveries right here.

Of course, you probably already know that you have to be an Amazon prime member before you can take advantage of the Prime Day deals. So, the first thing we’ve tracked down for you? You can sign up for a free Amazon Prime Day trial here.

Next, if you can’t wait until July, you can always explore Amazon’s Today’s Deals Pet section where there are some pretty good offers going on daily.

Everything else you may be wondering about Amazon Prime Day

Next, let’s spill the tea on all things about Prime Day. If you’re already familiar, scroll on down to our 2022 wish list of products for dogs and dog lovers.

When is Amazon Prime Day in 2022?

In 2022, Amazon Prime Day will be held on July 12 and 13. Plus, according to the official press release, “Early deals and new member-only offerings start June 21.”

What is Amazon Prime Day?

Prime Day is Amazon’s big sales event when they drop prices across shopping categories including pet supplies. The shopping extravaganza for their Prime Members started out as a 24-hour sale. However, now it has grown into a 48-hour mega sale.

In the official 2022 press release, Amazon stated, “Prime Day returns offering Amazon’s lowest prices ever on select products.”

Do you need to be a Prime Member to get the Amazon Prime Day deals?

Yes, to get the Amazon Prime Day offers you need to be a Prime member. If you’re not a member and unsure about whether you’re ready to commit to membership, there is a solution. You can try Amazon Prime 30-Day free trial to see if you like the service. After the 30 days, the free trial automatically updates to a paid membership. So, if you’re planning on just trying it out for Prime Day, you’ll need to plan the 30-day trial accordingly.

How can you sniff out the best Amazon Prime Day dog products?

This year, there are over two million discounts during Amazon Prime Days. With so many deals, it’s easy to get “scroll overwhelm” and give up. To make it easier, just bookmark this page. We’ll be searching through all the Prime Day dog deals and making a curated list on this very page of the ones that we like the best.

Our Prime Day wish list: Dog products we’ve got our eye on

Curious what we’ll be searching for during the two-day Prime event? We’ve put together our wish list of dog products that (crossing fingers and paws) will be included during Prime Days. We’ve organized them by product categories below.

Dog enrichment toys and activities

If you follow along with us on our dog-friendly adventures, you probably know that we ❤️ dog enrichment toys and activities. (Curious? Check out our article, Dog Enrichment: Toys, Games, and Activities for Happier Dogs.) So, of course, they’re included on our wish list here:

Dog enrichment puzzles— The level 3 Nina Ottosson interactive dog puzzle is at the top of my wish list. My Goldendoodle is smart, so games that are boredom busters are a must. My dog fell in love with the level 2 Nina Ottosson puzzle dog toy as you can see in the the photo below.

Snuffle mats—If slowing down your dog’s mealtime is a priority then snuffle mats may be your answer. I’ve had these on my wish list for quite some time. They’re an alternative to a slow feeder bowl and help dogs rediscover their inner doggyness—foraging for their food.

Happy dog with head lying on dog puzzle toy
Our Goldendoodle fell in love with this puzzle toy. More enrichment puzzles are on our Prime Day wish list.

Lick mats—I incorporate lick mats into some of our daily routines such as brushing and Goldendoodle grooming. One of my favorite twists on the lick mat is the licki mat wobble bowl.

Dog essentials

Collars. Leashes. Poop sacks. Dog shampoo. It’s kind of amazing the number of essentials that our doggos need. That’s why we’re on the lookout for practical items to put on our Prime Day dog deals list, too. BTW, one summer essential that you may not have considered is a dog life vest. I prefer those that that have handles. You can see the one that my dog wears (Outward Hound Dog life vest) in the image below.

Wet full-grown Goldendoodle dog wearing an orange life vest by the edge of a lake

Household helper products

Then there’s the stuff to help dog moms and dads around the house. I’m always searching out products that make clean up take less time so there’s more time to (you guessed it) hang with your dog.

One hack that parents of Goldendoodles are talking about is the slobber stopper dog water bowl. Goldendoodles, often called teddy bear Goldendoodles, have fluffy beards that soak up water from their water bowl causing a drippy mess. This product is known to stop the slop.

Dog travel gear

If you’re like us, your motto is, “If my dog can’t go, I can’t go.” That’s why dog travel gear is on our Prime Day wish list. Recently, we packed the car up and road tripped to pet-friendly Beaufort, SC. After lugging dog gear in and out of the car, I appreciated the travel conveniences that I had, like the Kurgo Kibble Carrier. I’ll definitely be on the lookout for more dog travel gear as part of Prime Day dog deals. Check back here to see what I find.

Are you in?

If you’re ready to save a little green while spoiling your dog a lot, we hope we’ve given you some ideas! Also, remember to bookmark this page. Then keep checking in with us from now through Amazon Prime Day. We’ll do our furry best to curate the best Prime Day dog deals on quality dog products that will help you enjoy more good times with your dog!

Thanks for stopping by our little cozy spot online for dog lovers. We’re always happy you’re here.

Wishing you a lifetime of tail wags and wet doggie kisses! ❤️

What products are on your wish list for your dog?

Please comment below.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.